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  1. Five Rings is looking for a few good players
  2. My DDO Guild Page Missing
  3. Looking for a Guild;
  4. 2 Vets LFGuild
  5. Congrats Storm Lords
  6. ~ Guild Recruiting ~
  7. Tuesdays Gone looking to grow
  8. Mostly Harmless recruiting
  9. The Azure Path
  10. Looking for a guild that actually has active players in it.
  11. Preliminary judging of interest
  12. Afterdark Seeks Alliances with Individuals for raiding and flagging
  13. Erebus Recruiting
  14. New player looking for active guild - Thelanis or other
  15. The Rise (and Fall) of Guilds
  16. Looking for a guild
  17. ALLEZ ECOSSE are recruiting. level 73
  18. EU Player Seeking RP Guild
  19. Looking for Guild - Book Inside
  20. WTS Scroll of the Jidz-Tet'ka
  21. Level 24 Guild Recruiting
  22. Cleric Looking for a Guild
  23. Static Group/Guild Looking for Players
  24. Heavy-RP Static Guild - 'Open House'
  25. Chainmail Guild @ Thelanis
  26. lvl14 RoyalReapers Now Recuiting
  27. Can i meet with an EU guild in an INN
  28. Gilda Italiana su Thelanis
  29. Interest check? RP permadeath guild for TRs on Thelanis.
  30. Lag is looking to recruit a few members
  31. Congratulations to the guild known as DIV! They have attained Guild Level 100!
  32. Eternal Infinity Recruiting
  33. The Semi-casual geeks
  34. New players looking for an RP guild.
  35. Green Mtn Boyz Recruiting
  36. DemonKnight (West Coast/Late Night Friendly)
  37. Longtime Player looking for new guild.
  38. Seeking new members
  39. Thelanis.... Shadow Dwellers Guild
  40. New World Dominion
  41. Hijos de Cain :: Recruiting/Reclutando
  42. Timidus Tenebris Recruiting
  43. Daggerfall Guild Recruiting
  44. Thelanis Guild Winterfell Recruiting
  45. Hair Doll Houligans
  46. Blood and Iron is recruiting
  47. Looking for guild
  48. Children & Monsters
  49. Magic & Opposition Recruiting
  50. Solo players needed
  51. Hippy Dreams now recruting
  52. Legion of the six
  53. WTT/B a couple of things
  54. The Wild Bunch recruiting once more.
  55. New Recruitment Announcement for Legion Of Xen’drik on Thelanis
  56. European looking for guild change
  57. Sedition Accord
  58. Chance of a lifetime
  59. DemonKnight is recruiting.
  60. UK based player looking for a guild
  61. Undertow, just some basics about the guild, not recruiting
  62. Zeus...LFG
  63. Looking for a family on Thelanis
  64. Chainmail leadership change
  65. Radiant Servant Seeks EuroGuild
  66. Guild leader commitment?
  67. - The Black Dragon Society -
  68. Returning (newbie) player looking for home.
  69. Unhinged
  70. Children of Winter
  71. need new guild-thelanis server--Lvl 70 or higher
  72. Lamartina's quest for a new guild!
  73. Looking for a guild
  74. Looking for guild
  75. Five Rings
  76. Tymora's Saints
  77. New Guild
  78. Ultimate Defenders is growing
  79. Ashborn is recruiting (level 55)
  80. Children of Winter - we are alive
  81. A dude looking for a guild
  82. Looking for perma death
  83. Rol en Español
  84. Falcon Punch - Official Thread - A Guild for Witty Individuals
  85. Complaint about Rogueforce member, want to speak to leader / officer
  86. The warriors of the silent lands is..
  87. LF Oceanic Guild
  88. Dynamic Multi-Server Guild Rosters and Listings
  89. Looking for a Guild
  90. Looking for TR guild
  91. Is the grass greener in...
  92. Looking for EU Guild
  93. EU Based Vet looking for new guild.
  94. Returning....
  95. Darastrix Ithquenti (Dragon gods) - Newly created social guild recruiting
  96. Looking for a guild
  97. Discipline of The Fist is recruiting!
  98. Looking for a RP guild.
  99. Lonesome, oh so lonesome
  100. Az Inc. Membership
  101. An ex blood n guts officer wanting to know how it's doing
  102. Looking for a guild
  103. ATTN: fun, friendly, casual players - Join 'The Rapscallions' (lvl 33)
  104. wintersrage a new guild for new players
  105. LAG recruiting
  106. Six Paths of Pain recruiting
  107. Mostly Harmless - a non-guild guild (level 44)
  108. Eternal Infinity Recruiting
  109. Level 59 Guild Recruiting
  110. Looking for Planar Focus of Prowess +3str or +3dex
  111. - Guardians Of The Silver Flame Recruitment -
  112. EE Lolth Raid
  113. Looking for RP guild
  114. Guild: Serene Silent Shadow Path
  115. Children of Death recruiting
  116. Curelite Bottling Co. is recruiting
  117. looking for small renown oriented guild
  118. UK only Guild recruiting
  119. Looking for casual player friendly guild!
  120. Interest check: Roleplaying guild in Thelanis
  121. Ultimate Defenders - lvl 61
  122. Looking for a semi-casual guild
  123. Reinos Olvidados Level 87 guild is recruiting
  124. Ultimate Defenders- level 61
  125. Grace helpful guild recruiting
  126. Solo Artists - What? There can't be a guild of solo'ers?:P
  127. Blade Runners recruiting
  128. Vraska's Assassins - Recruiting
  129. Getting back into the swing of things, want a Guild
  130. Legion For Two Weeks Program!
  131. Black Sabbath Recruit new players
  132. Guild recruiting easy going members...
  133. The Holy Warriors - Lvl 53 welcomes YOU
  135. Looking for Laid Back Guild
  136. Ultimate Defenders recruiting!
  137. Eternal infinity recuitment announcement
  138. Tannhauser Gate - Recruiting
  139. Reinos Olvidados is recruiting
  140. Least enticing potential recruit you'll ever see! :)
  141. Jel ima Nesalomljivih na forumu?
  142. Whatever happened to the Stormlords?
  143. Monk seeks Monty's guild 'vite.
  144. Trying to save our guild
  145. The Union is looking for a few good Kobolds
  146. Blood of the Tarrasque
  147. Finding a needle in a haystack.
  148. Casual and social. Just the way we like it.
  149. aLiclan
  150. Level 25 guild with a tug boat looking for a stand in leader
  151. Children of Death
  152. Fury's Six
  153. Silver Dragon Kindred
  154. Capped player looking for active guild that runs ee gianthold.
  155. Monarch - A guild for newer players
  156. StuffKillers!
  157. Are you an Elitist Loner?
  158. Looking for a guild
  159. Looking for Guild
  160. Freeper seeks slow-play guild with Rogues.
  161. Calling all newer players…
  162. Halfling-only guild?
  163. Which guilds use chat software?
  164. lvl 61 The Holy Warriors are recruiting!!!
  165. The Exploration Society Guild lvl 78 Open for new recruits:
  166. Open Palm Adventures
  167. Eternal Infinity restructuring and recruiting
  168. Casual player(s) looking for guild
  169. Newcomer retention seems poor.
  170. Looking for raiding group/guild active 6-9am EST
  171. Want to win a level 75 guild? (You have until August 25th)
  172. New to DDO? Looking for a relaxed guild to play and learn? Read on!
  173. Confession Time
  174. 7 years pugging.
  175. Ultimate Defenders
  176. Recruiting: Rare Encounters
  177. Eternal Infinity recruiting..
  178. Level 3 Cleric looking for a laid back guild, please read before inviting!
  179. lvl 15 artificier looking for a good guild
  180. Husband wife Combo Looking for a leveling guild
  181. Dark Avengers recruiting... in our own way
  182. New Guild Halfling Inc.
  183. returning player looking for a good guild.
  184. New Guild League of Extraordinary Misfits
  185. Lvl 69 The Holy Warriors are recruiting
  186. Looking for a friendly guild
  187. Veteran player looking for a good home.
  188. Mitis Mors recruiting
  189. WTB Guild
  190. De Profundis, lvl 85 guild recruiting, no weaklings
  191. 17 dwarven clonk looking for work!
  192. C.L.A.W. Recruitment Status
  193. The Finders Trading Company! Heavy RP.
  194. New guild: Zaros!
  195. Need Help naming my guild
  196. Reinos Olvidados is recruiting
  197. ARISE Recruting.
  198. Looking for British Guild on TheLanis to join.
  199. selling guild with ship
  200. Recruitment Announcement for Legion of Xen’drik on Thelanis.
  201. Excelsior
  202. The Raven's Guard
  203. Children of Death open enrollment
  204. Returning player looking for guild
  205. Zenith is recruiting
  206. AfterDark Rebuilding and looking for member and officer to form it rebirth
  207. Zerg is recruiting
  208. Who are The Raven's Guard?
  209. Cobra Corp. wants you!
  210. busco guild hispana
  211. Teaching guild Grace recruiting teachers and students.
  212. Rare Encounters (a Wilderness Area Exploration guild)
  213. Roleplayer looking for a home!!!!
  214. Chronicles of Eberron (Roleplaying Guild, Open Recruitment)
  215. Lord Flashheart's Brigade is recruiting on Thelanis!
  216. Eternal Infinity Recruiting
  217. Thelanis Guilds Lvl 160+
  218. Ravenguard
  219. Returning player looking for a home
  220. Returning Vet Looking for raiding and mature home.
  221. Profound
  222. Returning Player, Looking for Mature Guild and Help
  223. Cannor Creations Looking for new recruits
  224. Nocte Mortem
  225. Crusher Corps Recruiting
  226. Returning fairly casual player looking for a guild
  227. Demons Of Amn Looking For Members
  228. Active player looking new guild
  229. Trio of returning friends LFG
  230. Looking for relaxed guild with a number of European players
  231. The Holy Warriors
  232. M o n a r c h
  233. Casual guilds recruiting?
  234. New(ish) player looking for a casual, EST based guild
  235. New VIP guild recruting
  236. Looking for family friendly guild
  237. Sons Of Xen'drik
  238. Casual returning player looking for guild
  239. Returning Player Seeking Active Guild
  240. Husband and wife duo looking for a good guild
  241. returning from a long time
  242. Brazillian guild recruiting
  243. Possibly Returning, LF Guild
  244. [FR] La Guilde de MrShampi ,Ordre des Farfadets, recrute!
  245. Guilde Effusion recrute
  246. The Exploration Society
  247. newly TR'd lock LFG
  248. Stormforce is Recruiting
  249. Infamous Flaming Vagabonds is Recruiting!
  250. Falcon Lvl 28