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  1. DDOGamer: Patchwork Promises, Endless Dreams
  2. DDOGamer: Evangelyne Bith and the Strangely Improbable Stack of Scrolls
  3. DDOGamer: I’m Ready For My Close-up Mr. DeMille
  4. DDOGamer: New Loot Feedback in Haiku
  5. DDOGamer: An Exercise in Stacking
  6. DDOCast Episode #306 - Tank Building
  7. DDOGamer: Eighth Life Report - Tanking Paladin
  8. DDOGamer: A Monster in Real Life. Seriously, a Monster.
  9. DDOGamer: Reading With Confidence
  10. DDOCast: Win 500 Turbine Points
  11. DDO Monarch: New Mentor Program Launched
  12. DDOGamer: Favoring Favor
  13. DDOGamer: Ranking the Favor Rewards
  14. DDOGamer: Experiments in Shadar Kai – the Rogue/Druid
  15. DDOCast Episode #307 - New Player Tips
  16. DDOGamer: He Hates That Thing SO MUCH!
  17. The Order of Syncletica: The Good Shepherdess
  18. DDOGamer: Total Favor, First-Time Favor, and Turbine Points
  19. DDOGamer: Reincarnation Is Getting A New Life
  20. DDOGame: First Look at the Eldritch Knight Wizard Enhancements
  21. DDOGamer: Raiders of the Lost Reward Box
  22. DDOGamer: A More Accurate Reincarnation Chart
  23. DDOGamer: Fastest Enhancements In the West
  24. The Order of Syncletica: Death Seekers--Guides for the Unprepared
  25. DDOGamer: Twitchy Dog
  26. DDOGamer: Spend Your Tokens of the Twelve Now!
  27. DDOGamer: Live Protest On Wayfinder Decries Loss of Epic Tokens
  28. DDOGamer: Power to the People!
  29. The Order of Syncletica: Rusty & Co.
  30. DDOGamer: The Last Reincarnation Rebellion Post I Will Write (Today)
  31. DDOCast Episode #308 - Update 20 & FoT
  32. DDOGamer: If I Was the President of Reincarnation, What Would I Do?
  33. DDOGamer: What is Old Sully Really Selling?
  34. DDO Monarch: Done
  35. DDOCast Episode #309 - Ask the Devs
  36. DDOGamer: DDO Dreams, Again
  37. The Order of Syncletica: Monastic Mabar Meditations
  38. DDOGamer: Is This the End of Mabar?
  39. DDOGamer: New Reincarnation Design Is a Win For Everyone
  40. DDOGamer: Creepy, Scary Halloween GIF
  41. DDOCast Episode #310 - (Mostly) Just the News
  42. DDOGamer: The Greatest Free DDO Store Item – Ever! – Returns
  43. DDOGamer: Equipping Becomes Epic Too
  44. DDOGamer: What Is Wrong With This Picture?
  45. The Order of Syncletica: Poisoning the Players in the PUG
  46. DDOGamer: Doing the Math – the Best Class For Soloing
  47. DDOGamer: Crowdsourcing the Best Class For Soloing
  48. DDOGamer: Update 20 Preview
  49. DDOCast Episode #311 - 2 Handed Barbarians
  50. DDOGamer: Your Choices For Best Soloing Class
  51. DDOGamer: New Content Night
  52. The Order of Syncletica: Update 20 and Half-Elf Tanking
  53. DDOGamer: You Get A Reward Box! And You Get A Reward Box! And You Get A Reward Box! A
  54. DDOGamer: Putting a ring on it
  55. DDOCast Episode #312 - Guilds
  56. Even Now: Mo! Mo! Mo!
  57. DDOCast Episode #313 - Playing Solo
  58. Order of Syncletica: The Insane Tourist's Guide
  59. DDOCast Episode #314 - Epic Transitions
  60. Order of Syncletica: The Insane Tourist's Guide to the Underdark
  61. DDOGamer: Happily Ever After, Day 5
  62. DDOGamer: The Freezer Burn: The Most Dominant (Heroic) Build Ever Played (So Far)
  63. DDOGamer: Minimum Levels, Maximum Annoyance
  64. Order of Syncletica: Whatever Happened to World Events?
  65. DDOGamer: DrOctothorpe Wants You! And Your Opinion! Or Maybe Just the Opinion
  66. DDOGamer: On Loot
  67. DDOCast Episode #315 - Alternative Playstyles
  68. DDOGamer: I Wish I Could Draw Like Luadrilae
  69. Ravenguard Press: Necromancer Threatens Korthos
  70. Ravenguard Press: Vital Shipment Lost by The Twelve
  71. Ravenguard Press: Ships from Talenta Plains Quarantined
  72. DDOGamer: A Study In Varied Level Design
  73. Order of Syncletica: Here's Your Shrine
  74. Ravenguard Press: Necromancer no longer a threat thanks to Heyton
  75. Ravenguard Press: Killer hits the streets of Stormreach
  76. DDOGamer: 100 Gold Coins
  77. Ravenguard Press: Demonic Plague Returns
  78. Ravenguard Press: Scholars Reported Missing – Reward Offered
  79. DDOGamer: Cookies and Cakes and Cookies and Cakes
  80. Ravenguard Press: Interview with Darlo, Order of the Silver Dragons
  81. DDOCast Episode #316 - The Pit
  82. DDOGamer: Gold Coin Overload
  83. Ravenguard Press: Interview with Akree, Curelite Bottling Co.
  84. DDOGamer: Pre-Holiday Cheer
  85. Order of Syncletica: Piker's Holiday Song
  86. Ravenguard Press: Interview with Astreya, Rogue Ops
  87. Ravenguard Press: Interview with Glane Silvermane & Katzklaw, Unbroken Chain
  88. YourDDO 2nd Annual Holiday Giveaway (Part 1)
  89. DDOGamer: Dragonslayer Wannabe
  90. DDOCast Episode #317 - Weapon Systems
  91. DDOGamer: An Errand In Calomel
  92. DDOGamer: To Splash Or Not To Splash. And Why.
  93. DDOGamer: 2013 In Review
  94. Ravenguard Press: Defeating the Necromancer - Kevlamin journal entry
  95. New year.. old problem
  96. DDOGamer: Removing Any Remaining Doubt That Elminster Is A ****
  97. DDOCast #318 - 2013 in Review
  98. what's old is new again...
  99. DDOGamer: First-Ever Shout Out Request
  100. DDOGamer: What Goes Up? Hint - You Do
  101. DDOGamer: Ninth Life Report - “Freezer Burn” casting Druid
  102. DDOGamer: The Forum’s Best (heroic) Vault of Night Tips
  103. RP: Defeating the Necromancer - Felixx Journal Entry
  104. DDOGamer: Too Big To Share, Too Cool To Hide
  105. DDOGamer: DDO Gets A Player Council
  106. DDOCast #319 - Making Plat
  107. DDOGamer: A Wild And Crazy Stick
  108. Order of Syncletica: A Solo Challenge
  109. DDOGamer: Make Up The Comic Yourself
  110. DDOGamer: There is one thing that Cannith Crafting does really, really well
  111. Ravenguard Press: Blotter Report
  112. DDOGamer: Hit Point Growth Curve Is Amazingly Linear
  113. Order of Syncletica: Splinterskull by Stealth
  114. DDOGamer: Harbor Lights From An Unusual Vantage
  115. Ravenguard Press: Blotter Report for Zarantyr 20
  116. DDOCast Episode #320 - TR Tips
  117. DDOGamer: Icy Burst Is Back
  118. DDOGamer: Midwinter, But Foremost In Our Hearts
  119. DDOGamer: My Gamer Girl Thinks Giant Purple Worms Are Dumb. But She’s Wrong.
  120. Order of Syncletica: Redwillow's Ruins Elite by stealth in 8 kills
  121. DDOGamer: No One Mourns the Mournlands Server
  122. Ravenguard Press: Blotter Report for Zarantyr 27
  123. Ravenguard Press: Disturbing interview with Shorlong of The Dark Creed
  124. DDOcast is live with Producer Rowan and Community Specialist Cordovan
  125. DDOCast 321 - Ask the Devs: Producer Rowan
  126. How do i Bard?
  127. DDOGamer: Producer Rowan Explains It All
  128. DDOGamer: The Original Dungeon Masters Guide Was The Greatest Book About Rules Ever
  129. DDOGamer: Of Modules and Home Brew
  130. Let's get bagged!
  131. DDOGamer: Proudly Flying My D&D Nerd Flag
  132. DDOGamer: On Having Character
  133. DDOCast #322 - Casting Wizards
  134. Erdrique's Blog-Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Jan 27 to Jan 30
  135. Concentrating on Concentration: Is This Right?
  136. Order of Syncletica: Bye-bye, longswords
  137. Erdrique's Blog-Explosive barrels and loot
  138. DDOGamer: A Self-Healing Dexterity Tank?
  139. Erdrique's Blog-Recap of the Weekend
  140. Even Now: Armed and Dangerous
  141. DDOGamer: Dragonslayer - One Less Thing to Worry About
  142. Erdrique's Blog-Having a fun time in The Last Stand on Epic Normal
  143. How do i Bard?... part 2
  144. Erdrique's Blog-A Question about Thual Masmataz
  145. DDO Cocktailhour Episode 69, Golden Rule
  146. Order of Syncletica: "Leave the sword...take the ham."
  147. Ravenguard Press: Mule's Corner
  148. DDOGamer: Kobold Admiral’s Armor
  149. Erdrique's Blog-The Smuggler’s Warehouse and Rubies
  150. Ravenguard Press: Journey to the Demon Wastes
  151. Erdrique's Blog-Those Rare Loot Gems
  152. Erdrique's Blog-Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Feb 3 to Feb 6
  153. DDOGamer: Storming Tempest Spine In Our Undies
  154. Order of Syncletica: "Log Horizon"
  155. Erdrique's Blog-Changes to the Quest Guard Duty
  156. Ravenguard Press: Now that'
  157. Ravenguard Press: Now that's a BIG Dog!
  158. Ravenguard Press: Journey to the Demon Wastes - Part 2
  159. good while it lasted...
  160. DDOGamer: Stormreach Fashion Week - Ragged Rags
  161. Erdrique's Blog-Recap of the Runs Made During the Weekend Feb 7 to Feb 9
  162. DDOCast #323 - Inferno of the Damned
  163. Erdrique's Blog-Did you ever wonder how those skeletons got up there?
  164. DDOGamer: Singing the Praises of the Fallen
  165. Erdrique's Blog-Guild Leader Challenges
  166. DDOGamer: Singing the Praises of Those Who Remain
  167. Erdrique's Blog-Some Hirelings and Quests Just Don’t Mix
  168. Order of Syncletica: Silk, Sword, Sting and Shadow
  169. Erdrique's Blog-Some of Those Lesser Iconic Monsters in the Game
  170. Even Now: Stop. Think. Win.
  171. Erdrique's Blog-So Who Else Do You Think Was Locked Up
  172. Erdrique's Blog-Who Would Keep Their Treasures in the Sanctuary?
  173. DDOCast 324 - Inventory Management
  174. Erdrique's Blog-Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Feb 10 to Feb 13
  175. DDOGamer: And Another Thing
  176. Order of Syncletica: The Droaam Zerg Machine
  177. Erdrique's Blog-Recap of the Runs Made During the Weekend Feb 14 to Feb 16
  178. Even Now: If they were Olympians (Team Thelanis)
  179. DDOGamer: This is my Dad
  180. Even Now: If they were Olympians (Team Cannith)
  181. Erdrique's Blog-Results for this Season’s Risia Ice Games
  182. past life? wha?
  183. Erdrque's Blog-Hazadill's Warehouse
  184. Even Now: If they were Olympians (Team Xen'Drik)
  185. DDOGamer: A New Tank Build for Halflings
  186. Erdrique's Blog-Summon Nature’s Ally II-Hyena and Trip
  187. DDOCast 325 - I Dream of Jeets
  188. Erdrique's Blog-Review of the Runs Made During the Weekend Feb 17 to Feb 20
  189. DDOGamer: Animation Evolution
  190. Erdrique's Blog-Some more questions for Basil and his experiements
  191. Order of Syncletica: About Assassins
  192. DDOGamer: Pleasingly Primitive
  193. Erdrique's Blog-Review of Runs made during the weekend Feb 21 to Feb 23
  194. Erdrique's Blog-Having a fun time in The Tide Turns on Epic Normal
  195. Ravenguard Press: Interview with a Dragon
  196. DDOGamer: Juvenile Immaturity Overcomes Ennui & DDOoooommMM
  197. Erdrique's Blog-Strangeness in A Small Problem
  198. Erdrique's Blog-Wishing Hirelings had Ranged Weapons…
  199. Even Now: A trivial pursuit
  200. DDOGamer: An Anniversary Top Ten List - Changes For the Better
  201. Erdrique's Blog-Almost had a Perfect Rare Encounter Run-Waterworks Slayers
  202. Erdrique's Blog-Review of the Quests Done from Feb 24 to Feb 27
  203. Erdrique's Blog-Impressions of A Lesson in Deception
  204. DDOGamer: Take a Bow Mawry
  205. Erdrique's Blog-Review of the runs over the Weekend Feb 28 to March 2
  206. DDOGamer: 10th Life Report - “Half-Track” Wizarding DEX Tank
  207. Order of Syncletica: Poison Mastery
  208. DDOCast #326 - Listener Questions Answered
  209. Erdrique's Blog-Erdrique’s Journal-The Depths of Darkness
  210. DDOGamer: How I Won DDO (hint - there was a little cheating)
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  212. DDOGamer: Being In Good Company
  213. DDOGamer: And the Dead Shall Rise … or Not
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  215. Erdrique's Blog-Shape Change is Just Cool
  216. Erdrique's Blog-Review of the Quest Runs from March 3 to March 6
  217. DDOCast 327 - Ask the Devs: Quest Creation
  218. DDOGamer: Update 21 - Happy Birthday DDO?
  219. Order of Syncletica: Viper Style v. Spider Style
  220. Erdrique's Blog-Still Learning Things About DDO Even After Being Here for Eight Years
  221. DDOGamer: Two Embryonic Yet Veteran Characters. What Shall They Be Now?
  222. Erdrique's Blog-The Weekend Runs, March 7 to March 9
  223. The Magic Die May Be Broken, But You Can Still Earn New Cards
  224. Erdrique's Blog-So Why Are Some Undead Locked Behind Cells in the Tomb of the Crimson
  225. Order of Syncletica: Thunderholme
  226. DDOCast Anniversary Card "50-50" Raffle!
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  228. Erdrique's Blog-Wondering about the factions and how they interact in Tangleroot Gorg
  229. Erdrique's Blog-A Look Back at My Runs From Earlier in the Week, March 10 to March 13
  230. Erdrique's Blog-Another Thing I Just Noticed for the First Time
  231. DDOCast 328 - Battle Casters
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  233. Erdrique's Blog-DDO Questing Over the Weekend, March 14 to 16
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  235. Order of Syncletica: Finishing Moves
  236. Erdrique's Blog-Have to Talk About Partycrashers Once Again
  237. DDOGamer: Thunder is the New Green
  238. Erdrique's Blog-A Possible Glimpse into DDO’s Future?
  239. DDOGamer: Two Tiers and a Cloud of Dust
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