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  1. Morninglord Fighter/Cleric/Monk with Wraps?
  2. Any Longsword Monks still out there?
  3. What to use offhand with shuriken?
  4. So i did a monk life for the first time in a while.
  5. Remake pure monk into wolf-monk
  6. 2 quick questions
  7. Monk Destiny Twists
  8. spy vs AA
  9. Q-staff monk questeion
  10. U29 Feat?
  11. Monkcher Question
  12. Need to Do a Monk Life.
  13. Monks, a waiting game.
  14. Unarmed Water-Whip Dry Comeback Build
  15. Poisoned Soul and Unarmed
  16. Monk unarmed attacks
  17. Petition to move the Monk Forum...
  18. Tactical Roc - Heavy Defense Tactician
  19. Darkwave Surfer or Water Weird....
  20. What Scion did you chose?
  21. Warflower- Epic Axe Wielding/Throwing Pure Monk
  22. Doubleshot on handwraps??
  23. Victory Lap Build
  24. Monk tree pass suggestions
  25. Shipwrecker Water/Earth stance
  26. Flavor Build: Edge
  27. Stunning item's broken.
  28. lvl 16 handwrap monk, Sun stance more survivable than Earth?
  29. 12 Monk / 7 rogue / 1 FvS poisoned shuriken thrower. Viable?
  30. Monks have become seriously underpowered after level 16, here's why and how to fix it
  31. Has anyone tried...
  32. new lvl 20 monk...a bit directionless now
  33. Let's Do This Again - Absolute Highest Quivering Palm DC
  34. Improved martial arts + QS not working together?
  35. Combat Mastery
  36. Updated monk builds?
  37. Coming back after long absence, and really need Monk build help
  38. Theorycrafting: Building a Weaponized Monk
  39. L25 Pure Monk - Epic Challenge Farmer - gear question
  40. Request: Deep Gnome Monk with Shining Crescents
  41. Just hit 20 for the first time, no idea what gear to go after
  42. questions (whirlwind, path, stances, spending Ki)
  43. been gone too long. Monk build advise pls
  44. Stunmonk version 2016: Opinions and corrections please.
  45. Celestial letdown...
  46. Mortal Fear 3.0
  47. Can you tweak my Monk TR staff build?
  48. Question about Monk Past life selected feat...
  49. New player help: pure monk build
  50. Barroom Hero
  51. Tahkwondo 12 Monk/ 3 Pally/ 5 Ranger
  52. How many times does double shot wrap?
  53. Dark monk ninja spy help...
  54. Monk/Rogue build?
  55. What stunning blow DC do you need now top end?
  56. Monk with trapping skills for fast past life
  57. Returning Player: Old character is entirely useless! HELP!
  58. Handwrap elemental damage bug
  59. Need help to understand a build
  60. WWA monk
  61. feedback needed: Monk 12/Rogue 5/Fighter 3 build
  62. Disappointed with Insightful Combat Mastery items
  63. The Green Destiny - A Ninja Spy Pure Monk Build
  64. Monks Need gear with bonus to Quivering Palm
  65. Monk Tree Enhancement Pass Ideas
  66. Epic Ranged Monk, which is better?
  67. Deep Gnome Monk15/R3/W2
  68. Heshen Mystic.... LIMP WRISTED PANTY WASTE
  69. Light and Dark Monk in Theory
  70. What Wraps are you using for Top end content
  71. What DC is needed for stuns / tatics in LE for as close to no fail?
  72. Is Insightful Stun stacking with Stunning? CM is not
  73. Monk bugs? Or me?
  74. Why is Combat brute not working with Handwraps
  75. The sting of poison
  76. Astral Scion Stunning Fist Working?
  77. Swift, deadly, unseen
  78. So if Monk pass is coming - what can we expect and what would you like to see?
  79. Monk quick TR ( 9 mnk / 8 ftr / 3 rog )
  80. Level 20 - Starter-Gear help for a basically gimped, solo-played monk
  81. WWA and the Monk pass....
  82. Insightful double strike items do not stack with Windstance doublestrike
  83. Three Lost Trees: Dragon, Peacock, and Monkey
  84. Turbine, please do monk pass before you go under
  85. Combat Mastery is now fixed! are you happy
  86. Character build: Wurmfood
  87. Which would you sooner see Monk pass or Wraps fixed?
  88. Peregrynne's ultimate tree build
  89. Dex-based Shintao Trapper Monk(16)/Rogue(4)
  90. U32 and possible Monk changes
  91. first life
  92. Monk mechanics / build advice, returning player
  93. Monk/Fighter - Do Kensei bonuses apply to unarmed?
  94. My lvl 10 unarmed monk splash is doing 1pt of damage/attack
  95. Thief Acrobat Monk build needs feedback! :)
  96. Baykun - The 12/8 Monklock Flavor Build
  97. What are your top 3 changes you want in upcoming monk pass
  98. 32pts Monk Build
  99. Sun Elf 12 monk 6 fighter 2 cleric Monkcher ideas?
  100. Whirling Steel Strike Worth It?
  101. Unarmed changes reports
  102. U33: Extra Feat Suggestions
  103. Shintao monk suggestion
  104. My prediction for melee monk builds
  105. U33 Unarmed Shintoa - which attribute for attack and damage and which stance.
  106. Throwers!
  107. Handwraps as weapons now break with ooze damage
  108. Elemental Curatives problem after update 33
  109. With Handwraps as weapons do you need to be closer to targets to hit?
  110. Fire or Wind Stance
  111. U33 Unarmed Monks - Any Success Stories ?
  112. Min Handwrap bug
  113. Henshin mystic build
  114. Deadly exploits
  115. first time monk player
  116. 44%+ Dodge Wraps Tactics
  117. The Void Dragon
  118. Steel Clad Maiden
  119. IS Whirlwind Attack worth it?
  120. Monk help
  121. Are anyone's "first gen" handwraps working?
  122. Handwraps as weapons, Sting of the Ninja, and Vorpal Strikes
  123. Ultimate solution to U33 breakable handwraps and everything
  124. If Ninja, then DEX > STR?
  125. Dear Devs - Spring Attack as a Martial Arts Feat ?
  126. Void Strike: Staves or Single-Weapon?
  127. Help me redo my Enhancements for U33 Please
  128. Monk Pass Evaluation
  129. Pure Ninja Spy Monk
  130. Monk ki is bugged?
  131. Drow Ninja for New Players (U33)
  132. ninja spy question
  133. Mortal fear 5.0
  134. every light casts a shadow
  135. Storm's harness quality stun
  136. 25 Melee Power vs. 15% Attack speed.
  137. thrower for a friend
  138. Capped Gear Layout: Ideas
  139. (U33) The Henshin Mystic - Build & Feedback
  140. Moment of clarity, 10 sec buff, WAI?
  141. Little Jon's Bojutsu School
  142. Problems with stunning fist
  143. Ki Shout
  144. Dod qp m15/r5
  145. A good start, but there's still a bit to go (U33)
  146. Healing Ki question
  147. Handwraps
  148. Anyone tested if tempest and deft strikes now stack?
  149. How are you getting your Dodge high?
  150. Pure Monk benefit
  151. Wis based HM for heroic TR
  152. The Definitive Quivering Palm & Max Wisdom Thread
  153. HammerTime - For Fun monk build theory
  154. The Phoenix
  155. The Dark G Star
  156. [Help] 32 Point First Life Unarmed Build?
  157. Monk Thrower Idea
  158. Adamantine Knuckles Change?
  159. Henshin after U33.2
  160. Time to Say Thanks
  161. Need monkey builds!
  162. HIt Box Size Fixed, But Missing When Chasing
  163. Greensteel and Legendary Greensteel Wraps
  164. Healing Ki - Tips and information
  165. So, what are the current Handwrap builds?
  166. Monk Shuriken Thrower Build
  167. LF Gear Advice for Shuriken Monk build
  168. Any tips on making a monk for a player who has not played in a very long time?
  169. Monkcher
  170. Ranger or Monkcher
  171. Ninja Thrower - Questions
  172. Does spellpower still work with Henshin abilities?
  173. Armed Monks
  174. When it comes time to do another monk life
  175. What am I doing wrong? Want to know for next life.
  176. LVL 30 feat? handwrap monk
  177. With Handwraps now Weapons, Does Leg. Dread.'s Pulverizer work with Handwraps?
  178. Is ninja spy a total fail or am I doing it wrong?
  179. Scion of the ethereal plane monk?
  180. basic and advanced ninja training will work with staves right?
  181. About to TR to Monk, need advice
  182. Monk Ki Weapons
  183. A little monk help
  184. help with ninja theorycrafting
  185. best dps handwraps?
  186. Is Monkcher Still A Thing? Returning After Long Hiatus
  187. Greensteel Handwraps ... weapon tier 3 effects???
  188. The Dark Shaman
  189. Everything is Nothing DC
  190. Dark Monk Unarmed Build
  191. Handwraps material properties
  192. Monk returner
  193. wind stance shintao monk
  194. Wraps of Endless Light bug
  195. Unarmed monk splash
  196. ignore this, build on here for reference
  197. What are good Destinies to choose after GMoF?
  198. 32 point Dwarf, unarmed fighting monk help.
  199. pdk pure monk end build
  200. OMG, how in the world do you play a monk? So many moves...
  201. Any good halfling Monk builds out there? Need recommendations.
  202. What about pure DEX unarmed monk?
  203. Feats for Henshin Mystic?
  204. Best U34 Thrower Build?
  205. Quivering palm on undead
  206. I believe my build is outdated
  207. finishing move graphic broken?
  208. ToD Rings no longer work with handwraps?
  209. Handwraps from stealth, broken?
  210. I need Help with an Iconic Unarmed Monk Build.
  211. pally vr ranger
  212. Dark Monk weapons after 20
  213. Help figuring out what gear to go after for an unarmed monk
  214. Past Life: Disciple of the Fist
  215. scorching wraps drop rate and possibility?
  216. The Steven Seagal Build
  217. What Finishing Moves work on Purple Named?
  218. Kukan do duration?
  219. helf AA tree
  220. High/Max Healing Amp Monk
  221. handwrap vs quarterstaff
  222. Dragon-Monk ideas
  223. Next Life Monk Build (Victory Lap Variant)
  224. dragon born / henshin
  225. How about a little finisher love?
  226. Ki generation help
  227. Help with Iconic PURE Monk
  228. Are Str-based handwrap monks a thing anymore?
  229. Looking for a monk build new player
  230. Monk Finishers/SLAs.. Crit?
  231. Looking for some more trained eyes for my human ninja build
  232. Does the tempest stuff now work with Handwraps after the pass?
  233. first life iconic monk build request?
  234. gearing toward epic
  235. Modern Monk Manufacturing
  236. Working with Wraps
  237. Shintao Monk help
  238. Help with a monk build
  239. Good handwraps to use?
  240. Shintao special attacks worth it?
  241. Is 74 a good DC for stunning fist?
  242. That little pest! Gnome Monk
  243. TR Stick Build
  244. Troubled Kid
  245. [Unarmed] striking questions
  246. Flexible meele/thrower monk build
  247. Monk build got reset post-update, lost with what to do now
  248. First Monk. Build Questions
  249. Monk Build Request
  250. Human Shintao Monk 20 - ETR Into Thrower