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  1. harper: How effectiv eis INT to hit and damage
  2. Improved power attack, can you bear it?
  3. Interrupting Repeating Crossbow attack chains
  4. Please explain Save vs. Spells Items (realistic)
  5. Lag, my only obstacle from triple completionist
  6. EK spellsword & unarmed attacks
  7. Is Burst of Glacial Wrath blocked by Epic Ward?
  8. Cleric Smite Evil
  9. Can't choose Harbinger of Chaos?
  10. What Spell level are the Epic Feat Spells
  11. Quarterstaff Cleavage
  12. What is difference between absorption/resist and what is a collapsed portable hole?
  13. How does an Artificer upgrade their Iron Defender?
  14. Lag gets worse every update and maintenance
  15. Ghalanda quest instances are fiailing to load
  16. What's with the constant no blue bar loading screen crashes?
  17. Which weapon affects more DDO monsters; electrical, fire, or other (Spellsword)?
  18. Large Incoming Damage Display Bug?
  19. DPS Testing
  20. Getting the loot you want
  21. Icon Lag
  22. +0 item
  23. LGS effects
  24. Failure to read authentication response....
  25. Game Error [201] ??
  26. GM Response Time/LOS in Game
  27. Anyone can explain me how grazing hit works?
  28. What is the % chance for Life stealing now on a crit
  29. Weapon Damage Comparison for Vanguards
  30. One Cut nerfed.....REALLY?!?
  31. Unconsciousness range of Ward Token stacking with greensteel?
  32. Favor
  33. what impacts named loot drop rates?
  34. Question about Shiradi Procs from Ranged Attacks
  35. Bear and Wolf form attacks speed heroic levels - results
  36. Loot Tables Fixed - Chest Blessers Useful Again
  37. Attack Speed Clarification
  38. Making an LGS item
  39. Maximum Ability Scores?
  40. Swashbuckling Stance and Improved Critical Feat
  41. Is whirlwind attack still bugged?
  42. Changes in Imp Crit?
  43. Ranger Tempest Bug (Didn't see on known issues)
  44. Formulas and Calculations
  45. Displaying Melee/Ranged Power
  46. Cormyrean Knight Training. Is there an ideal Str/Cha split?
  47. Reincarnation
  48. Is arbalester (rogue mechanic great crossbow proficiency enhancement) broken?
  49. Since When did bard hirelings learn from clerics???
  50. DDO team: You can take your "no save, no defense" mob attacks and cram them....
  51. Thief Acrobatics and Wind Stance Attack Speed Stack?
  52. off-hand damage modifier
  53. One with the Blade and "A Dance of Flowers"
  54. On Harmful Spellcast
  55. one of the biggest problems with the new random loot.
  56. How Does Epic TR work?
  57. Twink Gear
  58. Question about some game machanic (was away some time)
  59. Another Lag Question Thread
  60. What happened to 3 days?
  61. Off-hand Legendary Air-Strike
  62. Visual death effects based on damage type - what's the deal?
  63. Skill Tome and Character Sheet
  64. Hirelings absolutely dumb!
  65. Calculating Melf's Acid Arrow Dmg, an exercize in investigation....
  66. Instant Dungeon Alert...Weaksauce idiot game mechanic.
  67. Root Walls!!!
  68. What exactly is the point of Bigby's Blue Guiding Hand?
  69. Monk Hensin Mystic - 'Every Light Casts a Shadow'
  70. Epic Mournlode Chain (light armor) needs medium armor proficency from ES tree. WHY ?
  71. For Goodness' Sake....Someone please help me with...
  72. What Cannith Crafted items are you making before the old system goes away?
  73. Articles of Faith not working with LGS Heavy Mace
  74. Silver Flame Pots, How do you use these?
  75. Is Shot on the Run bugged?
  76. Shrine to the Devourer bugged
  77. What the Heck Devs?
  78. How many past lives should be required?
  79. Why the hirelings take lava baths
  80. Khyber Server totally dead!
  81. Say 'NO' to Old Players hatred for New Players!
  82. AH now total waste of time!
  83. Charisma damage weapons
  84. LGS DoT overlap bug
  85. Epic antique greataxe DR bypass, bugged?
  86. Multiple functions on one hot key
  87. Random loot augment slot depicts
  88. Paladin Vanguard Shield Champion Enhancement question
  89. DDO and NVIDIA 341.92
  90. Feat swap question (Fred)
  91. Nearly (but not quite absolutely) USELESS combat log...
  92. No Crafting Extra Slot on Weapons for Casters?
  93. UK players
  94. Deceptiion/Sneak Attack (What stacks/what doesn't?)
  95. what should you craft?
  96. Confusion on Grazing Hits
  97. Spell Power vs Spell Lore
  98. Kensei Focus question
  99. Ranged Character questions
  100. Quest Ransack Not Working Properly?
  101. Slave Lords crafting bug
  102. Shot on the Run
  103. Casters forced to TWF.
  104. difference between vorpal an critical
  105. Does Perfect Two Handed Fighting work with sheilds?
  106. Bug or WAI?
  107. Legendary Slave Master's Cloak
  108. One thing that's always bugged me about Monks in DDO.
  109. Recent Hot Fix and Old Code brought back some Bugs?
  110. Is mithral body worth it ?
  111. Theoretical DPS
  112. Does 'Maximize' affects eldritch strike or eldritch tempest ?
  113. Is targeting broken?
  114. Invisible helemets
  115. Did they break the Ruby of the Endless Night?
  116. Resistance
  117. Why the eff arn't old handwraps working!!!
  118. Lag update from Sarlona since U32 went live (yes & not U33/Night Revels, which stacks
  119. Report of monk stuff not working
  120. Monsters keep attacking after you kill them...
  121. Question about Off-hand Doublestrike
  122. Off hand attacks and half ability score damage
  123. Night Revels 'Expiring' Ingredients: Bane for Casual Players
  124. Proof Against Poison/Disease vs Poison/Disease Ward shards
  125. Bound Loot Confirmation Dialog
  126. Earthgrab/Greater Stone Prison in offhand for TWF?
  127. Negative Levels Question
  128. Cant load in...
  129. Is Temple of elemental evil not working?
  130. DDO store down?
  131. kensai capstone
  132. this may not be relevant to this section but i will ask anyway.
  134. Fortification for Heroic Leveling
  135. Return of the SoS
  136. Cool down issue
  137. Airship Amenity question
  138. Question about Spell Resistance
  139. Sorc past life
  140. Color Spray making Abishai shift out of play - WAI?
  141. Introduce new/additional reincarnation rewards
  142. Question about Epic Completionist
  143. GS Handwrpas . BOund on aquire ? WA?
  144. World Character Transfer Wizard
  145. strange weapon wear issue. oh yeah, and agro...
  146. Client Issues
  147. Puzzled about Guild Renown Elixer Bonus
  148. DEV acknowledgment requested please. shiv/bluff not WAI
  149. Vampirsm and warforged
  150. Which is better?
  151. Large Metal Shields
  152. How do guild buffs work?
  153. heart of wood
  154. Shroud Form with no Wiz?? What?
  155. Airship Amenities Overlapping
  156. Question: Is the random loot system still in development?
  157. Question about Shiradi champion's "Prism", warlock eldritch blast and Twists of fate:
  158. High spirits - bug or WAI
  159. Coloured Text On Loot?
  160. Question to the Devs Reg TOD rings
  161. Losing Connection
  162. Auction House Beeping
  163. Anyone else having this problem?
  164. AoV Just Reward and SE Feed on Magic Questions/Observations
  165. Problem with Rare spawns in adventure areas - not always spawned
  166. Epic Reincarnated BUT NO EXP AWARDED TO LEVEL 20
  167. Devs: Plz for 100th time!!! (not just by me)
  168. Lesser Reincarnation Confusion & Stats
  169. 2nd life for Llogi
  170. U33 Updated Throwing Speed Samples
  171. Epic level Familiars
  172. How do I get help under the new owners?
  173. Empower Healing spell
  174. Need Help from the Devs
  175. performance issues
  176. option to remove champs from heroic hard&elite
  177. Figured this would be the place to put this...
  178. Continuous red latency when joining game
  179. Korthos needs some QA
  180. Rewards for 150 House Cannith favor
  181. Suggestion - Reduce Reaper Self Healing De-buff when NO Reapers are present
  182. Is Silver Flame Talisman broken?
  183. Reaper experience formula
  184. reaper xpbug after reincarnation
  185. Question about blur, displacement, shadow form, and dodge
  186. About reaper lockout
  187. Reaper - Captain obvious here
  188. Is this WAI
  189. Shadow form in particular, and maxing hide in general
  190. GD Fear Reapers hidden in A Lesson in Deception.
  191. Reaper Mode - Ability Damage WAI?
  192. A discussion and general questions about Reincarnation
  193. Why do not management support multiple languages?
  194. Is your best weapon a shield?
  195. graphic for monk finishing move broken?
  196. Diplomacy and Bluff endgame skill DC's
  197. What LFG tool???
  198. Bravery Streak and True Heroic Reincarnation Questions
  199. DEVS: LR timer / exceptions ever made?
  200. New bug with Reaper xp? Streak (50%) or Tome of learning (50%) not applying
  201. Posted thread about in-game bug last night
  202. Hiding after being spotted?
  203. FvS AoV Scourge not working with Wlk Eldritch/Chain Blast?
  204. posting for dev visibility. BUGGED. i have too much doubleshot.
  205. Reapers spawning over the water in MoD
  206. Old Sully's Grog Cellar
  207. DEVS: What the heck are you thinking with this?
  208. Racial VS Class TR...Can we get both in one life?
  209. general strangeness since last patch
  210. Bluff skill oddness post u34.2
  211. Blockade Buster: Mobs tripping across map.
  212. Query about shard auction bids
  213. U35 - "Seeker" information
  214. Can't seem to find this anywhere
  215. The most powerful shield for heroic
  216. A couple long overdue questions....
  217. CPU Bottleneck - Multiple Core Support?
  218. Heroic True Heart of the Woods bug?
  219. Traveler event question/concern
  220. Druids and Spinal Tap (and orbs)
  221. Feat Proposal - Adding Enhancements that are Feat-Specific
  222. Champions
  223. TRing a rogue.....advice needed
  224. Whats the deal with Divine Might
  225. Build points when combining racial and class heroic TRs
  226. Handwraps in stealth
  227. Whirlwind + Two-handed Weapon, damage?
  228. Bug - Ogre Mages still casting while phased out
  229. Reincarnation Question
  230. Game system question: Log in clean up
  231. Bug? No Ki gain for pure Monk, Male Dragonborn
  232. MOB Poison Spell HOW THE EFF IS THIS WAI
  233. Deception on weapons, bluff no longer working period?
  234. Why are airships so expensive?
  235. warlocks are imbalanced
  236. Combat Brute + Sense weakness - stack?
  237. Windows 10 Creator update: Turn Game Mode Off
  238. Warlock Aiming problems
  239. melee needs overhaul
  240. log out to character screen lag
  241. Cant attack or target when the MAP is open
  242. Mortal Fear Tier3 upgrade in Thunderforged
  243. Why are there no Potions of Superior Brilliance, Cacophony, Erosion nor Impact?
  244. Ban System
  245. A problem with the claw of Vulkoor aka to many champs
  246. Banking exp cap removed - YAY!
  247. Nonsensical Stacking?
  248. Non-Prof with Weapons I'm prof with
  249. Epic Reincarnation
  250. Making tumbling more actiony