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  14. There is always a nice feeling when you reach the Level 20 in the game.
  15. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: Gingerlocks life 1, u27 Trial and Defiler Day 1
  16. Notes to Strike a Chord 5 - Taverns and Inns - Cavalier Cavalry DDO
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  30. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Hestess
  31. Notes to Strike a Chord 6 - Quests, Levels 1, 2, & 3 - Cavalier Cavalry DDO
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  43. DDOCast 394 - DDO Debates: The Big Important Stuff
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  62. DDO As Pictured In DDOGamer
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  73. Order of Syncletica: A Dust Up
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  94. The Elminster Theory
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  103. Gymnastics and the 7th Life
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  123. DDOGamer: Wizards of the Coast Ignores DDO in Annual Product Campaign. Again.
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  125. DDOGamer: Twitching and Streaming - Why? Why Not Just Play?
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  130. The Saga of Amastris -Woot an update!
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  137. DDOGamer: Orchard of the Macabre – How to Equip Yourself for Level 28
  138. Night Revels New Halloween Event Mysterious Portals
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  141. The Saga of Amastris - Back to basics
  142. Dear DDOGamer: Choosing a Server
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  159. The Stormreach Campaign: The Gangs of Stormreach
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  163. DDO Players News Episode 53 The Devil’s RNG
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  169. Announcing The Winner Of Our Stormreach Campaign Giveaway!
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  176. Order of Syncletica: Invaders
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  196. Watch Vin Diesel Play Dungeons And Dragons As The Last Witch Hunter
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  217. DDOwiki has been upgraded!
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  228. Description of certain strange disturbances that occurred at the philosopher´s Row
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  231. YourDDO is hiring...sort of...
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