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  1. Erdrique's Blog-What Kind of Fish are Found in the Stormreach Harbor?
  2. DDOGamer: Rebuilding a Commando
  3. Erdrique's Blog-A Look Back at My Adventures This Past Week March 24 to March 27
  4. DDOCast 330 - Maximizing F2P/Premium Accounts
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  8. Erdrique's Blog-Questing over the weekend, March 28 to 30
  9. DDOGamer: The Game Giveth, and the Game Taketh Away. Then it Giveth Again.
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  11. Erdrique's Blog-Embarrassing Interactions in Wheloon Prison, Revenge is Warranted
  12. DDOGamer: The End Game Balance Problem Is Not Character Balance
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  14. Erdrique's Blog-Slow week but still a fun week, quest runs from March 31st to April 3
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  16. DDOCAst 331 - Update 21 Review
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  19. DDOGamer: Halfling Dragonmarks Make Any Class Self-Healing
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  24. DDOGamer: I Just Cannot Get This Right
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  26. Erdrique's Blog-A Look at the Quest Devil’s Assault
  27. i know i level slow and all, but...
  28. DDO Destiny Updated
  29. Erdrique's Blog-A Look Back at Activities During the Week, April 7 to 10
  30. i think three years is long enough? maybe? o God what have i done... someone hold me
  31. Erdrique' s Blog-A Look at the Quest Ghost of A Chance
  32. DDOGamer: Postcard From the National Mall, Washington D.C.
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  34. DDOCast 332 - Elevating Your Gameplay
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  37. DDOGamer's Illustrated Guide to Emotes
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  39. DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide to Emotes (Cheer to Dance2)
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  41. DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide To Emotes: Eat to LFH
  42. Erdrique's Blog-Fun in Stromvauld’s Mine
  43. Erdrique's Blog-Adventures and Activities Over the Past Week, April 14th to 17th
  44. DDOCast 333 - Waterworks
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  46. Boston Marathon Strong
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  56. DDOCast 334 - Thunder on Fire Peaks
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  59. Erdrique's Blog-It Was A Festival of The Traveler Type of Weekend With Some Quests Pu
  60. Order of Syncletica: Flair for the Dramatic
  61. DDOGamer: The Problem With Swashbuckler Isn’t Swashbuckling. It’s SWF.
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  63. DDOGamer: New Points On Old Business
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  65. Erdrique's Blog-The Shrouded Vale and the Faithful Departed
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  67. Erdrique's Blog-Mixture of Runs, April 28 to May 1
  68. Erdrique's Blog-The Troglodyte’s Get and Old Grey Garl-Part 2
  69. DDOGamer: Single Weapon Fighting. Or As Most People Call It, Swordfighting
  70. Order of Syncletica: School's Open
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  80. DDOCast 335 - Augments
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  82. DDOGamer: Update 22 Preview - An Early Look At Guild Airships
  83. Order of Syncletica: A Simple Zen Archer
  84. DDOGamer: Update 22 Preview - Large Amenities
  85. DDOGamer: Update 22 Preview - Small Amenities
  86. Order of Syncletica: A "Firebender" Monk
  87. Erdrique's Blog-A Little Late But a Look Back at Last Weekend’s Runs, May 9th to May
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  91. Dear DDOGamer: On Wings of an Angel
  92. Order of Syncletica: Maximum Mystic Spell Power
  93. Erdrique's Blog-Look back at the week, May 12th to May 15th
  94. Erdrique's Blog-Spies in the House-An Extremely Brutal Quest
  95. DDOGamer: We Are All the Troll. A New Model For Moderation
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  97. DDOGamer: Sorry About That, Haywire
  98. Order of Syncletica: More Zen Archers
  99. Erdrique's Blog-Some Frustrating but Interesting Runs Over the Weekend, May 16 to May
  100. DDOCast 336 - Temple of Deathwyrm
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  106. Order of Syncletica: How NOT to think monastically
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  113. Erdrique's Blog-Adventuring over the Holiday Weekend, May 23rd to May 25th
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  116. Order of Syncletica: Go Shavarath or Go Home
  117. DDOGamer: A Dog of Many Colors
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  119. Order of Syncletica: Kicking it Old School
  120. DDOGamer: I Was Wrong About Yugoloth Potions
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  122. DDOCast 338 - PUGs #2 - Etiquette
  123. DDOGamer: Mixing It Up - Epic Elite Keeps It Fresh
  124. DDOGamer: Matching Up the Races With Their Ideal /Dance3
  125. Erdrique's Blog-Mid Level and Epic Runs Over the Weekend, May 30th to June 1st
  126. Order of Syncletica: One Ninja in Epic Elite
  127. Erdrique's Blog-The Uniqueness of Partycrashers :)
  128. DDOGamer: Nice Internet Ya Got There. Be a Real Shame If Anything Happened To It.
  129. Erdrique's Blog- Perhaps the Most Hated Quest on Principle
  130. Erdrique's Blog-So Maybe I’m a Little Too Hard on My Some of My Characters..
  131. DDOGamer: So You Think You Can /Dance
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  133. Erdrique's Blog-Another Simple but Important Tip…Always Remember to Bind…
  134. DDOGamer: How Many Bards Does It Take To Screw In An Epic Light Bulb?
  135. Erdrique's Blog-Traitors and Threnal
  136. Erdrique's Blog-Lesson Learned, Questing Over the Weekend June 6th to June 8th
  137. DDOCast 339 - Partycrashers
  138. Order of Syncletica: Manyshot or 10K Stars?
  139. Erdrique's Blog-Wondering About the Fire Giants and Raveneye Drow in Red Fens
  140. DDOGamer: Name That Golem
  141. Order of Syncletica: Shades of Undrentide
  142. Erdrique's Blog-Double Rare Occurrences
  143. DDOGamer: My Favorite Part of Update 22 (So Far)
  144. Erdrique's Blog-Spending Time on The Guild Airship
  145. DDOGamer: I Already Found A New Favorite Part of Update 22
  146. DDOGamer: The Airship Button Is Not Your Friend
  147. Erdrique's Blog-Reviewing the Fun From Last Week, June 9th to June 12th
  148. Erdrique's Blog-Tough Time in Into the Deep on Epic Hard
  149. Erdrique's Blog-Minimal Questing Over the Weekend, June 13th to 15th
  150. Erdrique's Blog-Questions about Champion Preinyl
  151. DDOCast 340 - PUGs #3: Leading
  152. DDOGamer: BeachCon 2014
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  154. DDOGamer: And Baby Makes Three
  155. Erdrique's Blog-One of Those Quests That Just Tends to Grow On You
  156. DDOGamer: “Ballista” Must Be Latin for Awesome
  157. DDOGamer: How Green Was My … Amrath?
  158. Erdrique's Blog-Exploring the Shadow Crypt
  159. Erdrique's Blog-Rundown of the Quest Runs During the Week, June 16th to 19th
  160. Erdrique's Blog-Gruesome Enemy Totems
  161. Order of Syncletica: Your Own Private Omaha Beach
  162. Erdrique's Blog-Experimenting with the New Guild Airship Amenities
  163. Erdrique's Blog-Lighter than Usual Runs This Weekend, June 20 to 22nd
  164. DDOCast 341 - Druids
  165. DDOGamer: Hero of Great Renown
  166. Order of Syncletica: A Singing Sword
  167. Erdrique's Blog-Adventuring into the Shrieking Mines
  168. DDOGamer: The Journey to Level 30
  169. Erdrique's Blog-Where Are His Weapons?
  170. DDOGamer: A Song of Water and Fire
  171. DDOGamer: There is a Reason it is Called the Endless Flask of Rum
  172. SithDDO now on Facebook!
  173. DDOGamer: Armor? Chaps? Metalline Panty Hose?
  174. Order of Syncletica: Too Much Swash
  175. Erdrique's Blog-A Week’s Worth of Questing, June 23rd to 26th
  176. Erdrique's Blog-Having a Fun Time in the Desert
  177. DDOGamer: The Bottomless Flask is Causing an Endless Quandary. Help!
  178. Erdrique's Blog-Thinking About the Quest Reclamation
  179. DDOGamer: And Now For Something Completely Different
  180. Erdrique's Blog-Quest Runs Over the Weekend, June 27th to June 29th
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  182. DDOCast 343 - Stayin' Alive
  183. DDOGamer: The Haunted Halls Put the D&D Back In DDO
  184. Erdrique's Blog-Fun in Frustraton?
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  197. A new look for OurDDO
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  199. DDOCast 343 - Loot
  200. DDOGamer: Heavy Rotation
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  203. DDOGamer: Patch Day Speculation
  204. New video: how to get rich in DDO?
  205. DDOGamer: A Short Trip Into Happy Territory
  206. DDOGamer: The Surprising Coherence of Sorrowdusk Island
  207. DDOGamer: A Cure For Monday: Breath In, Breath Out
  208. Order of Syncletica: The Wheel of Life
  209. Even Now: You've come a long way, baby
  210. DDOGamer: Storming the Ballistae
  211. DDOGamer: Doing the Math - All of the DDO Content Releases, Ever
  212. Order of Syncletica: A Link to My Present
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  214. DDOGamer: Never Vorpal
  215. DDOCast 344 - Through a Mirror Darkly
  216. DDOGamer: Thunder-Forged Shopping Spree
  217. DDOGamer: The First-Ever Turbine Developer Message Storm
  218. Order of Syncletica: Kiricletica's Bane
  219. Erdrique's Blog-Time to Get Back Into the Swing of Things!!
  220. Erdrique's Blog-Having an Interesting Time in Made to Order
  221. Erdrique's Blog-Family and DDO
  222. Erdrique's Blog-The Questing Resumes, Quest Runs over the Weekend July 25 to 27
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  224. Order of Syncletica: Charming Personality
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  241. YourDDO looking for a new place to call home
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