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  1. Price of Freedom Security Puzzle: GD FUN Killer.
  2. Ravager bug?
  3. Error): That item cannot be consumed. It is not a named item.
  4. Stun bonuses help Monk Elemental Finishers (available lvl 1) and Dark Finishers
  5. Falconry Bird Attack Issues
  6. Issue with Heroic Otto's XP Stone, Causing Tome Malfunction
  7. Doubleshot stacking Rog Mech Rapid Fire T5 and ArtBE T4 Agility Engineer?
  8. No Mercy Enhancement stacking question
  9. Precision - Is it broken?
  10. epic tr - raid completions
  11. Can someone tell me...
  12. Severely inferior hirelings
  13. Whats with all the BUGS!!!
  14. Watchful Eye Feat - Not Working?
  15. Spell School Items & Augments - Do They Stack?
  16. Stacked Items in TR Cache
  17. Bound to Account - Quiver of Alacrity
  18. Exalted Angel Soundburst SLA (Tier 2) - WAI?
  19. Empyrean Magic ___ BUG ????
  20. boosting firetrap and flame turret
  21. This whole monk hooplah lately..
  22. Are mithril items actually being changed? I've noticed a few...
  23. Bastard Swords
  24. Night Revels key Drop!
  25. Permanent hirelings acquisition methods
  26. Once again in-game CSR was awesome.
  27. Some better tutorials for new players so I could get my brother and sister to play
  28. VIP and gold hirelings
  29. The new stealth/reaper thread for beginners
  30. What does the Monk past life do?
  31. Shear Outrage!
  32. Falconery and Summoning Natures Ally
  33. a question about dice rolls
  34. Energy Sheath
  35. Calculating a weapon's potential damage
  36. Question about PRR and Mithril...
  37. elemental apotheosis visual effect
  38. Cloak of Night & Sneak attacks
  39. Heroic/Racial Reincarnation and token farm
  40. Question regarding Legendary Perfect Pinnacle
  41. Iconics and leveling
  42. FVS Divine Presence and Paladin Divine Might
  43. PDK favor update request
  44. Falconry___ Bird Attacks question…..
  45. Sentient Flavor Weapons
  46. Returning player
  47. Secret doors to finish quests
  48. Resistance and Spell Saves stacking question.
  49. Racial TR Question
  50. preparing spells
  51. Bloodrage Chrism
  52. U41 change to negative energy burst
  53. DC Item max ?
  54. A Druid Bug?
  55. Coffee?
  56. Changes in DDO. DDO degraded? What do the old players think?
  57. Damage reduction
  58. WAI? Endless Ardor (EA) cancels out the duration of Might's Reward (FvS BoH)
  59. King's Forest - Missing ecnounters
  60. Help with Shuriken Throwing Variables (non-feat) and Calculations/Trade Off Points
  61. U41 Fascinate & Lingering Song?
  62. Cripple, hamstring, etc. question
  63. Reincarnating - New Starter Gear?
  64. Monster Manual rewards
  65. Hey devs....any chance you can make Iconic a choice....
  66. Skill Prerequisite for Feats - Satisfied by Skill Tome?
  67. Cannith Crafting wrong slot effects.
  68. Slot question 100 hp or 19 armor class? Opinions or better yet math.
  69. Armor for Crowd Control Character
  70. In need of repair
  71. Customize Hireling Behavior?
  72. Sun Flasks against reapers?
  73. Tumble Movement Speed - Increased by Buffs?
  74. Bard Bug
  75. Implement bonus bug?
  76. Shield Bash animations.
  77. Ear Smash
  78. Quest Collectable valuation project
  79. Plan for getting us to run more (older) content....
  80. PRR and Shavarath whirling blades
  81. Shuriken Expertise and Shields
  82. Melee Death From Above Bug
  83. Best class(es) for leveling?
  84. So why are newer vampiric effects nerfed?
  85. Favor Discussion
  86. Tendon Slicing broken?
  87. Distance casting using a melee-weapon?
  88. Update 41.3 Spells with reduced durations WAI?
  89. Best melee build right now?
  90. Trapmaking Traps not working.
  91. Tab and Q selection and Mob/item targetting
  92. Themes and UI
  93. sentiece procs
  94. Shadowdancer Shadowform -- clarifications?
  95. Festering Mummy Wrappings got changed?
  96. Q: Gauntlets of the arcane soldeir pls explain arcane aug
  97. Falcon tree capstone still dont give freedom of movement!
  98. Mob Damage in Another Man's Treaseure
  99. Grouping system not showing players
  100. Diplomacy!?
  101. Create Player Housing and get rid of the TR Cache?
  102. Vistani Knife thrower
  103. Bug Killer Bug?
  104. returning player after long absence
  105. cannot enter any quest or wilderness
  106. Dear SSG. I think we need to talk about low level reaper spawns
  107. Power Attack, THF, and NON-Strength damage modifiers
  108. Any theory buillds for the new Inquisitor tree yet?
  109. What was in the update today, 3.19.19
  110. Tendon slice CC interaction with insightful
  111. level 2 inquisitive just a comment
  112. Anniversary Cake issue
  113. Problem with Hold Person Spell causing huge lag spikes
  114. Is Vampirism broken?
  115. Auto shield block button/feat ?
  116. festival of traveller
  117. Draconic Incarnation T2: go out with a bang - is hardly playable.
  118. Cleave Animations w/ VKF are interminably slow.
  119. Combat report too messy
  120. Sexy Armor Appearance Altered? Didn't See This In a Changelog...
  121. ETK Broken Again
  122. I don't quite understand the Iconic Hero ...
  123. Falchions the new old Longsword.
  124. Echo of Wave
  125. Sireth Help (Augment and Filigree)
  126. Silent Avenger + Scion of Ethereal (not sure if bug or display error)
  127. Remove Sharn Teleport From Airship
  128. Weapon damage modifier questions
  129. LFM dialog with quest name filter please!
  130. DDO's come a long way since I started playing
  131. Solid none-Raid Lv 28 Heavy Armor
  132. Legendary Wildwood Gauntlets
  133. Why won't the basement door open in Best Laid Plans?
  134. Pendant of the Azure Sky/Sea
  135. Please answer on elemental shielding.
  136. Sharn Medium set For CHA based caster character.
  137. Warlock Consume is Bugged and has been for years now.
  138. Time for a new PC
  139. Does <type> guard work?
  140. What's the point of ETR?
  141. Is there a way to get Sentient Jewels if you do not own Ravenloft expansion?
  142. Questions regarding Sharn ingredients
  143. Legendary Echo of Wave
  144. Falconry + Repeaters
  145. Drow Portals in Eveningstar Cavern
  146. Cannot TR into a race that should be unlocked
  147. Tactical Detonation
  148. Do new and old guild xp shrines stack?
  149. Does Brute Fighting work with Damage Guards?
  150. Epic wand of wonder
  151. What are you building towards?
  152. Weapon Effects - Order in which they're applied?
  153. r10 Earthquake duration 2 sec?????
  154. Reincarnation Question
  155. worst customer service i have ever had
  156. If you put a new body on an old car, it's still an old car. ( difficulty settings)
  157. Lfm bug
  158. Not a bug, but are the brokers broke? - Khyber at least
  159. Memoris of an Illusory Larcener Bugs
  160. Ship Buffs
  161. What is that visual?
  162. The new 3[W] Flower Power Purple Pollen Storm Attack!
  163. The base damage multiplier for hitting helpless creatures is lowered from 1.5 to 1.25
  164. Fatesinger Reign bugged
  165. Could someone explain this XP change simply with numbers?
  166. Bold Trinket not working.
  167. More Bugs - Renewal and Hunt's End
  168. Cleave attacks and doublestrike suggestion
  169. Shiradi Champion - Hey, Thanks!
  170. Augmenting Ratcatcher and Astral Projector
  171. Darkfire and Faerie Fire share cooldown
  172. Automatic Search with Mind Like Iron broken?
  173. Backpacks I only have 7 and I know there is 8 HELP!
  174. I hope there are more melee changes soon....
  175. HELP! Can't adjust my Gamma
  176. Bloodrage Chrism, Bastard Sword, and THF
  177. Gamma Level Adjustments
  178. Ghosts of Perdition - Still not right
  179. Stuck in Shipwrecked Shore (Korthos)
  180. Impossible raid lag right now
  181. Stupid PL question
  182. Skellie Beater
  183. Druid Wolf Attack Speed Data
  184. Tier five enhancements
  185. Kobolds
  186. Wisp beater for level 10?
  187. Remnant Turn-ins: Let's Bring Back "Limited Time Rewards"
  188. Failing scrolls at above 100% success rate
  189. Returning to the game, getting back in the flow.
  190. Artificer no longer free to VIP?
  191. Best Laid Plans Bugging Out and Uncompleteable
  192. Re-Incarnation Concern
  193. A sad Nerf milestone
  194. Sentient XP locked
  195. Extended character sheet and Haste
  196. Competence question.
  197. Spell Wards are borked again
  198. Game down?
  199. Epic Feat 'Holy Strike'
  200. Stacks of arrows
  201. Stay Frosty is better than Prism Fight Me
  202. Hireling Time
  203. Monster Boss Manual Addition
  204. Power attack and Melee Power feats
  205. off hand hit chance while thf?
  206. What's the best random-gen loot you have ever found?
  207. BUG in "Don't Drink the Water"
  208. Ability score too low message for Kensei Warpriest
  209. Monster Manual achievements 0 xp
  210. Dangerous Mounts in the Streets of Stormreach
  211. Server Mergers
  212. Non LGS Debuff Weapon Suggestions
  213. Anyone not getting their full FAVOR credit
  214. Stuck spot in Too Hot to Handle
  215. Can Raid Runes be Traded for Ability Tomes?
  216. Superior Multi-Classing for Levels 21-30?
  217. Hardcore Server should be permanent for player retention
  218. Guardian Angel feat
  219. Hey Dev's ! Pls put Calls of Destiny in the Sale Rotation
  220. Some old cleric/fvs poppycock that needs fixing
  221. Stalwart Pact__ display Error ? ? ? ?
  222. Whirlwind Handwrap doublestrike not applying to all strikes
  223. Audio Issue
  224. U45 THF and cleave
  225. What Alchemist CC options work vs. Reapers?
  226. Alchemist bugs I've found
  227. Water x Jump sys
  228. DEVS: Strikethrough bonuses not fully adding up (bug?)
  229. Alchemist Issues in Ascension Chamber - Boulders
  230. Possible wrong description for Tsunami
  231. Anybody know if The dragonmark of finding effects raid rune/thread of fate count?
  232. Two Handed Fighting vs Divine Might - U45
  233. Improved Knight's Transformation not working with Warlock Aura - Intended?
  234. Store Purchase issue
  235. Thanks for a QoL fix that has been bugging me for ages - the Compendium not resetting
  236. Electric spell damage anomalies
  237. Melt Lock
  238. What are TR Gear Must haves?
  239. Devs: Please add green dragon heritage to draconic incarnation
  240. PSA New Nvidia User and game performance tip
  241. 3yr old issue w/ hirelings timing out in backpack, TY in-game support for replacing
  242. Mounts and Rune Arms
  243. Why is EH giving so few Commendations?
  244. Enhancements for Alchemist
  245. Occult Metaline is still broken.
  246. Design bone
  247. Lesser Reinc to remove FVS bugged feat swap?
  248. Why is Ravenloft unplayably laggy?
  249. Combat expertise and animal forms
  250. Image of Dappled Brown Mount?