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  1. Shard Exchange, make it really take off...
  2. So...You can Fix your raid but not Bugged EDs
  3. Help!
  4. Two Handed DPS???
  5. Fxaa
  6. Question on Imp Martial Arts with Bows
  7. Handy Equip's. Must have DR
  8. which is the better Harry beater?
  9. Noticed Something Odd About Living Spells
  10. Monks and adrenaline Overload
  11. Best off hand item when using a returning weapon?
  12. What is a 5% weighted weapon?
  13. Elementary Stacking Question
  14. Silver Flame Nugget and Emerald Nugget TR related Question
  15. Evasion Vs PRR
  16. W.T.H! no xp,
  17. Do the pre-made paths gimp a new player ??
  18. Ranged Combat Feats
  19. What's all this Shiradi talk about?
  20. So where is the Figurine of Wonder?
  21. Why do monsters not roll d20 for save throws?
  22. Enhancements not showing prereqs
  23. Cormyrian armor and Druid pet - very strange bug
  24. Count Down to Next Attempt...Again and Again
  25. Lesser Reincarnation 32 - 28???
  26. Key of Destiny questions
  27. Epic Destiny reset
  28. Lay Waste - no chance it also includes Vertigo items is there?
  29. Stat/feat respec and tomes question
  30. Summon questions
  31. New computer question
  32. Noob Question: How to properly change feats on Fred?
  33. Random allocation of bravery bonuses in epic levels?
  34. Does DR affect AC?
  35. Got Problem with my Otto's Stones of Experience
  36. Level requirement on Past Life Feats?
  37. Combat System Issues
  38. New Bug Reporting Tool seems as reliable as the old one!
  39. Repairing Dragonscale Armor
  40. Spellcasting Implement USP bonus bugged?
  41. Shield prr issue?
  42. Concealment Question
  43. Login Server Error
  44. Charisma: insightful vs regular?
  45. Invisibility Guard Clariffication Request
  46. Max CHA/DEX achievable for a first life character
  47. BUG in ACID WIT - The Twelve
  48. Can't remove deleted party member
  49. Reincarnation Questions
  50. Power Attack can only help, never hurt?
  51. Why is Sunbeam not on the FvS/Cleric spell list?
  52. FvS/Cleircs, why are there no enhancements to boost fire/force spells...
  53. Items gone from TR Cache
  54. The Need for Evasion
  55. Help please!
  56. Druid animal form DCs to low
  57. Log in Issues
  58. TWF Momentum Swing
  59. Which hirelings break stuff?
  60. Spell Power question
  61. Enhancements: Does Devotion from Multiple Sources Stack?
  62. Bard Past Life Feat (Bardic Dilettante): Does it add more bard songs?
  63. Can't level up
  64. U18P2: Spell criticals most likely not WAD yet
  65. Anyone using G13 gamepad?
  66. Balance skill help
  67. Auto Grouping
  68. Sundering Ooze and Augment Summons/Druid Past Lifes
  69. Favor not granted for quest
  70. Bugs are still not fixed. Wow.
  71. Mainhand/Offhand Equipment Not Visible
  72. How and when do you gear your TR's?
  73. The Cleric, broken and forgotten?
  74. Some Thoughts to promote a discussion concerning the gap between new and old players
  75. Red Latency on First Log-In of the Day!
  76. Is there ANY benefit to enchant on a ranged weapon?
  77. The feedback I wanted to put on the survey but wouldn't fit.
  78. "PARTY" Chat window gone?
  79. Games you'll never see link
  80. Transfering Shard of Power to an alt
  81. Summons and Buffs? (Thundering Armor, Enchant Weapons)
  82. Cumulative Deception?
  83. drow elf 3rd life wizard build for enchantment
  84. Epic Tome Of Learning & Challenges
  85. Thinking of coming back?
  86. Public Transport facilities: more airship towers and teleport arches needed
  87. Iconic Pally Build
  88. Shuriken feats
  89. Monk Not Centered message
  90. LR killed my Vigor of Battle Sentinel Stance and now I know only sorrow.
  91. One Feature that would be good to have on DDO
  92. Augment slot question (red on accessories? lootgen blue?)
  93. Grasp of the earth dragon borked? one stunned monk ;)
  94. Upgrading from Standard Res to High res
  95. PL Feat and +20 Heart?
  96. +20 Heart and 28pt
  97. Is it possible to finesse scimitars under the new enh pass?
  98. Precision and Barbarian rage
  99. Who let the dogs out?
  100. Spell points removed, boggah!
  101. Rings....now garbage
  102. Can we get Religous Feats with Free LR, or only LR +20?
  103. Kensai "Exotic Weapon Mastery" enhancement question
  104. Experience Point tokens - please let us put them in bags
  105. Celestia, DR breaking and blue slots?
  106. shields
  107. Dodgy question
  108. Messed up tier 5 enhancements
  109. Why don't feats use weapon groups now?
  110. Epic Destiney Bane of Undeath
  111. Druids Natural Fighting + Shield Mastery + Weapon effects
  112. New Enhancement Point system really hurts...
  113. General FYI and Especially to the Devs.
  114. Ninja Spy Core Ability II and Bows
  115. New Stealth System
  116. U19 Manyshot + 10k Stars
  117. A few enhancement nitpicks
  118. The New Expansion XP changes
  119. does the Sneak Attack Bonus weapon effect proc on glancing blows?
  120. Broken Arcane Archer Imbue Toggles
  121. Best Bow
  122. Acrobat Threat range (bugged?)
  123. Music of the Dead
  124. Does Blinding Speed make you immune to slow?
  125. Server side hang (lag) and no min level rings
  126. does tempest work with wraps?
  127. How to create a Dex-based unarmed build?
  128. Vorpal strikes and ninja poison
  129. Martyrdom seems a wee bit buggy
  130. Please help! Ninja spy 1+2 core enhancements with Vorpal strikes
  131. Monk Past Life Feats
  132. Clarification on Raid 20th Completion pls
  133. Iconics and lesser reincarnation
  134. Guardian's Ring
  135. (Enlarged) Spells vs Throwing Weapons oO ???
  136. Spells Working as Intended? Please Advise.
  137. Is Spell Resistance Useful Now Even A Little?
  138. Selecting items
  139. Confirm Critical ~ Confirm Critical Damage
  140. Crippling lag spikes
  141. Newish player (basically a new) needs some advice
  142. A question regarding shurikens and doubleshot
  143. Are the Prefix/Suffixes WAI?
  144. [b][color=black]Wand and Scroll Mastery question[/b][/color]
  145. PM Animate Ally works as rezz rather than animate zombie, WAI?
  146. Inflict Serious Wounds pots not working right
  147. Are GreenSteel weapons still worth the grind for TR's
  148. Creeping Cold vs Niacs Biting Cold and Creeping Cold vs Creeping Cold
  149. Insight bonus to enhancement
  151. What kinds of items sell on the Astral Shard Auction House?
  152. Dispal and anti magic fieldsad
  153. Skill Tome usage (what skill tomes are on my characters?)
  154. Fury of the wild / barb enhancements raged state
  155. Missing a feat
  156. How many enhancement trees can we use at once?
  157. Want to Play Solo - Can You?
  158. Melee bonus from Far Shot
  159. One with the Blade not Centering without Ki bar
  160. Ten Thouand Stars Wis question
  161. TR after ED reset
  162. Paralytic Injection
  163. Epic Feat Stat - Bug?
  164. Sneak speed stacking
  165. Augments and Collectables
  166. The Challenge
  167. Energy burst and energy vortex
  168. Stalwart Defender and Sacred Defender: Do stance bonuses stack?
  169. Kensai Deadly Shot bugged?
  170. Melee weapon list for DR bypass
  171. Spell Focus and Spell Focus Mastery no longer stac, WAI or Bug?
  172. "Perfect" XXX Fighting feats. Turbine hates TWF that much?
  173. What would you have changed in your Completionist path?
  174. No save ways to lower fortitude
  175. Some thoughts for the Devs
  176. Some bugs for QA guys, and suggestions for design guys
  177. Hold person
  178. Kobolds and Teleporters
  179. Sometimes I despair...I really do!
  180. Low proc % weapons TWF
  181. Shuriken/Subtlety
  182. Green Steel Tier 2 and 3 exceptional elemental resists - do they still stack?
  183. Stacking enhancement bonuses on bows
  184. PM Cloak of Night enhancement damage reduction
  185. Sacred Defender stance bug?
  186. Acrobat - use of speed items?
  187. Are temporary Spell points broken?
  188. How about a 20th completion list for rare ecounters ?
  189. Epic Antique Great Axe
  190. Do shield mastery feats work with orbs?
  191. Active attacks
  192. how much hit is to much hit?
  193. Question about Alchemical weapons
  194. Multiple DR weapon
  195. Soul Magic - great new enhancement for Arcane Archers
  196. Mabar level draining gem
  197. New Cleric Hireling "swimsuit" outfits
  198. which moster/boss have ghost touch?
  199. Holy Strike bugged?
  200. Dispelling Shot removes Arcane DoTs?
  201. 2 annoying Enchantment issues
  202. Reasons why favored weapons are unfavorable
  203. Dice Roll reverted
  204. Faerie Fire spell type
  205. Devs please: stacking questions on weapon damage and crit profile
  206. Overwheleming Critical
  207. Hair Dye/Styles and TR
  208. Similarly named enhancements with (at least partially) different effects?
  209. Warning - Blessing of Onatar Bugged - Spend AS Wisely
  210. Isn't it time to fix combat archery?
  211. Powdered Blood
  212. Epic Toughness Feat problem
  213. Training Dummy... Developer question
  214. Best summon kindred being summon
  215. Why Tumble?
  216. Druid/Monk 'unarmed' rules
  217. Mabar and a turning cleric
  218. Weapon Non Proficiency Penalty
  219. Peak Damage Weapons with Tier 5 Augmentation
  220. A couple of questions about the new TR system
  221. WHAT? I have to Have favor now to get a Tiny bag?
  222. (Combat): You suffer 646 points of damage from Poison Exploit. Really?
  223. Festival Solar not working as intended?
  224. shadowdancer shadow form
  225. Lesser +20 reincarnation fail
  226. Please Add Opt-Out for Forced Emotes
  227. Idea: Skill tome trade-ins?
  228. how to complete the spectral dragon fight with very few people I.e. 4 or 5 even less
  229. Are Pale Master Necrotic Touch/Bolt/Blast Worth it?
  230. Reconsidering 20 raid completions
  231. Divine might no longer recharging on paladin splash?
  232. Heroic TR with 2 classes of equal level
  233. Solution to punishments for exploiters
  234. feat respec & ability score prereqs
  235. +20 heart and changing lots of things
  236. Questions regarding Epic Destinies
  237. Sireth and Fighter feats
  238. Mornh, Hammer of the Mountains vs Braising Star
  239. Maxing Fate points
  240. Flesh to Stone
  241. Shroud part 2 - Bosses need separation or not?
  242. Has anyone really messed with grenades and traps?
  243. Fastest way to 20 post U20
  244. Obtaining Iconic and Epic Hearts - Dear Devs...
  245. Lev 24 Iessin Best Rogue Hireling Cant Handle EE Locks and Spellwards?
  246. Game changes
  247. Boycott Verisgante
  248. What is in my TR cache?
  249. BTC vs BTA vs BTCoE
  250. Monster AI Gripes