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  1. First eTR
  2. TR Question for Clarification
  3. Shot on the Run Broken
  4. Exp is a trap, end game meh
  5. Wail of the Banshee . . .
  6. What Spell Power Type(s) Affect Insidious Spores from Primal Avatar?
  7. Vulnerable not working for 1st Degree Burns ?
  8. Saga |EXP and what affects it.
  9. Rogue's Quick Strike Enhancement
  10. +Moose+
  11. know the angles
  12. Manyshot fails to activate but starts cooldown timer.
  13. Traps!!!!!!!!!
  14. Shiradi mechanics question
  15. The secret reason stealth has been failing for rogues REVEALED IN ONE PICTURE!
  16. On a 20 vs Vorpal ... anyone have a clear idea of what works when?
  17. Past Life Sneak of Shadows: Does it stack?
  18. Intimidate Change
  19. Been away from the game for a year
  20. Celestia Still Bugged?
  21. Everyone should read New and Experienced players
  22. Ruby Eye Augments + rune arms?
  23. Not WAI?
  24. Gaining Bard Songs w/o bard levels alchemist's pendant?
  25. Purge the Heretics and why I rarely run it!
  26. Epic Martial Past Life Feats
  27. Single damage formula?
  28. Hireling AI Glitches, What Information to Provide for Bug Reports?
  29. Gameplay more "hiccupy" since May 18 maintenance?
  30. Character Planner
  31. Where DDO has gone wrong with Casters
  32. The real reason BB is bad for the game!
  33. Dwarven Axes
  34. Hirelings and champions sigh
  35. Anyone tested Chimera's crown w/ the enhancement dragonmarks and special abilities?
  36. Doublestrike vs Offhand Proc % for TWF
  37. Ok, one more ... doublestrike, etc. and special attacks
  38. For Goodness Sake:
  39. Reincarnation cache... and TRing for completionist
  40. Chat bugged??
  41. Spell crit multiplier gear?
  42. Epic Envenomed Blade's Paralysis does not give 30% Sense Weakness bonus (bug)
  43. Daunting Roar - Draconic Incarnation
  44. Lets Talk about Summons Fun
  45. epic toee upgraded weapons bugged?
  46. Dragon Masque
  47. Feed the master please
  48. Green Steel Stacking
  49. Sources of Sonic Lore
  50. Cannot reincarnate (free slots??)
  51. New Race on DDO Live Servers!!
  52. Inferno Epic & Chord of Reprisals
  53. Nice one Kaylen!
  54. Warlocks and weapons
  55. Know the angles
  56. Furyshot w/o Slayer arrows worth it? Or Tier 5 Mech on Bow/thrower?
  57. Friends in Low Places...
  58. does spellcraft affect weapon proc damage ?
  59. Annoying rigged d20: Fumble
  60. Haunted Halls favor bug
  61. Would you please stop screwing around?
  62. Use Lesser Reincarnation to get Completionist Back?
  63. Astral Shard Auction House, help
  64. Radiant Servant way too expensive!
  65. Xoriat Solipsism upgrade functions on ranged attacks
  66. Blow by Blow bugged?
  67. Epic Stone of Exp and destinies
  68. Cargo Bay Amenities
  69. Coup de Grace and Sleepers
  70. Perfect Two Weapon Fighting Broken!
  71. shield mastery and thf feats
  72. Input requested, and appreciated.
  73. Bought iconic class, just tired of it and i would TR.. what can i do ?
  74. Ravager Stat Enhancements not working
  75. Armor class more useful than expected
  76. Final rewards by class broken?
  77. Auction times
  78. Game is bugged, no in game help.
  79. Empyrean fervor bugged?
  80. Improved Trip and Severlin… what is correct?
  81. Missing airship amenity after update
  82. AI and Hirelings
  83. magical efficiency
  84. Design Inconsistency?
  85. Offhand thrower effects that add destruction to mainhand?
  86. No benefit from Legendary Dreadnaught Extra Action Boost
  87. stunning blow/trip in doj
  88. Known Issue?
  89. From the Release notes:
  90. Hireling Stand Your Ground AI has been improved
  91. What is a good score for Improved Trip at level 28?
  92. Turbine make me spend money already.
  93. About Hireling
  94. Concentration
  95. Quests in which spiders web you?
  96. Spell Range?
  97. Character Handedness
  98. DDO and Linux
  99. The Dreaming Dark - Super Mario meets Spiderman & Batman
  100. When is expected the update to cap at lvl 30 ?
  101. Thief hireling wanted
  102. Blue Augment slots at green items
  103. Malicia in Big Top bugs out with force field on, quest not complete-able
  104. Bleed damage
  105. a question about threat generation
  106. Audience with the Queen Bug
  107. One With The Blade: Is it worth it? Is it broken?
  108. Epic Reincarnation question
  109. Annoying bug with Ogre Mages
  110. Reincarnating to different class, Epic destiny starting place.
  111. Named Item % Chance vs Toon Level
  112. Improved Critical Bug?
  113. So I just ETR'd my PDK Bard Fighter Rogue
  114. Shields and criticals
  115. Airship amenities on the Auction House
  116. A PUG endures H.G. Wells' changes to invisibility
  117. 2 Ghost lfm's on Ghallanda for 3 days now
  118. Shield deflection feat & blocking
  119. Vendor Buyback - 65 Pages
  120. Is it time to heavily buff mob fortification?
  121. No Enhancement Reset?
  122. Mouse wheel fix in U28???
  123. Why do you hate Hirelings Devs?
  124. 20 Pal, running in Fury of the Wild, Overwhelming Force not working
  125. What is the ingame currency?
  126. public zone in amrath is a laggy mess
  127. My toon is now lvl18 but no small collection bag and no small gem bag.
  128. Trying to get rid of my 2 fighter levels.
  129. Does 'Potency' and 'Combustion' stack ?
  130. En Pointe not getting +2[W] damage
  131. Is Khopesh really flat out better than Bastard Sword/Dwarven Axe?
  132. Shining Through has to go!
  133. So Luck Blades drop in end reward lists
  134. Question about True Reincarnation going and Epic Reincarnations
  135. I wouldn't TR, i wouldn't buy a new char slot, it would be legit to delete this toon?
  136. Cannith Boots of Propulsion
  137. Mouse locked on Arch Linux
  138. Disable bravery bonus?
  139. Alignments - why no evil alignments?
  140. What is going on here? (MoD raid)
  141. w/o vials: How are you leveling Cannith crafting skills?
  142. Do gems respawn enemies
  143. Quarterstaff glancing blows ever fixed?
  144. The innate problems of unlimited multiclassing.
  145. Waiting without hope
  146. Improved Critical not applied after patch 28.1 ?
  147. About Clickies
  148. Heavy Armor Feats
  149. Umm....ok...
  150. DEVS, question please
  151. Warning: Festival Solar increased my item's minimum level
  152. Improved critical and celestial champion do not stack
  153. Missing from the buy back
  154. swashbuckler + crit rage
  155. Crafting Storage + Collectibles
  156. double strike functionality
  157. Functionality of Orbs and Shield feats/enhancements
  158. Tomes!!!!!
  159. Is there a way to tell if a character has a lesser/greater tome of learning on it?
  160. Ranger - Aimed Shot
  161. Mithral bugged - not providing PRR?
  162. Drops rates in first 2 wks of new content vs week 3 and beyond
  163. What's the secret to eternal life?
  164. MRR not showing up properly.
  165. Shiradi question...
  166. Calling all Tempest Rangers - is yoru Dual Perfection working?
  167. Devs: For Goodness Sake Update the Epic Hirelings!
  168. TR Cache - Am I paranoid?
  169. The Power of Slow
  170. Quick question: where do I see my current ASF?
  171. Rearranging Airship Amenity Locations
  172. Some thoughts on the state of the game ...
  173. /ignore Broken.
  174. Gear that levels with you
  175. Issue 29 Oddball Items
  176. Random Gen Min Levels.
  177. Judging the new loot gen
  178. Why do I keep getting Caster Great Weapons?
  179. To Curse the Sky is great practice for using noisemakers
  180. Scion OF Elysium
  181. Effects of weapon and armor - HELP
  182. Effect of new mastery feats
  183. Question regarding Druid Wild Shape & weapon stat damage type
  184. Iconic TR vs. Heroic TR
  185. group bonus not showing
  186. Golem's Heart (And other augments with procs)
  187. Q: Does Bluff still 'pull' on skill-check-failure?
  188. method to the useless new loot?
  189. Negative Energy Absorption items
  190. Does a chest get ransacked if I just open it but don't get anything?
  191. Current max damage and survivability state
  192. PRR & MRR Cap Screws Warforged/Bladeforged
  193. Legendary Elite Shroud part 5 4 chests.. only 2 give large ingredients.. seriously...
  194. Turbine do it again - This time gear missing
  195. Does cleave only use one weapon if you are TWFing?
  196. New "parry" items
  197. Player poll, Putting a better challenge back in the game
  198. Reincarnation
  199. Ransack and able to enter quest with out quest?
  200. New loot gen algorith kinda sucks
  201. Elemental Victory
  202. Any way to see the current run modifier on my char?
  203. How much spell power can I realistically get?
  204. Auction House Wishlist
  205. Which attacks scale with spell power?
  206. Wow Devs - Best Item EVER!
  207. Loot Pass Breaks Antique Bronze Token Turn-In
  208. ETA for a loot patch?
  209. Which weapon effects are affected by Melee power?
  210. Lesser Mnemonics are STILL the only SP potions dropping....***
  211. What exactly is the benefit of invisibility guard?
  212. What is a typical monster to-hit bonus (as a function of CR)?
  213. Scion of the Ethereal Plane skill bonus not working ?
  214. What is with the Lag?
  215. YES another lag thread.
  216. i have a a question...
  217. When or did haste get changed?
  218. Monster to-hit as a function of CR
  219. Harper Leadership question
  220. Yo, Turbine thanks for the patch...
  221. Do "+1 to Hit and Damage" Enhancements apply before or after crit multipliers/MP?
  222. Theorycrafting PRR and HP
  223. Everbright
  224. Manyshot Mechanics
  225. Is it near the end of 2015 yet?
  226. Lvl 17-19 Quests + Dreaming Dark, MA, LoB and ToD
  227. Please raise Winter Games purple coins awards
  228. "Its just a display bug"
  229. Why death penalties are not meaningful in high end content
  230. "(Insert class) IS OP!! NERF!!!" My god, stop it with the nerf bat already...
  231. Bosses ignoring successful intimidate?
  232. CITW whose idiot idea was this game mechanic anyway?
  233. Greensteel the ultimate dissapoitement to anything not a caster.
  234. The Highest Mythic Available?
  235. Insight on any future changes on Epic Karma and Reincarnation
  236. Scion of the Astral Plane - Dodge cap is bugged?
  237. Automatically hide focus orb? Maybe I'm nuts
  238. What "breaks" Celestia's DR ability?
  239. Weaken undead on Mournlode chain--Does this affect weapons? Ranged?
  240. vulnerability is too short on final strike
  241. Armour Class
  242. My Anniversary Tokens are gone.
  243. Warrior's / Combat Mastery in random loot, enhancement or insight bonus?
  244. Invalid Advancement Data
  245. Arcane Pulse gets over-written by other caster's? What kinda idiot BS is this?
  246. Divine Crusader question....
  247. Champion immunities
  248. Weapon's <elemental> effect broken on ranged weapons
  249. Spell penetration - another stupid implementation
  250. Armor of speed???