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  1. Bewtopia - How To Solve Shroud Puzzles For Yourself
  2. DDOGamer: Halitosis of the 27D15 Kind
  3. Erdrique's Blog-So the Undead and The Blood Tide
  4. Erdriques Blog-Remembering the Good O’ Days
  5. Erdrique's Blog-Rough Holiday Weekend, Questing November 28th to November 30th
  6. DDOGamer: Crunchapalooza - the Aftermath
  7. Erdrique's Blog-So What Are These Crystals?
  8. DDO Players News Episode 10: Cleric Meatshield
  9. DDOGamer: Wings Over Meridia (and Everywhere Else)
  10. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at Another Older Quest-The Xorian Cipher
  11. Measurement Guild: Survivability
  12. DDOGamer: Is Mawry Ranged?
  13. Erdrique's Blog-Oh the Frustration!!
  14. DDOGamer: It’s Hot In Herre (for a Kobold)
  15. DDOGamer: Criticise this build!
  16. Erdrique's Blog-Cool Use for These Crystals
  17. Erdrique's Blog-My Card Crunching is Done!!
  18. Erdrique's Blog-Light Weekend of Questing, DDO Activities December 5 to Decemer 7
  19. DDOGamer: Sharpening the build: Revising the Intel Commando
  20. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at Various Factions in Sorrowdusk Isle
  21. Order of Syncletica: Spies in the House
  22. DDOGamer: Old-School Riches Are Still Riches
  23. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: MOD, Blockade Bustin and True First Life Episodes 1-10!
  24. Erdrique's Blog-The Joys of the Monster Manual
  25. DDO Players News Episode 11: The RNG Hate Is Real
  26. DDOGamer: Dear Pugster
  27. Measurement Guild: Run Speed
  28. DDO Players - 1550 Turbine Point Code Giveaway
  29. Erdrique's Blog- Deplorable Working Conditions!!
  30. Erdrique's Blog-An Off Week for Questing, Quest Runs December 8th to December 11th
  31. Erdrique's Blog-My First Thoughts on Heroic Monster Champions
  32. DDOGamer: 3100-Point MMOtivational Contest
  33. Erdrique's Blog-How Closely Related are the Kar-Thul and Runetusk Ogre Tribes?
  34. DDOCast 362 - Races
  35. DDOGamer: New Uses for Old Business
  36. Erdrique's Blog-Catching Up Over the Weekend, Questing December 12th to December 14th
  37. Erdrique's Blog-Monsters I Would Like to See in the next Manual of the Monster Manual
  38. DDOGamer: Stoned
  39. DDOGamer: Where is the Level 28 Rogue Hireling?
  40. Order of Syncletica: Anime Knows MMO
  41. Erdrique's Blog-A Quick Look at the Quest Purge the Fallen Shrine
  42. Erdrique's Blog-Some Champions are Just too Funny to Be Champions!!
  43. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: Mask of Deception, Crafting and First Life ep. 11-14!
  44. Erdrique's Blog-Back to a Normal Week of Questing, Quest Runs December 15 to December
  45. Erdrique's Blog-One Strange Monster Champion
  46. Erdrique's Blog-Who is Willowthorn Lightfoot?
  47. DDOCast 363 - Leveling
  48. Erdrique's Blog-Light Questing Weekend, December 19 to 21
  49. DDO Players News Episode 12 : No Drac RNG JuJu
  50. Order of Syncletica: Tranquility
  51. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Commander Naehengh
  52. Merry (Whatever) From DDOGamer!
  53. DDOCast 364 - Year in Review 2014
  54. Erdrique's Blog-Merry Christmas Everybody!!
  55. Erdrique's Blog-The Joys of Holding Levels
  56. Erdrique's Blog-Getting Some Questing Done Over the Holidays, Quest Runs December 22
  57. Erdrique's Blog-A Milestone?
  58. Order of Syncletica: The Sniper
  59. Erdrique's Blog-A Beautiful Sight in the High Road
  60. Erdrique's Blog-Two Days of Questing over the Weekend, December 26th to 28th
  61. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at The Tomb of the Shadow King
  62. Erdrique's Blog-A Look Back at 2014
  63. DDOGamer: Last Day to Enter the Contest! Also, Happy New Year!
  64. Order of Syncletica: New Year Hijinks
  65. DDO Players News Episode 13 : Pineleafs Jumping Woes
  66. DDOCast 365 - State of the Game 2015
  67. DDOGamer: MMOtivational Poster Contest Winners!
  68. Erdrique's Blog-Storage, Storage, and More Storage
  69. Erdrique's Blog-Questing into the New Year, Quest Runs December 29th to January 1st
  70. Erdrique's Blog-Seeing Double
  71. Erdrique's Blog-Wouldn’t This Just be Cool
  72. DDOGamer: DDO Advertising Again?
  73. Erdrique's Blog-Quest During the First Weekend of the Year, January 2 to January 4
  74. Measurement Guild: Saves
  75. DDOGamer: The Night of Never-Ending Treasure
  76. Erdrique's Blog-Kolll’s Journal-The Tide Turns
  77. DDO Players News Episode 14 : The First Rule Of Fight Club
  78. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: 2-man Abbot, Shroud Teaching Raid and 100th Video!
  79. DDOGamer: The Ancient Docent of Newbie Killing
  80. DDOGamer: Annual State of the Game Letter From (Yet Another) Brand New Producer
  81. Erdrique's Blog-A Closer Look at the Quest Red Fang the Unruled
  82. Erdrique's Blog-That is Some Expensive Water!!
  83. Erdrique's Blog-Mixture of Questing This Week, January 5 to January 9
  84. Bewtopia - Shroudpalooza - Sarlona Videos!
  85. Erdrique's Blog-Finally Hit all of Those Slayers!!
  86. DDOGamer: Emo in Orange and Blue
  87. Erdrique's Blog-My Goals for 2015
  88. DDOCast 366 - Multiclassing
  89. DDOGamer Poll: Do We Want More New Crafting Systems?
  90. Erdrique's Blog-A Slayer Type Weekend, Questing Runs from January 9th to January 11th
  91. DDOGamer: One Way to Pick a Board Game
  92. DDO Players News Episode 15 : Vampiric Tieflings
  93. Bewtopia - Shroudpalooza - Cannith Videos!
  94. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at the Various Factions in the Restless Isles
  95. Introducing my next video project...
  96. DDOGamer: Brain Freeze in a Bad Way
  97. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Ruuh Ooru
  98. DDOGamer: Stuck Between a Raid and a Hard Place
  99. Erdrique's Blog-Time to Restock the Cargo Hold…Oh Wait..
  100. Jetpack-Enabled Blog
  101. DDOCentral Interview with Angelic Doctor Games
  102. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at the Various Factions in Ataraxia’s Haven
  103. DDOGamer: Ruin
  104. Erdrique's Blog-Get That Champion to Work for Me!!
  105. DDOCast 367 - DDO Debates: Metagame
  106. DDOGamer: Behold a Work in Progress
  107. Erdrique's Blog-A Heavy Weekend of Undead Slaying, Questing January 16 to 18
  108. DDOGamer: Game Review - Toledo
  109. Erdrique's Blog-Having Some Fun in Epic Hard Quests
  110. Order of Syncletica: Runs into Mordor
  111. Erdrique's Blog-Results of the 2014/2015 Festivult Season
  112. DDO Players News Episode 16 : Magic Marker Bikinis
  113. DDOGamer: We Interrupt Your Icy Winter to Bring You More Icy Winter
  114. Erdrique's Blog-The World of Stunning
  115. DDOCast 368 - Ask The Devs: Loot
  116. DDOGamer: 5000 Favor!
  117. Order of Syncletica: Stand and Deliver
  118. Erdrique's Blog-My First Iconic-Tuhnn Tantegel-Bladeforged Paladin
  119. Erdrique's Blog-Weather Changes in the Desert
  120. Erdrique's Blog-Risia Ice Game Madness and Main Character Questing, Activities from J
  121. DDO Players 60 Day VIP Code Giveaway!
  122. DDO Players News Episode 17 Ghola-Fan Stalker!
  123. DDOGamer: The Club of Contradiction
  124. Erdrique's Blog-The Frustration of the Air Jets
  125. DDOGamer: Wizards of the Coast Distances Itself From DDO
  126. Measurement Guild: Base damage rating
  127. Gingerspyce's week in videos: teaching raids, TR guide ep. 1-5 and my first Jibbers!
  128. DDOGamer: All Hail the Rat King
  129. Erdrique's Blog-A Closer Look at the Quest Into the Deep
  130. DDOGamer: Dragonslayer - Now In Family Size Economy Pack
  131. Order of Syncletica: What's In That Cave?
  132. DDOGamer: Update 24 Review in Haiku
  133. Order of Syncletica: Insufficient Archer-Fu
  134. Erdrique's Blog-The Great Balancing Act
  135. DDOGamer: Update 24 Content Review (in Haiku)
  136. Erdrique's Blog-A Desert Dominating Weekend, Quest Runs January 30 to February 1
  137. Erdrique's Blog-Having Fun in the Risia Ice Games
  138. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at the Various Factions in the Sands of Menechtarun
  139. DDOGamer: Sword Juggling
  140. Bewtopia - Shroudpalooza - Wayfinder Videos!
  141. DDOCast twitches permadeath!
  142. Erdrique's Blog-So What is in there?
  143. Erdrique's Blog-Variety is the Name of Game, Quest Runs from February 2nd to February
  144. DDOCentral Twitter Following
  145. DDOCast 369 - The DDO Community
  146. DDOGamer: The Master's Generosity
  147. Erdrique's Blog-Haywire and Made To Order
  148. Erdrique's Blog-Who is Masei?
  149. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: Deathwyrm, Green Steel crafting and a Midwinter race!
  150. DDOGamer: Living So Fast It Makes Me Dizzy
  151. DDO Players Episode 19 Drac’s School Of Dungeon Mastering
  152. DDOGamer: The Case For Gnomes
  153. Erdrique's Blog-Fun Questing Over the Weekend, Quest Runs February 6 to February 8
  154. Erdrique's Blog-Follow Up to the Quest Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan
  155. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at Fathom the Depths
  156. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Mummy Guardian
  157. DDOGamer: Why we play
  158. Erdrique's Blog-A Wide Array of Questing Over the Week, Quest Runs Feb 9th to Feb 12t
  159. Midnight Greetings
  160. DDOGamer: The Unlikeliest of Heroes
  161. Erdrique's Blog-Having Some Fun in Diplomatic Impunity
  162. DDOCast 370 - DDO Debates: Adventure Packs
  163. Erdrique's Blog-Erdrique’s Journal-Red Fens Explorer Area
  164. DDOGamer: Very Important Points
  165. Erdrique's Blog-A Disappointing Weekend of Questing, February 13th to February 15th
  166. DDOGamer: Spring Forward - All of the Different Kinds of Abundant Step
  167. DDO Players News Episode 20: It’s In The Eyes Of The Beholder
  168. DDOGamer: Bug of Fire
  169. DDOGamer: Working So Well I Had To Write About It Again
  170. YourDDO - Silas has a new name!!!
  171. DDOCast 371 - Trapping
  172. Order of Syncletica: The Mighty Bow
  173. DDOGamer: This Awesome Hat Should Totally Be In the DDO Store
  174. Erdrique's Blog-Catching up on some back logs...
  175. DDO Players News Episode 21: The Mythery Show!
  176. Erdrique's Blog-Really Enjoying the Increases Made to Named Loot Drops
  177. Dear DDOGamer: An Offer to Create New Free-To-Play Player Character Builds
  178. Ddocast Guild Feud returns!
  179. Erdrique's Blog-Frame Work-Talk About Some Minotaurs
  180. Erdrique's Blog-Having Some Fun Over the Week, Questing February 23 to February 26
  181. DDOGamer: Sneaking In Plain Sight – Why Stealth is Broken as a DDO Play Style
  182. Erdrique's Blog-Some More Pondering About Crystals
  183. Erdrique's Blog-Getting Closer!!
  184. DDOCast 372 - Hotbars & UI
  185. DDOGamer: Happy Greensteel Day!
  186. DDOGamer: Caveat Emptor
  187. DDO Players News Episode 22: When Do We Fight A Dragon?
  188. Order of Syncletica: The Matrix Has You...
  189. Erdrique's Blog-A Nice Productive Weekend, Quest Runs February 27th to March 1st
  190. Erddrique's Blog-Lorrikk Gets His Redemption!!
  191. DDOGamer: Four Free-To-Play First-Life Character Builds
  192. Erdrique's Blog-Persistance for the Win!!
  193. Erdrique's Blog-The Aurum and the Various Members of the Concord
  194. Erdrique's Blog-Interesting Mixture of Activity, Quest Runs March 2nd to March 5th
  195. Erdrique's Blog-Vacation Hot Spots in DDO
  196. Erdrique's Blog-Erdrique’s Next Life-Rogue Thief Acrobat
  197. DDOGamer: A Few Of My Favorite Things
  198. DDOCast 373 - DDO Debates: New Players
  199. DDOGamer: Mawry's Mimic Festival - one Halfling's review
  200. Erdrique's Blog-Not a Bad Weekend, Quest Runs March 6th to March 8th
  201. DDOGamer: Atarexian Fan Boy
  202. DDO Players News Episode 23 : Run Of Doom
  203. DDO Players New Article To Subscribe or not to Subscribe
  204. Order of Syncletica: Monastic Craftsmanship
  205. Erdrique's Blog-Preliminary Thoughts on the Mimic Festival
  206. Erdrique's Blog-Questing in the Quickfoot Hideout
  207. DDOGamer: Dropping the H-Bomb
  208. DDOCast 374 - Improving Offense
  209. DDOGamer: Hey Good Looking! A One-Halfling Fashion Show
  210. DDOGamer: I Knee What You Did There
  211. DDOGamer: Coffee Talk, 2015. Now, discuss!
  212. DDO Players News Episode 24 : The McRib Of DDO
  213. Erdrique's Blog-Hey, Where is the Chest?
  214. Erdrique's Blog-Working on my Iconic, Questing Over the Week May 9th to May 12th
  215. DDOGamer: Money For Nothing, Albeit Not Very Much.
  216. DDO Players - Gnome Sayin’?
  217. Erdrique's Blog-So Who Exactly Makes Invisibility Potions?
  218. Erdrique's Blog-Preparing to Heroic True Reincarnate!!
  219. Erdrique's Blog-A Light Weekend of Questing, Questing March 13th to March 15th
  220. Erdrique's Blog-Erd’s Monk Life-A Recap
  221. Erdrique's Blog-Being Shipwrecked and Adventuring in the Grotto
  222. DDOGamer: Teach me to Abbot
  223. Erdrique's Blog-So What Critters Lurk in the Jungle Canopy of Tangleroot Gorge?
  224. YourDDO has updated its Monster Manual Reference
  225. Erdrique's Blog-Beginning a New Life, Quest Runs March 16th to March 19th
  226. Erdrique's Blog-Duplicity in Guild Buffs?
  227. Erdrique's Blog-Some Animations are Just Pretty Neat to See
  228. DDOGamer: The Mad Bomber - Piking with Larafay
  229. DDOGamer: Inside the Mind of a Producer
  230. DDO Players News Special #2 Coming Up! A Chat With Cordovan Monday March 30th
  231. DDOCast 375 - Ask the Devs: Update 25
  232. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: Teaching Raids, TR Guide and Saga XPing after ERing
  233. DDOGamer: What Is Wrong With This Picture?
  234. DDO Players News Episode 25 The Temple Of Elemental Coffee
  235. Erdrique's Blog-Taking on Korthos, Quest Runs March 20th to March 22nd
  236. DDOGamer: Dressed to Kill - Equipping the Newly Epic Rogue
  237. DDOGamer: Nine Against the Shroud
  238. Order of Syncletica: A Drow in Despair
  239. Erdrique's Blog-Taking Note of an Interesting Banner in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden
  240. Erdrique's Blog-Blind Invites? Those Still Happen?
  241. Erdrique's Blog-So That Was Why He Was So Hard to Find…
  242. DDOGamer: The Trap That Could Not Be Resisted
  243. DDOCast 376 - DDO Debates: Character Builds
  244. DDOGamer: Update 25 Is Coming Monday
  245. DDO Players News Episode 26 : A Chat With Cordovan Part Duex
  246. DDO Players 500 Point Turbine Points Give Away
  247. DDOGamer: A Cold Bucket of Love
  248. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: Tanking EE Thrill, Teaching Raids and a Music Video!
  249. Axel's DDO Channel: Fansite Intro plus Lammania How To, Vlog #3
  250. DDOGamer: Masked Rogues Unleashed