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  1. Divine Crusade: Heavenly Presence Petrification Immunity FAIL
  2. Stalward defender Greater stalward stance swapping shields gradually drops hitpoints
  3. Overhead Enemy Names
  4. Champs in Raids since Tuesday's patch
  5. Dagger Throwing & Targetting
  6. Alchemical Shield WAI?
  7. Which LGS weapons are not working?
  8. Legendary Threads of Fate exchange UNDO button?
  9. Orchard is broken
  10. Old Characters
  11. Negative healing stacking
  12. Gonna fix 1k sentience gems ?
  13. Fatesinger Quicken and Extend Don't Work on some Alchemist Spells
  14. patching Error
  15. Ameliorating Shot? IPS & Wrathful Weapons?
  16. Lesser Reincarnation Timer question
  17. Tempest whirlwind stacking incorp not stacking with shadow form WAI?
  18. Shot on the Run Alacrity
  19. Possible to have the shared storage remember setting?
  20. GreatCrossbows
  21. Soul's Sorrow
  22. Monk Ninja Spy weapon modifiers not applying?
  23. Action Delay on 64-bit
  24. Auction House Buyout.
  25. Skill Feats
  26. Hireling List and Descriptions (Up to Lvl 20!)
  27. I dislike Minecraft, but I love DDO
  28. Cornotion vs Phosphor
  29. Coronation vs Phosphor
  30. What happened to In-Game Support?
  31. complaint, shot on the run, failure
  32. Bug Reporting Broken
  33. Do Slayer Pots reduce the chance of Rares spawning?
  34. Can we get some more Epic Hirelings please Devs?
  35. No more Q-staff Oozebeaters?
  36. Lesser Treasure Hunter Elixir's BROKEN?
  37. Can we please get a toggle switch for potion use?
  38. QoL adds not listed on Release Notes (didn't see em there at any rate)
  39. Everbright still seems to be craftable, please leave it that way.
  40. base healing altterations and vulnerabilities modifications
  41. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggg!!!
  42. My Blueshine Daxe is not blueshine anymore
  43. Blueshine in random loot
  44. Epic Hireling Vendors
  45. Rogue hirelings
  46. Help With Spring Attack Feat.
  47. Cannith Lag
  48. Does the alchimist class use spell crit multiplier ?
  49. Epic Destinies available with Menace of Underdark??????
  50. bow attack speed
  51. Grim Barricade reaper T0 and T1 Constitution bonus dont apply
  52. No starting Martial Feats! Is this a bug?
  53. Greater Heroism pots from Eveningstar
  54. Greater Shout Guaranteed STUN???
  55. Critical Multiplier Question
  58. Invisibility spell has an impact on movement speed now, WAI?
  59. Warlock Carceri Ice Storm. What does this even do?!?!? What a WASTE
  60. Spell Critical Damage Equation
  61. TR Gone Bad
  62. SSG please tone down the mobs for soloist play!
  63. Killing Alts
  64. Scourge headlamps
  65. Last night was the very first time I got really angry about rewards ...
  66. THF vs TWF and Doublestrike?
  67. Is Divine Will bugged? (War Soul Tier 1 enhancement).
  68. Mailbox in Barovia, please!
  69. Molten Adamantine Gauntlets BUG
  70. Yet again more extended downtime?!?!?
  71. Bastard Sword
  72. Minor Artifact XP and Filigree Slots
  73. it is not difficult, there is a lack of love
  74. Familiars (Feydark Illusionist) and DDO
  75. Compound Reincarnation in the future?
  76. Summons/pets/hirelings are really disappointing
  77. Universal Trees used as a main tree for builds?
  78. BUG: Alchemist Heartstopper Poison spell and metamagic feats
  79. Epic scepters
  80. Bard request.
  81. Bug?: Slayer Count in Epic Orchard of Mac is Locked at 7K
  82. Question - is coming back easier?
  83. Healing Amplification?
  84. Lvl 30 and questing
  85. Arcane Augmentation IX on Eladars Electric Surge
  86. Epic Hull-Wrecker's Hammer (level 28) can't be used with tower shield
  87. Summon Monster VII spell question
  88. Did Customer Service lie to me?
  89. Melt Lock spell not WAI
  90. Tome question
  91. Hey Devs, the in-game help system is not working
  92. Hey devs which adventure packs are on sale this week ?
  93. Adamantine stacking?
  94. Epic Deific Diadem logs different spell school for Devour the Soul Warlock capstone.
  95. Do combat style bonuses to melee power granted by combat style feats stack?
  96. Are guild invites on Thelanis not working?
  97. Level 1 Movement Speed : Did something change?
  98. The combat style problem and suggested short term fix
  99. Isn't rage base time supposed to be 30? ( plus shifter bugs)
  100. Potions of restoration, remove disease and remove curse
  101. Legendary Alchemical Weapons-Shields BtC on-Equip or on-Acquire?
  102. Night Revels xp formula
  103. How to make a hireling guard another player
  104. Iconic Shifter Rage applying incorrect buff to stats
  105. Deathblock as low level item trait
  106. Special attack animations from block stance not working
  107. Past Lives Question
  108. DEVS: Scion of Feywild +4 Illusion DCs?
  109. Legendary shroud Opposition bonus
  110. Alchemical Water Attunement
  111. Endgame Farming
  112. LGS collars? What's the latest word? Bug fixes incoming?
  113. Random Gen Loot
  114. Skill Points Question
  115. Alchemical Shield stats bug
  116. With feywild will 7000 favor become achievable?
  117. Insightful and Quality Doublestrike displays different on description-log-sheet vals.
  118. Boundless helmet - from Curse the Sky Meridia - displays different spell power values
  119. Reflection of Angdrelve
  120. Sapphire of Resistance not working properly.
  121. Slotting a spellpower augment to a shield no longer makes it an implement?
  122. New DC augments do not stack with DC equipment
  123. Weapons disjuncted for crafting before update no longer have augment slots
  124. DEVS: New spellpower augments no longer provide implement bonus on weapons
  125. DEVS: Augments on items (e.g. cloaks) not updating in character bank
  126. IPS Not working with some throwing weapons
  127. Sapphire of defense
  128. Movement Speed Multiplier -2% as soon as 1 monster has aggro.
  129. DEVS: augment destroyers plz!! :) Everyone, please sign below if you also want them!
  130. "Insightful Resistance +8" gives only +5 to Fort and Will
  131. “+” tab (in)accuracy
  132. Augment Bugs: Soulforged Dethek Runestone Augment not working
  133. Reflection of Whelm: Overwhelming shockwave feels underwhelming
  134. Dear devs how about a character rollback feature
  135. Augmented Items
  136. What was the status on unbound potions again?
  137. Tactical Detonation seems terrible any way to help
  138. UI layout load command throws string table error, cannot use more than once
  139. Feywild Sagas not retroactive
  140. Fear reapers should be able to teleport
  141. Patch did not fix my bound to character items due to augments
  142. Blackrazor or Constellation?
  143. Cannot zoom in/out using mouse
  144. Rough Plate no longer lvl 1 item?
  145. Strenght Domain vs Exhausted
  146. Profane bonus and competence bonus
  147. Vault of Artificer Loot - Pre U32 - Can it be broken down into Ingredients
  148. Is there an easy way to get existing filigrees to stack in shared crafting bank?
  149. Lost 1000 threads of fate when removing from shared bank
  150. Topaz of Damage
  151. The LAG in DDO is getting beyond a Joke now Devs!
  152. Orein Express Room-Most useful on the ship-Cannot be moved-Please Help!!! Bug Broken
  153. Chat and Who List issues are back
  154. Elemental Absorption v. MRR
  155. Lifetaker augment
  156. Sound stuttering issues
  157. Fey Energy Tap is Ghostly?
  158. Issue with my epic reincarnate
  159. Legendary Gossamer Weave not giving any Enchantment bonus
  160. Melee Strikethrough [DDO Weaponry & Mechanics]
  161. DDO Action Boosts [DDO Weaponry & Mechanics]
  162. Ash Imprisonment not working on all mobs fascinate works on.
  163. Proof Against Poison/Disease + protection from evil item/augs not working correctly
  164. Ingame HELP does not work, account password reset does not work either
  165. Poison Spell Critical Damage
  166. Heroic reincarnation into Iconic
  167. Vistaqni Knife Fighter Tree
  168. Cant complete Thrall of the Fungus Lord
  169. Guildship Amenity Upgrade missing
  170. Enhanced Spellpower belts gone! YAY!!!
  171. How do people get such high numbers?
  172. Update 48.4: Could we kindly request a lesser heart of wood to each character?
  173. Perfect Natural Fighting ( wolf ) and Epic Defensive Fighting
  174. Spring/Winter Minor Artifact
  175. Cosmetic made from Coat of Van Richten changed
  176. Are we doing something wrong or are the hirelings just carrying us?
  177. Heart of Wood PSA
  178. Wand and scroll mastery and effect on clickies
  179. Drop chest for the Seal of the Charged Gaulents in Epic Chrono
  180. DDO in 2021, letter to SSG
  181. Please let us have disable option for earthquake spell effect - shaking screen
  182. Update 48.4 Release Notes spell
  183. Shield Multiplier
  184. Warlock Celestial Pact 15th Active: Ameliorate does not apply the debuff part.
  185. Q-Staff attack speed stacking question.
  186. I think Evasion breaks the game in so many ways
  187. Devs what in fact does Nullmagic Strike do in Reaper besides decreasing SR?
  188. Reaper tree question
  189. Funny situation Reaver's Refuge
  190. I was doing a true reincarnation and the wrong class was picked
  191. Missing Augments ASF, Good Luck, Armored Dodge
  192. How do you DDO?
  193. Egregiously Punitive Design Choices
  194. Amenity Bar Question
  195. Reincarnation cache needs an upgrade
  196. Is Warlock Past life feat: Delver of the Forbidden useful/working?
  197. Zarigan's Arcane Enlightment 3-Set Bonus not applying
  198. Monster Manual Creature Companions
  199. Wardrobe as an additional shared space
  200. Healer Hires not doing their jobs + Arti Dog still Broken!
  201. Is mastering Improved Precise Shot the hardest class skill in the game?
  202. Horse Problem
  203. Legendary Kinetic Sphere applies 5% less Force Absorption on [+] panel
  204. Question on the older Toven's Hammer and Alchemical Craft Upgrades
  205. The Solid Sound effect
  206. Does Sense Weakness Boost Spell Damage on Helpless Mobs?
  207. Melee/Ranged power scalling
  208. Negative Energy Burst
  209. One Shot Ban Damage Champs NOT for challenge.
  210. Reaper suggestions to add challenge and encourage grouping at all levels of reaper
  211. Do Second Augment Slots on Weapons Work for Weapon Damage?
  212. Bruh, what's the point of weapons whose main damge stat is frost/fire/force/light
  213. Monster Manual confusion