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  1. old vet player, now newly resubbed looking for a guild :-)
  2. iso guild
  3. Crunchy Bits Duo Looking for a Raiding Guild
  4. Looking for 3-4 Solid Players
  5. Reinos Olvidados guild hispanohablantes
  6. New Guild Bleeding Soulz Recruiting
  7. Returning player looking for guild
  8. Looking for static TR member
  9. Archangels
  10. Need an active guild!
  11. Québéquois solitaires
  12. The Evil Empire
  13. Looking for an active guild
  14. Those EEEPZ Guys Are Pretty Cool
  15. Why join a guild?
  16. Guild Nesalomljivi
  17. New player looking for guild
  18. list the PD guilds on Thelanis?
  19. New player lfg casual guild, wife may come along.
  20. Türk Guildi Üye Alıyor!
  21. Not very active recruiting here...
  22. Drums of War
  23. Come and get me - Looking for Guild
  24. Newish player looking for guild
  25. House Arkenndar recuiting
  26. BRAND New Player
  27. Newbie cleric looking for a helpful guild =)
  28. Reinos Olvidados
  29. Looking For Guild
  30. Mediocrity! meh...
  31. Untouchable Souls Recruition
  32. Hoping for a few good members
  33. This is D&D, not "first one to the chest gets a shiny!"
  34. Smokey's guild
  35. Looking for a new guild
  36. Lords of War recruitment
  37. Looking for a Great Guild!
  38. New to the game
  39. Looking for a top endgame raiding guild.
  40. Bleeding Soulz Recruiting.
  41. New Guild for New Players "AfterDark" Newbies Wanted
  42. Solid
  43. Looking for active guild...
  44. The Silver Dragon Kindred is recruiting
  45. Is There Any WF-Only Guild?
  46. The Children of The Damned
  47. In search of a guild. Few Important requirements
  48. How many?
  49. I'm guildless
  50. Bleeding Soulz- Now Recruiting
  51. EU player looking for guild
  52. New ViP player looking for guild
  53. Thelanis guild rank thread
  54. People With Mics - try it before you're in it!
  55. Gimped Deaf Jinxed Nuub (looking for guild)
  56. U5 looking for a large active guild
  57. Die Zeugen der Dreizehn suchen Mitglieder
  58. looking for active guild
  59. A Guild for Min-max Soloers: Brotherhood of BYOH
  60. Guild for Soloers/PUGers
  61. The Silver Dragon Kindred seeks epic-minded players!
  62. the Extraordinary Gentlemen recruiting open to all classes!
  63. The Silver Dragon Kindred has New Website!
  64. Looking for an active guild
  65. Dragon Brigade - 18+ Mature Teamwork
  66. Level 19
  67. Thelanis Guild Power Ratings
  68. Looking for mature european-based guild
  69. D&D~Brasil- Portuguese only guild is recruting
  70. Purge policys of inactive members
  71. Thelanis Guild Power Rating Week 2
  72. The Evil Empire Level 21 Guild Recruiting ||
  73. Generic Heros currently recruiting
  74. Umber Hulks
  75. Attacks the Darkness - Recruiting
  76. Rogues of Stormreach (Level 13 Guild)
  77. Stompfest
  78. Thelanis Guilds Power Rating and Weekly Changes Posted
  79. Fallen Immortals ~ Recruiting
  80. The Dancing Dungeoneers
  81. Small Gold Seal Chest for Level 20 Guilds
  82. DWAT Rave
  83. Japan (日本) and Australia Guild
  84. C.l.a.w.
  85. Looking for and EU/UK timezone guild
  86. Deaf mature roleplayer seeks friendly guild
  87. Apply to be "Denied"!!
  88. Looking for guild
  89. Fellowship
  90. LFG - Recruiting
  91. Nightstalkers opens up recruting for limited time.
  92. Guild Descended Recruiting
  93. List of ex-DDO Europe & European Guilds
  94. Guild Specially for Solo Players
  95. Konig's Plague
  96. 100 Favor Guild
  97. Explorers of Thelanis is recruiting
  98. Praemium
  99. Nightstalkers guild is recruiting
  100. Looking for mature teamplayers for active guild
  101. Guild Perfect Chaos is currently recruiting. Join Us NOW!
  102. The Lost Kings are now recruiting
  103. Shadow Knight Consortium recruiting
  104. Feeling the urge to destroy something? The Ministry of Destruction wants YOU!!!
  105. Drow of the underdark
  106. NEW Guild old toon..Doomlords
  107. Guild for the Casual Solo player
  108. Credendo Vides - By Believing, One Sees
  109. TwoDwarfsOneCup recruiting new members!!
  110. Silent Shadows
  111. A Very Chilled Guild
  112. Hampster Sandwich
  113. The Sublime Permadeath Guild
  114. Casual guild looking for just a couple more members
  115. Fellowship of the Green Hat
  116. Archangels
  117. RIOT recruiting
  118. Looking for a European guild or 1 with European members
  119. ~ Looking for Couples ~
  120. Old Skool -- New Guild, Now Recruiting
  121. Lvl 1 Double Heron Monk beginner LF Guild
  122. Bas no Beatha - Recruiting
  123. The Ministry of Destruction is recruiting!
  124. Ethereal Champions of Zyn (Thelanis) is currently looking for new members.
  125. Mediocrity!
  126. EAST COAST GUILD/ Looking for officers & players of all classes
  127. Looking for family style raid guild...
  128. Paladin looking for a new home...
  129. Rogue/Wiz LF Guild
  130. I wonder how many guilds actually recruit here anymore.
  131. Lookingfor a magesguild for allmagicusers only.classesinclude(SORCERER,CLERIC,WIZARD)
  132. Canada Is Awesome
  133. Erebus Recruiting
  134. Parrotheads got their airship!
  135. X Neverwinter nights players out there?
  136. Renowned Recruting
  137. A guild for Role-palyers in Australia - Non Zerging
  138. Guild Rename
  139. Half Breed Brigade is recruiting all half-orcs
  140. Monty Python's Flying Circus
  141. Looking for Guild
  142. Returning player looking for a guild
  143. Recent Odin's Chosen Drama
  144. Sons of Xen'drik on thelanis
  145. Looking for a roleplay guild
  146. Powers Court
  147. LF a Guild details inside
  148. Powers Court BYOH Day!
  149. Looking for a guild... Not a quick PL or your loot.. Read inside.
  150. Mostly Harmless is recruiting!
  151. Guildless and lfg
  152. Heads up Thelanis, The Ministry of Destruction just invaded the server!
  153. New to game
  154. Two friends looking for a guild in Thelanis
  155. Night Blades
  156. Looking for semi-casual West Coast Guild
  157. Impulse
  158. Returning player looking for guild
  159. Magnekato’s Dragons…
  160. Old Player Returning
  161. Looking for a Guild on Thelanis
  162. Late night living
  163. Maelstrom Guild Expansion
  164. Cleric looking for guild
  165. Buying +4 or +5 tower shield with large guild augment slot
  166. AfterDark!! No Longer Just another newbie guild anymore!! Woot Level 50
  167. LFG-Kalda
  168. The New Blood
  169. Fighter LFG
  170. For the Nubies
  171. Dripping Daggers Company
  172. Thanks C.L.A.W
  173. Experienced player lookin for guild!
  174. Recruiting
  175. The Ministry of Destruction is recruiting
  176. The Shadow Thieves
  177. Looking for Active Casual Guild.
  178. At the moment SoulReavers is recruiting
  179. Skandinavisk eller Svensk guild sökes
  180. returning player looking for a good guild :)
  181. LF hardcore leveling guild
  182. Guild Website Hosting Site Recommendations
  183. Brotherhood of Blood Xoriat
  184. Five Rings
  185. Need 1 more....
  186. Looking for a new home.
  187. Recruiting
  188. Looking for Euro time zone guild
  189. Nueva Guild Española
  190. Fastest event time
  191. Can anyone recommend a UK Guild?
  192. Looking for a low-maintenance, friendly, casual RP guild.
  193. The Ministry of Destruction wants YOU!
  194. Are you looking for a "true" guild?
  195. Reinos Olvidados de Cannith
  196. Welcome to the Thelanis Conglomeration (aka The Congo)
  197. LFG: Single toon player
  198. The Yreonics
  199. New Guild! The TeamKilling Efftards are live:)
  200. Looking for DDO "Play Dates" For My Kids
  201. Treason
  202. Long time player looking for guild
  203. Free Adventurers Guild is Recruiting
  204. Guild Rename
  205. Guild Recruitment
  206. New VIP - Looking for Guild
  207. the evil empire
  208. the evil empire recuiting drive
  209. Magic & Opposition Roleplay Recruitment
  210. Gamers needed
  211. Guild Last Men Standing recruiting.
  212. New Role-Playing Guild recruiting members.
  213. The Soloist Guild
  214. La guardia Nocturna, Guild hispanoparlante
  215. Ererbus Recruits
  216. In search of the perfect, friendly, guild.
  217. Magic & Opposition Recruiting
  218. Rp-help?
  219. Guild Recruitment
  220. Guild Admins please help a new Guild Admin
  221. Pretty Hate Machine Guild
  222. BloodRaven Recruiting - 12amEST/10pmMST
  223. Why blacklisting entire guild before contacting leader?
  224. Why blacklisting entire guild ? Better?
  225. Looking for casual guild to group with but cant become a member
  226. Japanese-based guilds?
  227. Special Thanks to Cradle of Life
  228. D.W.A.T. is recruiting
  229. Tannhauser Gate Recruiting
  230. The Heartless Crusaders
  231. The One Ring
  232. Looking for guild in Europe / Scandinavia
  233. AfterDark Re-opening Recruiting on limited basis
  234. Eastbound Traveler? Good with a Trowel? This Guild is for you!
  235. Thelanis Guild, "The Quasi" is recruiting.
  236. Bist DO Norsk!?
  237. The Knights of the Silver Dragon Are Now Recruiting!
  238. Mitis Mors
  239. High Fantasy Dark Themed (and -extremely- well financed...) Guild is forming..
  240. Square One Looking for New Members!
  241. Start a new Life on Thelanis with my 2 BILLION GP GIVEAWAY!!!
  242. Cymbrogi Recruiting: L34, SG Bolt..LF casual BYOH members
  243. Returning Player LFG!
  244. Demonwarlock Of Thelanis!!! Read This!!!
  245. Anyone remember Brotherhod of Steel?
  246. Guild advice
  247. Newb looking for Guild
  248. Dude lookin for home.
  249. Starting DDO again... (LotEbon Mists, Wicked, D.W.A.T., Hamish!!)
  250. what happened to "oblivion"