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  1. DDOGamer: Three Weapons That Would Change the Way DDO Plays
  2. Erdrique's Blog-Dreams of Insanity
  3. Erdrique's Blog-Frustration at Work Leading to Frustration in Game?
  4. Erdrique's Blog-The Beauty of the King’s Forest
  5. Order of Syncletica: Lone Blade
  6. Erdrique's Blog-Hitting up Some Quests, August 11 to August 15
  7. DDOGamer: Scaling and the Arcane Archer
  8. Order of Syncletica: Attack Animations
  9. Erdrique's Blog-A Good Problem?
  10. DDOGamer: Kilroy? Is That You?
  11. Erdrique's Blog-Oh the Dreaded Cursed Crypt
  12. Erdrique's Blog-A Light Weekend of Questing, Quest Runs August 15th to August 17th
  13. DDOCast 347 - Healing
  14. Feed me - or maybe not
  15. Erdrique's Blog-Liking the New Spellsinger Changes
  16. DDOGamer: Reflections
  17. DDOGamer: Real-Life Quests Discovered Deep in the Jungles of Yucatan
  18. Erdrique's Blog-What Are All of the Districts of Stormreach?
  19. MD Interactive Giveaway: MDIG 1KTP 2014
  20. DDOGamer: Epic Equalization
  21. Erdrique's Blog-Remembering When…Tomb of the Shadow King
  22. Erdrique's Blog-Questing and more Questing, August 18th to August 21st
  23. DDOCast 348 - Starting Over
  24. Erdrique's Blog-The Joy of Stormcleave Outpost
  25. Erdrique's Blog-What Happened to the Commander’s armor?
  26. Erdrique's Blog-A Weekend of DDO, August 22nd to August 24th
  27. Order of Syncletica: Stealth Team Six
  28. Even Now: Players Helping Players
  29. DDOGamer: All of the Attitude, None of the Skills
  30. Erdrique's Blog-A Fun Time in Overgrowth
  31. DDOGamer: Pushed to the Very Edge of Our Ability
  32. Erdrique's Blog-The Chains of Flame-Fun or Frustration?
  33. DDOGamer: Heroic Past Lives and Epic Scaling
  34. Erdrique's Blog-Glad I’m not That Guy
  35. Erdrique's Blog-Questing during the Week, August 25th to August 28th
  36. DDOCast 349 - Older Content
  37. Erdrique's Blog-Caverns of Korromar
  38. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at the Attack on Stormreach Chain
  39. Even Now: Players Helping Players launches
  40. DDOGamer: Update 23 Preview – Hireling Rework
  41. DDOGamer: Update 23 Preview – Mirror of Glamering
  42. Erdrique's Blog-Time to Level, Weekend Questing August 29th to August 31st
  43. Erdrique's Blog-What is the Brew?
  44. DDOGamer: Update 23 Preview – Harper Agent Enhancement Tree
  45. Erdrique's Blog-So What is in All of Those Book cases?
  46. Erdrique's Blog-The Joys and Tribulations of the Daily Dice Roll
  47. Erdrique's Blog-Who is Eidolon Darkmist?
  48. Erdrique's Blog-So What is Up With The Seers in Madstone Crater?
  49. DDOGamer: Heavy Lifting
  50. Order of Syncletica: Insane Tourist's Guide to the Storm Horns
  51. DDOCast 350 - Shamgar's 50th
  52. Even Now: Battlebard! And an OurDDO update
  53. Erdrique's Blog-It was a Saga Filled Weekend, September 5th to 7th
  54. Players Helping Players: Cannith event
  55. DDOGamer: The Five-Minute Cleric
  56. Erdrique's Blog-My First Saga Completion
  57. DDOGamer: Eschewing Eschew Material
  58. Order of Syncletica: Ascetic Guardian
  59. Erdrique's Blog-The Quest Missing Is An Interesting Challenge
  60. DDOGamer: Squirrel!
  61. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Sulatar Wizard
  62. DDOCast 351 - The Player's Council
  63. Erdrique's Blog-The Questing During the Week, September 8th to 11th
  64. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at My Mechanic Rogue-Sludgge
  65. Order of Syncletica: Shroud Beater
  66. DDOGamer: The Best Buff of All
  67. Erdrique's Blog-Going to Miss Mabar the Festival of the Endless Night
  68. DDOCentral is now an Official Fansite!
  69. DDOGamer: Goodbye Mabar, and Good Riddance
  70. Erdrique's Blog-Fun Experiences Over the Weekend, September 12th to 14th
  71. DDOGamer: Halfling in the Wrong Way
  72. Erdrique's Blog-Recent Observations in the PUG Scene
  73. Even Now: Growing up Flower Sniffer
  74. DDOGamer: Lost In Space(s)
  75. DDOGamer: Wildflower Detective
  76. Erdrique's Blog-Trogs, Trogs, and More Trogs-A look at the Quest Acid Wit
  77. YourDDO
  78. DDOCast 352 - The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
  79. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Acid-scar Hunter
  80. Erdrique's Blog-Glancing Around in DDO, Quest Runs September 15th to 18th
  81. Even Now: Bracing for a new beginning
  82. DDOGamer: Hitting the Wall?
  83. Erdrique's Blog-Mailbox or Birdhouse?
  84. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at the Quest Disciple of Shar
  85. Adarddo
  86. Erdrique's Blog-Light Weekend of Questing, September 19th to 21st
  87. Erdrique's Blog-Wondering About this Symbol in The Tomb of the Shadow Lord
  88. Order of Syncletica: Full Encounter Control
  89. DDOGamer: When It Rains, It Pours Charisma
  90. Erdrique's Blog-What is the Story Behind the Ancient Ruins in Sorrowdusk Isle?
  91. DDOGamer: Stormreach At Night
  92. Erdrique's Blog-Enjoying the quest Thorn and Paw
  93. Order of Syncletica: Enter the Assassin
  94. Erdrique's Blog-A Busy Week of Questing, September 22th to 25th
  95. Erdrique's Blog-A Look Back at Erdrique’s Druid’s Life
  96. DDOCast 353 - New Player Integration
  97. DDOGamer: Third Archer On The Left
  98. Erdrique's Blog-Questing over the Weekend, September 26 to 28
  99. AdarDDO New Harper Tree
  100. Erdrique's Blog-The Quest the Druid’s Curse
  101. DDOGamer: A Dark Turn For Beloved Characters
  102. DDOGamer: Jackpot! Again!
  103. Erdrique's Blog-Erdrique as a monk
  104. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile: Cultist of the Six
  105. DDOGamer: Fastest Patch in the West
  106. Erdrique's Blog- Starting Anew, Quests Sept 29 to Oct 2nd
  107. Erdrique's Blog-What a Tree!!
  108. DDOCast 354 - Clerics
  109. Introducing Gingerspyce's DDO Youtube Channel
  110. DDOGamer: The Game Is Duping Itself
  111. Erdrique's Blog-What are in the sacks?
  112. Bewtopia: Fall Fling and the Character Cakewalk
  113. Even Now: Back where she belongs
  114. DDOGamer: My, What Clever Readers You Are. And So Many!
  115. Erdrique's Blog-Making His Way Through Korthos and Starting in on the Harbor, Quest R
  116. Even Now: You gotta have hearts; & PHP: Reopening for business
  117. DDOGamer: Bloodless Moon
  118. Order of Syncletica: Secret Agent Man (DDO Style)
  119. Even Now: The fairest of them all
  120. DDOGamer: $250 Worth of Integrity
  121. Wolf Kombat 2: wolf vs. EE Gresl-glis
  122. Erdrique's Blog-Troglodytes Are Just Mean!!!
  123. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Phase Spiders
  124. Erdrique's Blog-Looking at the Factions in Cerulean Hills
  125. YourDDO is moving!
  126. Erdrique's Blog-A Diversity of Quests, Adventures October 6 to October 9
  127. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at the Cannith Challenges
  128. DDOGamer: Fantasy Fashionplate and the Potential of Armor Coloring
  129. Order of Syncletica: Are You Waiting For This World to Change?
  130. Erdrique's Blog-How Am I Logged on?
  131. Players Helping Players: Two new Q&A sessions planned
  132. DDOCentral Progress Report
  133. DDOGamer: Failure is a Necessity
  134. Order of Syncletica: Those Poor Dears
  135. Erdrique's Blog-Low Level Questing Over the Weekend October 10 to October 12
  136. Even Now: Photo album - Underdark
  137. DDOGamer: Update 24 Preview - Healing Amplification
  138. Erdrique's Blog-My New Druid-Cannock Moonbrooke
  139. DDOGamer: For Eight 1/2 Years, There Has Been One Constant
  140. Erdrique's Blog-I Wish I Had Those Skills!!
  141. Order of Syncletica: The Ninja Resharpened
  142. DDOGamer: Whimsy
  143. Erdrique's Blog-Having Some Fun With the Queen
  144. Erdrique's Blog-Primarily Low Level Questing With One Epic Run, Questing Over October
  145. This weeks videos! Numbers and How to's...
  146. Erdrique's Blog-Sludgge’s Journal-Under the Big Top
  147. Players Helping Players: Sarlona Q&A recap
  148. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Bishop Zasha’oth of the Fury
  149. DDOGamer: The Titan vs. Two Commandos
  150. DDOCast 355 - Update 23 Review
  151. Even Now: Photo album - The High Road
  152. Erdrique's Blog-It Was A Low Level Weekend, Quest Runs October 17 to October 19
  153. Order of Syncletica: The Un-Bucket List
  154. Sith's October 1000 TP Giveaway
  155. Erdrique's Blog-The Forgotten Quests
  156. Order of Syncletica: Tainted Love
  157. Erdrique's Blog-A Closer Look at the Quest, The Church and The Cult
  158. Erdrique's Blog-The Bookbinder Frustration
  159. MD Interactive October 2014 Giveaway
  160. BEWTOPIA: Project Pinkbottle - Trust In The Shroud
  161. Erdrique's Blog-A Nice Mixture of Runs, Questing October 20th to October 23rd
  162. Erdrique''s Blog-Man Do Those Ballistae Hurt!!
  163. Order of Syncletica: Assassin Nerf?
  164. Erdrique's Blog-Looking at the Factions in Waterworks
  165. Order of Syncletica: Pacifist Play
  166. DDOGamer: Giving New Meaning to the Term “Curvy”
  167. DDOCast 356 - Pets & Hirelings
  168. Erdrique's Blog-It Was A Cove Style Weekend, Quest Runs October 24th to October 26th
  169. Erdrique's Blog-An Interesting Time in Acute Delirium
  170. DDOGamer: Barbarians at the Gates
  171. Announcing Gingerspyce's 5 million Plat Halloween Trivia Contest!!
  172. YourDDO is fully migrated and back on its feet...
  173. DDOGamer: A Field Guide to the Wild Barbarian
  174. Order of Syncletica: One Assassin, Many Droaam
  175. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Troglodyte Warlock (Troglodyte’s Get)
  176. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at the Quest The Claw of Vulkoor (Heroic)
  177. Erdrique's Blog-Interesting Questing this Week, October 27th to October 30th
  178. Erdrique's Blog-Hamllin’s Journal-The Threnal Arena
  179. DDOGamer: Flurious Blows
  180. The Return of the YourDDO Greensteel Planner
  181. Erdrique's Blog-The Vagueness in the Quest Rest for the Restless
  182. DDOCast 357 - Slaying Undead
  183. Order of Syncletica: Blockade Buster
  184. DDOGamer: Kruz? Are You In There?
  185. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos! Trvia, IQ and crafting!
  186. Erdrique's BLog-A Weekend of Quest Runs, October 31 to November 2
  187. DDOGamer: A Question of Style
  188. Play DDOCast Guild Feud
  189. DDOGamer: Screenshot of the Week, According to Me
  190. Order of Syncletica: The Claw of Vulkoor
  191. Erdrique's Blog-Having Some Fun in the Black Loch
  192. Giveaway Initiative - 'The MD Interactive Community Mega Jackpot' 2000 TP+
  193. Erdrique's Blog-Wondering About Captain Tew
  194. Erdrique's Blog-Those Annoying Enemy Spells
  195. Erdrique's Blog-A Week Filled of Mid-Level Questing, November 3rd to November 6th
  196. The Measurement Guild
  197. Erdrique's Blog-Trying to Determine a Link Between Various Clans or Groups of Monster
  198. Order of Syncletica: The Hermit
  199. DDOGamer: This Would Be My Greatest GIF Ever, If Only
  200. Erdrique's Blog-What is the Deal with Yarkuch and Spiders?
  201. DDOCast 358 - Guild Feud
  202. DDOGamer: Standing Around In A Whole New Way
  203. Order of Syncletica: Vow of Poverty
  204. Erdrique's Blog-Erdrique Had a Busy Weekend, Quest Runs November 7th to 9th
  205. DDOGamer: The Heart of Madness - Everything We Know About Update 24
  206. Order of Syncletica: Poison-Master In Depth
  207. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-High Shaman Mak-Murung
  208. DDOGamer: Shadowy Everywhere, Thundering Everything
  209. DDOGamer: A 5th-Level Backpack
  210. Erdrique's Blog-Man That Had to Hurt
  211. Erdrique's Blog-Running Through Under the Big Top on Epic Normal
  212. YourDDO 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway
  213. DDOCast Guild Feud Results
  214. Erdrique's Blog-Variety of Questing This Week, November 10th to November 13th
  215. Erdrique's Blog-There is Something to be Said For Being Persistent
  216. DDOCast 359 - Zerging
  217. Gingerspyce's Week in Videos: Heroic Abbot Puzzles, Haggling and a Devilish Tour!
  218. DDOGamer: A Good Problem to Have
  219. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at Various Factions in Heroic Three Barrel Cove
  220. Bewtopia: Coming to DDOStream - SHROUDPALOOZA!
  221. DDOGamer: Dupers Force Turbine To End Collectible Anniversary Card Event
  222. Erdrique's Blog-Low Level Questing Weekend, November 14th to November 16th
  223. DDOGamer: Crunching Cards Like Crazy … But Which Cards?
  224. Erdrique's Blog-Rust Monsters and Duergar
  225. Erdrique's Blog-Who Exactly is the Soulless One?
  226. DDOGamer: Update 24 Preview - Frenzied Berserker
  227. Erdrique's Blog-The Idol of Halokh
  228. Erdrique's Blog-Nice Mixture of Questing, November 17th to November 20th
  229. Bewtopia - Shroudpalooza: Argo is Amazing
  230. Order of Syncletica: Purple Haze
  231. DDOGamer: Elitism As A Positive?
  232. Introducing my next video series...
  233. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Look at Another Oldie but Goodie, Redwillow’s Ruins
  234. Erdrique's Blog-Another Beautiful View
  235. DDOCast 360 - Weapon Damage Calculations
  236. DDOGamer: Like Old Times
  237. Erdrique's Blog-A Weekend of Experience, Questing November 21 to November 23
  238. DDOGamer: Me And My Shadow And My Other Shadow
  239. DDO Players News Episode 9 : No Save Against Tiamat
  240. DDO Players Turbine Point Code Giveaway
  241. Order of Syncletica: Chains of Flame
  242. Erdrique's Blog-Taking a Brief Look at King Raiyum’s Court
  243. DDOGamer: Postcard From My Office (featuring kittens!)
  244. Erdrique's Blog-Enemy Profile-Uneeou (Gnoll Aeromancer)
  245. Erdrique's Blog-Valak and his Mausoleum
  246. Erdrique's Blog-Questing During a Holiday Week, November 24th to November 27th
  247. Bewtopia: SHROUDPALOOZA - Argo Videos Posted
  248. DDOCast 361 - Mark of Death
  249. DDOGamer: My Best Friend Is A Bag Deposit Box
  250. YourDDO 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway - Part 1 (The Poll)