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  1. Help with solo monk build(s)
  2. Returning Player, need advice on monk build
  3. U36 AA Changes
  4. New pure monk build // feedback needed
  5. Back from leave on U17, need advice on monkcher
  6. Basic unarmed monk build guide
  7. Kickass unarmed monk kensei ninja drow trapper :cool:
  8. Punch Punch Burst - Does an Enlightened Spirit aura Monk work?
  9. Cauldron of Flame broken??
  10. 36 pt Henshin Mystic Build help
  11. Unarmed Monk
  12. What Imbues from offhand weapons work now - Post U36 - for shuriken throwers
  13. Dis fu, a trapper monk, for racial past life
  14. Henshin spells
  15. Running by my planned 2nd life halfling monk before I TR
  16. The Mad Monk, a Henshin for heroic
  17. So many bugs with monks ...
  18. Looking for a Post U36 halfling shuriken build
  19. 2nd Life Dwarf Monk Build Request
  20. Wraps Fighter
  21. Pure monk theorycrafting with Aasimar and Vistani
  22. Possible monk for next life or?
  23. Build help for an unarmed DC build
  24. Question about twf
  25. The Mad Monk, a Shintao for heroic
  26. Theory crafting the celestial monk
  27. Haven't played since update 30 or 31. Some Questions
  28. My Pure Monk Vistani Knife Build
  29. Looking for defense tipps as monk in EE / LE
  30. Question on Wind Stance
  31. Returning (new) player looking for Monk advice
  32. Level 10 vet3 handwraps + a sentient weapons question
  33. The Supreme Monkter
  34. Filigree set question
  35. Stunning Blow ?
  36. Post Ravenloft GearSet Redo: Monk
  37. Monk thrower build?
  38. Shuri Filligree Question
  39. Heroic GS wraps
  40. Pure 20 Monk Legendary Dreadnought Melee Power Shuriken Thrower Build
  41. Legendary dwarven brawler's handwraps.
  42. Named Wraps for Level 20?
  43. ToD
  44. Melee Ninja Spy & Uber Gimpdom
  45. Post Ravenloft Shuriken Off-hand Question
  46. Help gearing clonklock?
  47. Melee Shinto Id3as
  48. 20 Monk: Shintao (reaper-optimized)
  49. Zachronas Nylasein, "The Faceless Assassin"
  50. Handwrap Cosmetics?
  51. Monk Build Suggestions for duo team
  52. Monkcher revamp help pls
  53. Looks like the time of monks has come to an end...
  54. Sumatra, the spite of Ravenloft
  55. 20 Shintao- Limited Resources
  56. FILegree set for thrower
  57. 18 Monk/1 Rogue/1 Favored Soul 3rd life
  58. Handwrap Monk post U38
  59. Dismissing Strike oddness
  60. Looking for a build
  61. Coming back
  62. Trying a monk
  63. U38 henshin cores right or wrong?
  64. wraith monk
  65. Centered with Bow?
  66. Looking to make a sweet Monk/rogue Qstaff build
  67. Because I can't find my answers after reading too many posts...
  68. Late to the party, but FINALLY got Mortal Fear
  69. Advice about pure monk thrower
  70. endgame gear for a monk
  71. wisdom on monks
  72. Do ToD ring Burst effects no longer work?
  73. Monk Build Looking for Feedback
  74. What does improve the DC for Flash Bang?
  75. Help with a Ninja Spy Build
  76. Easy monk Life
  77. AP split post U39?
  78. Advice please: Zombie-Monk Build
  79. Hand axe and monk usage ?
  80. Falcon punch!: the new monk
  81. Can't decide between pure monk or splash 2?
  82. Five Deadly Venoms
  83. Shuriken monk build?
  84. monk enhancements
  85. Which Iconic class to splash with a monk life?
  86. No Mercy + No Mercy + Sense Weakness?
  87. Monk Will Be Fine
  88. Gear for Shuriken monk
  89. U40 Loot
  90. Monk/Ranger shuriken build
  91. Unexpected nerf
  92. Shuriken Monk Question
  93. Wisdom vs. Dex build shintao
  94. Looking for 12 M 8 Fighter - preferably Dwarf Great Axe
  95. Strimtom's Falcon Striker - R10 Monk build
  96. GS Handwraps recommendation
  97. Bow monk build
  98. Make some subpar monk feats more shiny
  99. Pure Monk, Archery Build
  100. Hensin mysic needs buff add variety in monk class
  101. Ninja Assassin (Troll Build)
  102. Yet another 20 Monk Wisdom based build
  103. 32 point handwrap monk
  104. Help with 1st TR
  105. WSS Dark (or Light) Monk Ninja Frogman Falconer
  106. Centered Vistani knife thrower
  107. Longsword Monk
  108. Unarmed Monk-no handwraps
  109. Shuriken DR-breaking and other questions?
  110. Handwrap 1.5x Attribute bonus WAI?
  111. Returning player, need Monk Wisdom.
  112. Ki Shout & Intimidate skill?
  113. Charging ki question
  114. Returning Player Needing Advice and Theory Crafting?
  115. Just started playing a monk, have some questions
  116. Ninja Capstone: how vorpal is the vorpal effect?
  117. WSS Aasimar pure monk build
  118. Monk Builds w/o Wraps?
  119. Equipment nerf for monks
  120. Gearsets for 1-20
  121. Monks and Spell power.
  122. Xbows and Centering
  123. -Practiced Accuracy
  124. Back after 2 years off Looking for a fast lvling heroic monk build.
  125. Pulled the platinum knuckles today..
  126. Which Monk Feature?
  127. is 12monk/6ranger/?? still a thing?
  128. Fetters of the Forgewraith vs Duality
  129. Monks, time to speak up and speak out!
  130. nerf train
  131. EiN alternatives
  132. Gear Tetris - monk style
  133. +2 seeker vs. 5% more fort bypass
  134. Vorpal Strikes at end game
  135. Epic past life farming as shrukin thrower
  136. U42 Pure Shuri gear setup
  137. first try at planning a life, monk/trapper
  138. Low level monk troubles
  139. Looking for a past life build!
  140. Im looking for a max DPS bow using archer
  141. threat reduction
  142. dark monk finisher broken??
  143. Inquisitor Monk???
  144. Most beneficial past lives for a monk
  145. Recommendations for 15-30 (for past live / Iconic TR)
  146. The Astral Avenger, a pure monk staff build.
  147. Need a none pay to play monk build
  148. GMOF Build?
  149. Slashing damage
  150. Does Henshin Mystic Beat Fist Monk With The New ED Changes?
  151. Best level 10 item setup monk - by canthraxis feat godbex
  152. Monk Shuriken build recommendations for Fury of the Wild ED
  153. Unarmed Monk - DEX or WIS?
  154. Build Advice
  155. Need shuriken monk build. EE and/or reaper capable
  156. plenty of epic past lives - now how to configure twists
  157. Swiss Army Knife Challenge Farmer (Falconry)
  158. Monkcher build
  159. U44.1 - 20 Monk - Shuriken Executioner (High Reaper)
  160. U44 gear setup?
  161. Henshin Mystic with option to use longbow
  162. Fetters vs. Duality
  163. GMOF ki blasts shoot directly into the ground
  164. Henshin Mystic feels so good now
  165. WWA kinda maybe not worth taking...
  166. Silliness
  167. Dragon Born Monk And Breath Weapon
  168. New-Player Friendly Fist Monk
  169. Endgame Monk Optimization (Gear, Filigrees and Destiny/twists)
  170. How do I bridge from heroic gear to lategame epic gear?
  171. my monk gives caresses instead of fists
  172. 32 point Halfling Monk
  173. Best Shuriken?
  174. qtaff monk build
  175. Vampire Ninja Tempest
  176. Shuriken Offhand Companion Weapon
  177. Tier 1 twists?
  178. Dual Longsword Monk (centered)
  179. Looking for a current monk build
  180. Returning 30 Monk calling on the vets for build help
  181. Monk build suggestions?
  182. Monkcher in U46
  183. Advice wanted:2nd life monk
  184. Monk improvements
  185. Eldritch Knight Monk?
  186. A Monk idea for Hardcore
  187. Starting a Monk for the First Time! Advice on Character Creation?
  188. New Player, wanting to start Aasmir 32 point Shinto monk
  189. Dagger Monks
  190. "fatigued" uncenters my monk
  191. BUG: Deadly Exploits in Ninja Spy Currently Bugged
  192. Spin-to-Win Monk (Build Guidance Request)
  193. Monk/Rogue Staff
  194. Light or Dark side?
  195. Monk SLA Questions
  196. Whirlwind Strike vs Vorpal Strike
  197. endgame Handrwaps comparisons
  198. First time monk player
  199. State of Henshin Pure monk in U46?
  200. My thoughts and experiences with Ninja Spy in U48
  201. Henshin Mystic and Druid's Past Life feat.
  202. current monk gear setup help