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  1. HELL HATH NO FURY is recruiting five.
  2. Guardians of the Flame
  3. Veteran player looking for new guild
  4. Wardens of Honor recruiting
  5. Be an Independent Adventurer on Argonnessen!!
  6. RFF a mature growing guild searching for players who want fun and no stress.
  7. Looking for a Guild
  8. Newcomer LFG(uild)
  9. Returning player needs a guild
  11. Need russian guild or guild with russians ^^
  12. Aussie guild leader seeks 1 'elderly' recruit
  13. The Fockers
  14. 2 Looking for active Guild
  15. House of Penton Recuiting
  16. Yuck Hunt Recruiting!!!
  17. casual player guild
  18. Nothing Personal
  19. Dynamic Multi-Server Guild Rosters and Listings
  20. 3 spots left for HELL HATH NO FURY
  21. EU - Time based guild
  22. New player LF guild
  23. Vet player looking home
  24. RP Guild
  25. Le Dernier Chapitre
  26. LF Guild
  27. The Riders of Rohan-Because DDO is Way better than Lotro(In my Opinion)
  28. Did YOU & your FRIEND recently join DDO?
  29. Legends of Inner World
  30. Me and my are friend looking for a guild
  31. Wardens of Honor recruiting
  32. New Guild exclusive for Elves
  33. El Goblin Rojo
  34. Favored by Fortune
  35. The baddest guild ever
  36. Abandoned toons in Fellowship of Argonnessen
  37. Chaosknights is Recruiting
  38. Looking for aussie/Nz guild
  39. Firefly is recruiting new members
  40. The Chosen Ones
  41. Looking for a laid back west coast guild
  42. Masterless Guild - West Coast Players
  43. Math has decided, it's time to make some friends
  44. Eye Of the Dragon - Recruiting
  45. Green Knights of the Dragons Recruiting
  46. "Fun and Games" Guild on Argonnessen
  47. Looney Toonz recruiting
  48. Warriors of the Templar recruiting!
  49. Shadows of Death RP guild
  50. The Dragon Seekers
  51. Eternal Champions looking for pikers
  52. Blood Assassin's need some more friends
  53. Synergia
  54. Howdy folks
  55. Rogue Ops recruiting again
  56. Ascent welcomes new members
  57. Firefly is now recruiting.
  58. Truth Seekers recruiting
  59. saying goodbye to a [layer
  60. Old time TR Wizard LFG
  61. Help out a new guild leader with a lot to live up to?
  62. The House of MANGAR recruitment post.
  63. Any small guilds out there looking for some assistance with raids?
  64. Le Dernier Chapitre and La Compagnie de Naheulbeuk merged!
  65. Schattenrriter gremio latino reclutando
  66. 101st Gianthold Airbourne is recruiting
  67. Tabletop Adventures - guild/static group
  68. 2 returning players looking for a guild
  69. Order of the Lynx, now recruiting
  70. Looking for a Guild
  71. House of Penton
  72. Kinky by Nature - New Guild -
  73. Knights of Myth
  74. Dragons Reign
  75. Pure class
  76. House of Penton recruiting
  77. Ministry
  78. Knghts of Myth
  79. Mufle i kopylaki
  80. New(ish) Player Looking for Guild
  81. Soldiers Of Argonnessen
  82. guild question
  83. Vet Looking for guild
  84. 'Pure Class' is Recruiting New Members
  85. Aces over Kings looking for new members
  86. The Right Hand is Recruiting
  87. Rogue Ops: Shameless Plug/Recruiting
  88. The Twilight of Alliance Brigade is recruiting
  89. Exclusive (Small, solo friendly, no rules guild)
  90. Friends of Dorothy is now recruiting 4 more members!
  91. Guild up for grabs
  92. The Exodus Guild seeks the raid partnership with other small-sized guild
  93. (100) level guilds of Argonnessen
  94. Show Me Your Warface
  95. Magia i Miecz - polska gildia / polish guild
  96. We Do Not Run Thru Dungeons
  97. KIngs of Unseen
  98. Looking for Guild
  99. Nurfed
  100. Looking for a large busy guild
  101. Dedicated healer looking for an active guild :)
  102. Firefly
  103. Comfortably Numb ship buff discussion thread for U22
  104. Schattenritter lvl 100 guild recruiting
  105. Friends of Dorothy are now recruiting!
  106. U. K. guilds
  107. (150) level guilds of Argonnessen
  108. Blood Assassin's are recruiting
  109. Elite Guard of Eberron - Weclome - no rules, do your own thing, solo friendly
  110. Royal Bloodline is looking for a few good players- solo friendly
  111. New Player looking for guild
  112. Psycho Circus
  113. Ordo de Phoenix
  114. Innerself Reflective Mastery accepting new members
  115. Order of the Silver Dragons
  116. Just came back to game, looking for guild
  117. New Women Only guild~ Womyn in Dungeons~ RECRUITING
  118. Looking For. A Guild.
  119. Returning player looking for a guild
  120. WAR PIGS now looking for members.....
  121. Looking for a guild
  122. Looking for non zerg smell the flowers mature guild
  123. Fellowship of Eberron Level 50 Recruiting
  124. We the Kings
  125. I wish to give away my Guild.
  126. Returning player and newbie starting fresh on Argo, looking for non-zerg guilds
  127. guild hunting
  128. Angels Guild Recruiting
  129. Children of the Horned Rat
  130. Considering a guild...
  131. Adventures Incorporated seeking new members! (non-zerg)
  132. Any guilds focused on lower level content?
  133. Cenobites Recruiting
  134. AoK
  135. Returning Player Looking For a Guild
  136. Looking for Permadeath guild
  137. Looking for a guild
  138. lvl 52 guild for free
  139. LF 150+ guild
  140. Looking for members; Server Gimps
  141. Gnomegeddon Recruiting
  142. Unbreakable is Recruiting
  143. Tail of Nine Lives
  144. Psychopathic Saints
  145. Active member looking gor an active guild
  146. 15 Wizardess Looking for guild :3
  147. new player looking for a friendly guild!
  148. Creepy Little Gnomes
  149. RiP Fellowship of the Shrine
  150. New to DDO, but not new to MMOs
  151. Looking for a guild
  152. Returning player, looking for an active social/casual guild
  153. Brazillian guild recruiting
  154. Filthy casual (who plays a lot) looking for a guild
  155. RP guilds
  156. Imperial Assassins
  157. Guild
  158. Brazillian Guild Recruiting
  159. old causal player looking for causal guild
  160. who wants to build the foundation of a guild with me?!
  161. The Dragon Seekers Guild,New and Returning players are welcome
  162. The Corner Merchants is hiring Rogues
  163. The endgame
  164. New Small Time Guild Recruiting
  165. Coin Lords & House K - Favor runs
  166. Fellowship of Eberron
  167. Xoriat Asylum Escapees is Recruiting
  168. Talon of the Dragon
  169. High level guild recruiting experienced players in Asia-Pacific region
  170. Returning player
  171. Schizophrenics Anonymous
  172. The Little Leafs
  173. Returning player