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  1. Lfg ~.^
  2. 2 Friends looking for a Newb Friendly guild
  3. EU/GMT guild
  4. New/Returning Player Looking For Guild
  5. Sarlona:Role Play Guild:Disciples of the Silver Dragon
  6. People I Tend Not To Die With
  7. House Doven
  8. Looking for a guild
  9. Looking for a guild
  10. Looking for Guild
  11. Fighter and Artificer looking for a guild
  12. Married couple Looking for Guild
  13. RP Guilds?
  14. Looking to merge with some other small guilds
  15. husband and wife seeking members for a new static group
  16. The Boston Tea Party is now recruiting
  17. Looking for a guild preferably RP
  18. Looking for guild for experienced PnP players.
  19. Experienced player looking for a new guild.
  20. Fire of the Dragon
  21. Looking for Guild
  22. Long Time Players Looking for a New Guild
  23. ☼ The Shadowed Vale ☼ is recruiting! - Relaxed no pressure Guild
  24. Another returning player lookin for friends/guild
  25. So my son wants to start playing again...
  26. Rogus (solo Guild)
  27. Los Jartibles guild lv 46
  28. Jolly Ranchers
  29. Obscura Consilium
  30. Looking to form RP community
  31. Any Rp / Permadeath Guilds still active and accepting members?
  32. Looking for a guild.
  33. Roleplayers of Sarlona!
  34. Griffon's Nest - Recruiting again
  35. I'm looking for an Epic Elite Progression Guild on Sarlona
  36. Roleplay guilds and roleplay friendly guilds of Sarlona!
  37. Looking for a Guild
  38. Anybody intrested in starting a new guild with me?
  39. Cleric, looking for guild
  40. Easily Distracted
  41. Breaking Bad guild open invite
  42. LFG that uses a voice chat system
  43. Level 50 guild ( BENEATH THE REMAINS ) Gladly accepting new members!
  44. la Hermandad Roja now accepting everyone
  45. Looking for European guild
  46. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members!
  47. Tel Teukiira Recruiting!!
  48. Chimera - level 100 Sarlona Guild now recruiting
  49. Bathory Hordes Lottery of the Week - Win Millions of Plat!
  50. Wimp looking for a new guild.
  51. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members!
  52. Returning player looking for an active endgame guild.
  53. Just a girl looking for an RP guild <3~
  54. [New Light/Med Role-play Guild] The Korranberg Society
  55. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members!
  56. Looking for Raiding guild
  57. Looking for a roleplaying guild
  58. Midnight Waltz~New Social/RP Guild
  59. Sarlona's 100 Club
  60. Roving Guns
  61. Returning player looking for an active guild
  62. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members!
  63. Ace of Spades - Recruiting
  64. High Talon
  65. A new solo player looking for a guild
  66. I Need a Sarlona Guild
  67. Aussie Guilds
  68. Looking for a new guild
  69. Gloria et Sanguinis
  70. 13thCircle recruiting
  71. The Journeymen: A Roleplay Guild
  72. Relaxed noob, looking for a relaxed Guild
  73. Guild recruiting
  74. The Hemlock Company
  75. Returning player looking for a guild
  76. Shamantra is looking for new people
  77. The Brotherhood of Redemption is accepting new members! (Sarlona)
  78. Swords of the Light guild lvl 158 Kraken w/ all upgrades
  79. King Diamond Coven: Small But Looking to Grow!
  80. Looking for Halfling Guild!
  81. Civil Syndicate - Flavor Build Guild
  82. Guardians of House Cannith - A Casual End Game Guild
  83. Sarlona guild question?
  84. Looking for a guild or static group
  85. Army of Uberness is recruiting!
  86. Looking for guild & friends for party. Play & voice talk for fun.
  87. Soulless back from Afk :)
  88. New player looking for leveling guild
  89. The Guild of Unanimous Fail is reaching out to Sarlona's raiding community-
  90. The Swords of the Light LVL 166 Kraken with ALL upgrades.
  91. Brazillian guild recruiting
  92. Hi all,
  93. RP guilds?
  94. Halfling Heros
  95. LF Late night guild
  96. Returning player , looking for solid guild
  97. Returning player looking for a new guild
  98. Returning Player Looking for a -community- guild!
  99. Equip Bees Level 38 Guild Recruiting
  100. Active Rp guilds?
  101. Returning player looking for an active guild
  102. LF Guild active 7pm ET on Weekdays plus weekends
  103. Looking to Start a New Small Tight Knit Group of Dungeon-Crawlers w/PD 'Feel'
  104. LF Guild with voice chat. I have a lot to learn :)
  105. Seeking guild for 6 players
  106. Returning Player looking for Guild
  107. Brazillian Guild Recruiting
  108. Returning player- LFG with -voice- chat, activity, and population online!
  109. Wanted: A few good rogues (or wannabees) - The Corner Merchants
  110. re-re-re-returning player looking for an active guild!
  111. Noch jemand von "Fraktion 13" da?
  112. Anyone want a Guild?
  113. DragonLance Heros
  114. Doccc and Lil Returning to game, looking for guild
  115. Deutsche Gilde Fraktion 13 sucht Dich!
  116. Vet back after long time away
  117. Beginner Looking for a newbie friendly guild
  118. Guild Recruiting
  119. Returning player looking to join a guild
  120. Monster Hunters Inc. Huntong monsters for fun and profit.