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  1. UK player looking to break a solo run !
  2. Guildlistings of Argo Compilation Reprise - Formatting New Argo Guildlistings here!
  3. La guilde 100% FRANCOPHONE recrute
  4. Semi new player looking for a guild.
  5. Darksiderz Guild
  6. Deific Maelstrom Recruitment
  7. New Guild Looking For Players
  8. New Players
  9. Hello :)
  10. Looking for a late night guild (EST)
  11. Level 10 L F good big Guild that groups together
  12. Looking for RP guild
  13. The Haunted
  14. La Compagnie de Naheulbeuk recrute sur Argonnessen ! (French speaking guild)
  15. Airships
  16. Korthos Army
  17. busco guild hispana
  18. Looking for a guild...
  19. Red Dragon PermaDeath Society open Recruiting
  20. Looking for Community!
  21. Looking for a Guild
  22. Lollipop Guild
  23. AoK recruitment special!!!
  24. Solo / No Pressure Guild
  25. Elite Shadow Society is Not Recruiting
  26. Represent your GUILD
  27. Death or Glory (DOG)
  28. The Guildlistings of Argonnessen
  29. Mmm Baileys Creamy
  30. The Silent Warriors (TSW)
  31. Korthos Castaways
  32. European Eastern players guild, that groups within first then LFMs
  33. Korthos Army gets their airship
  34. Shock of Swords is recruiting
  35. Looking for a guild
  36. Korthos Army
  37. Skypirates of the Blooddrinker is recruiting
  38. Returning player looking for active guild
  39. Any active guilds use Ventrilo (or some other voice chat)?
  40. Uchiha Guild
  41. [redacted guild] has got to go
  42. possible flag for Heroes of the Realms
  43. Chaosknights rough decay calculation
  44. Old player returns...
  45. Issues with a players guild
  46. Stranger Than Fiction Needs more Active Players on Argonnessen
  47. Nil Illigitimis carborundum
  48. <<<Death N Taxes>>>
  49. Top-tier and mid-tier guilds?
  50. So, I joined Korthos Army...
  51. New Spanish Guild/Nuevo Gremio en español
  52. The Next Level of Bad Form
  53. Old Veteran in need of a guild
  54. Elite Shadow Society has begun Selective Recruiting... imput from vets on it plz
  55. Magical Madrigal
  56. Free Agent looking for guild
  57. guild suggestions needed
  58. The Dark Nation Parade photos
  59. Looking for a guild
  60. Thank you oh drunken leader!
  61. UK player looking for guild
  62. Archer lvl 7 looking for guild
  63. The Metrics - european timezone guild
  64. Paladin lvl 2 looking for guild
  65. Celebrate 3-years of Darkside
  66. Argonnessen Sister Guild
  67. Old Vet looking for a good guild(s) once again.
  68. AM Channel
  69. Looking for a good guild
  70. Stormbringers
  71. New guild looking for fun mature players
  72. Order of the Seven Towers
  73. Coven Of The Crystal Flame is Recruiting
  74. Crazy Bazterds now recruiting!
  75. Guild Tresni Eman Ereh recruiting
  76. New to the server, need a guild
  77. Son's of perdition
  78. Knights of Numenor guild: join us!
  79. Argo; deutschsprachige Gilde 'Das dreizehnte Corps' rekrutiert (german speaking guild
  80. RP Argo guilds?
  81. Guild; Alliance is RECRUITING!
  82. Brothers Grimm -small, but intent on growing in quality and community
  83. Guildlistings update
  84. Guild
  85. Moonblades
  86. Level 20 guild recruiting
  87. Any active PD guilds recruiting?
  88. Guild Suggestions?
  89. Dungeons and Dragons
  90. Come fly on our Ship
  91. European and Eastern (Australia) timezone guild recruiting
  92. Elite Guard of Eberron is recruiting!
  93. Rogue Ops
  94. Is loot worth cheating for?
  95. Come Fly With Our Guild
  96. Seekers of Faith
  97. House of Penton
  98. Mature looking for active guild
  99. sons of perdition got there airship!
  100. Come fly on our Ship
  101. Red Dragon PermaDeath Society Recruiting
  102. House of Penton Takes To The Skies!!!
  103. Crimson Glow looking for Recruits
  104. Looking for a good guild.
  105. Looking for Casual, Adult Guild
  106. Shout out to Novus Vinco
  107. WTB/WTT for SoS scroll and Chimera's Fang scroll
  108. Veterans of Foreign Wars
  109. Hi
  110. Guild with worst attitude ever
  111. Animaniacs- please contact me.
  112. Nothing Personal
  113. Looking for Guild or Static group for Epics
  114. LFG for mid level questing/raiding
  115. Orc
  116. Come Fly In Argon!
  117. Dungeons and dragon
  118. Guilds recruiting?
  119. Couchpotato
  120. The Continuum
  121. Halfling Mafia Wants You!
  122. The Wrecking Crew
  123. Faithful Uprising
  124. Happy Thanksgiving
  125. House of Penton is recruiting all levels
  126. Bedlam Asylum
  127. To the Imperial Assassins, Again, Again
  128. lvl 3 Paladin Euro (Ireland).
  129. Blind Guild Invites
  130. ?T.R. Guild
  131. Please be on the look out for a guild called the Care Bears
  132. Pimpin' ain't easy but I'll try...
  133. Math Guild
  134. All active players welcome
  135. Looking for newb friendly guild
  136. Guild Alliance?
  137. Lvl 20 Cleric Looking for a guild
  138. Old player returning after long time away
  139. All Warforge guild
  140. All Military Guild recruiting
  141. Noldor Refugee All Stars
  142. Medbots, Hobo Cleric Looking for Guild.
  143. returning player lfg
  144. Guild Age?
  145. Looking For Guild...
  146. Cleric Looking for a New Guild
  147. Deathmakers
  148. Feeblemind.
  149. Looking for a guild???
  150. Lonely Cleric looking for a new family
  151. Odd # of Clerics LFG
  152. Allow me to introduce ourselves....
  153. On the lookout for a guild
  154. ShadowThieves recruiting
  155. Guardians of the Silver Flame is recruiting, all levels
  156. The Evocati
  157. Looking for a Slow Poke guild
  158. The Metrics - European timezone guild
  159. Tinted Faces
  160. Lookin' for a guild
  161. 1st Guild Shroud Run
  162. looking for guild
  163. Brothers Grimm LFM
  164. If you're looking for players from all over the world...
  165. Undeleted!
  166. The Souls of Forgotten Warriors (27) - Friendly guild recruiting
  167. Can anyone recommend a UK Guild?
  168. lvl 4 cleric LF Guild.
  169. About last night ...
  170. Composição da DIRETORIA
  171. The Official (TM) Aces Over Kings Thread
  172. Vae Soli
  173. Looking for a Guild
  174. Looking for a guild.
  175. Deathmakers Revisited
  176. The Usual Suspects
  177. Lusitania - Guilda lusófona/Portuguese speaking guild
  178. I'm looking for a good guild
  179. Slow player needs a good home. Has shots.
  180. Haters
  181. lSO ELITEST Guild
  182. Vastagos del Dragon, guild español reclutando
  183. Experienced MMORPG'er, DDO newb Looking for a Guild!
  184. Back and looking for a new home
  185. Celestial Knights
  186. Metal as Muck looking for new and friendly players
  187. The Amazing purple wolves
  188. Any Guilds Focused on Non-Zerging?
  189. Looking for impatient semi-static group
  190. Lvl 32 casual guild recruiting
  191. Looney Toonz
  192. The Mithril Hand
  193. Merge your guild with mine?
  194. Asgaard
  195. Looking for a higher level guild...
  196. Need new PD guild
  197. Irreverent, compulsive, way too old, and looking for a guild.
  198. Order of the Silver Dragons
  199. Guild idea
  200. Hello, Welcome
  201. Three old DDOers
  202. The Army of the Shadow Realm
  203. EU Guild looking for members
  204. Duo Looking for Guild
  205. Turkish Guild - Emrivaki
  206. Permie Group/Guild
  207. BADragonFighters
  208. Reino de Asgard, Guild latina, reclutando.
  209. How do you feel about...
  210. Looney Toonz are recruiting again. :D
  211. Looking for a nice sized, always active quest running guild
  212. Steel Phoenix
  213. Top Guilds Of Argo By Renown
  214. 5 year player looking for fantastic guild!
  215. New Guild!
  216. Angels Of Fate
  217. The Grey Wardens
  218. TZ FTW!!! Turbo Zoquetes
  219. Angels of Fate
  220. Bdh
  221. Starting a new guild.
  222. Australian based guild wanted
  223. Question about guild admin....
  224. House of Penton
  225. 2 Fellow DnDers looking for EU guild
  226. Order of Silver Moon (recruiting)
  227. Recruiting! Join Now!!! :d
  228. Help a noob Guild Master with his first Airships
  229. Looking for a guild
  230. Looking for a guild to join
  231. new player lf guild
  232. Looking for a gorilla... no, a guild.
  233. It seems as though I'm in need of a guild
  234. i need a guild im sick of having a 2 man guild..
  235. Scarlet crusade LF leveling crew (Apply if lvl 1-6)
  236. Guild for Sale
  237. Looking for a guild
  238. Guild Sovereigns of Shavarath Looking for fellow Singaporeans or anyone near GMT +8
  239. Looking for a Guild
  240. New player
  241. Guild me plz
  242. Static group on Argo
  243. Harvest is now recruiting
  244. Guild Search
  245. Argonessen - Hakkapelliita (German Guild)
  246. LF EU guild / or one that does raids around 8-10 PM GMT!
  247. 4 more looking for a spot in some raids.
  248. Newish but active player seeking guild
  249. Looking for a guild -
  250. Rusty Rogue looking to get back into DDO. Need a cool group.