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  1. Please add combat mastery items back into Quivering palm DC.
  2. End Game Gear: +1 ki on hit / +10 stunning / healing amp?
  3. Unarmed monk+warrior works?
  4. Punch free Heroic Monk build?
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  9. Need a monk build on 2nd life, 1st life was a fighter!
  10. Need another build! On 2nd life, (34 pt build) Barbarian past life!
  11. petition for monks
  12. 34pt build, first life Barbarian!
  13. Dark monk advice please!
  14. Unarmed Monk Enhancements
  15. Does this Monkcher build need updating, or can I run it as is?
  16. bladeforged stunbot
  17. 12Mnk/6Rgr/2Arti leveling order? Halp!
  18. Pure Monk Archcer
  19. Kensai, Khopesh and the Dark Monk Core abilities
  20. dark or light?
  21. Handwraps and Fire-Finishing-Move
  22. stunning fist
  23. Is 18 monk 2 fighter better than Pure monk?
  24. Build help: Best lightly splashed monk for leveling (Mostly heroic)
  25. Where are the Shintao enhancements?
  26. Martens 3.0
  27. Ninja training and vorpal strikes
  28. regarding the triple Earth Finisher trembling Earth
  29. Plan to make a new pure fisty monk
  30. Build Request
  31. TR into Henshin - Pure or 18/2 rogue splash?
  32. Starting stats for Hensin 18 Monk/ 2 Rogue levelling build
  33. I'm learning higher monk levels in wolf form 2D/18M and 3D/17M - fun! - need advice
  34. Unarmed Multi-Class Inquiry
  35. Vampiric Monk
  36. Coming back Need Help! Dont know what to do to fix this toon.
  37. Stunning first dc
  38. Has the every light casts a shadow bug been fixed yet?
  39. Pure Monk get a blue bar how?
  40. Sting of the Ninja
  41. 10k Stars not in level 6 monk feat list :(
  42. Need help with Monkcher
  43. Semi-new player looking for (H-Orc?) Monk build
  44. What slots should I fill with Green steel?
  45. Looking for a TR train Monk build just for the past life
  46. The Stick of Truth
  47. help with 32 point pure monk shuriken build??
  48. Build request
  49. U22 Ninja Spy Master: SWF?
  50. Clarification on value of wisdom on a monk splash
  51. Quivering Palm Changes from U21
  52. Need Enhancement recommendations for a very old Wisdom build Pure monk
  53. Recommendations for a Monk build
  54. Leel drain woes
  55. Tactician 2.0 Ranged/Melee
  56. Looking for simple Hafling pure monk build something kinda old school
  57. Monkchar test build
  58. Monk build - Just checking I havent stuffed it up..
  59. New to the game- Monk
  60. Returning Player - Need some assistance
  61. Halfling monk build help please?
  62. Monk Bunk
  63. Monk and the keyboard
  64. Tempest enhancements work with unarmed?
  65. Zeriyn - Build Thread
  66. monk dreadnaught question
  67. Balanced attack
  68. planning dex based elf monkcher for next life
  69. trapping monk
  70. Making a Henshin Mystic
  71. Improved Weapon Finesse and Unarmed Attack
  72. 1st life - unarmed monk request
  73. Unstoppable - Possible as a pure monk?
  74. Quirky and Interesting Multiclasses involving Monk?
  75. Shintao vs Ninja Spy unarmed Wind Stance DPS
  76. Henshin Crusader
  77. Shuriken and doubleshot?
  78. Dwarven Monk
  79. Anyone try a SWF monk?
  80. Critique Required: 12 Mnk/6 Rgr/2 Pal
  81. What to do with a WF monk?
  82. Build advice needed.
  83. TRd in a Hurry - May have messed up.
  84. Monk too click-intensive for me, help?
  85. Secret finisher?
  86. Violence Begets Violence
  87. How exactly do I use "finishing moves"?
  88. Last life as a horc monk
  89. Master of forms requires relog
  90. Offhand effects for Thrower Builds.
  91. Sting and Venomed blades post-U23!
  92. L20 Pure Monk Build- what should my end stats be?
  93. Finishing Move Icon(s)
  94. Ameliorating Strike Monk - Ninja Poison or Whirlwind Attack?
  95. Sanctified Gages' Scorching Sun Not WAI, I hope
  96. Long Swords and WSS vs Short Swords
  97. Monk's and Monk Weapons
  98. Monk Build Help
  99. Henshin Monk Abilities (what works with them?) 'specifics inside'
  100. Difficulty at the beginning- what is it?
  101. Balanced Attacks
  102. 32 point lvl 20 pure monk dwarf enhancements for epic farming?
  103. Recommendation for more ki
  104. Monkey King Build (WIP)
  105. Monk past life feat does it stack
  106. Epic Elite Content
  107. Help me making this monk with rogue splash
  108. Finishing move question...
  109. The Quivering Palm Experiment has failed.
  110. HORC monk build. Need critiques
  111. how much monk do i take
  112. Destiny Help please.
  113. Ki generation with bows?
  114. Back to the game after 3 years
  115. Shadowscale Outfit
  116. Heroic level sources of stun?
  117. Need monk advice for completionist
  118. What to Twist..
  119. Returning player - Monk race?
  120. Fixing a character on its 20th life
  121. Monks are on sale! Dec 5-11
  122. DEX to damage.
  123. looking for a monk 32pt build
  124. Shuricannon 2.0
  125. monk. v champs....no contest.
  126. Looking for ranged monk build
  127. Ranged DPS Monkcher
  128. Returning Monk, Advice please.
  129. 36-point unarmed build for U24+
  130. My Monk Needs help
  131. Shortswords vs Handwraps on a ninja
  132. Lvl 16 fast toon for challenges
  133. LR from fists to Shortswords
  134. Yet another returning player requesting help.
  135. Quick question re: Enhanced Ki generation (stacking?)
  136. unsure to take master of forms or stunning fist.
  137. Feeling horribly Noobish..
  138. double TR to monk build
  139. 12 Monk/8 Fighter or 12 Monk/8 Pally
  140. Need help with Ninja Spy feats
  141. +1 Enhanced Ki
  142. Monk PL build help
  143. Walking with Waves
  144. Upgrading Monk Stances on a Multiclass Monk
  145. Elf AA Monkcher
  146. Dirk Jiggler - update 24 - Strenght based monk.
  147. Old WWA monk build revisited
  148. Looking for SWF build advice for Monk
  149. Looking for a 32pt monk build
  150. Need heop with a 34 pt build with Rog and Pal splashes
  151. Monkcher race?
  152. Monk enhancement trees not visable
  153. Question: Will this Shintao build work as a 32 point?
  154. Ninja.....
  155. DEX based Touch of Death ninja
  156. 2nd degree burns and paralyzing fear on offhand work with mainhand thrower?
  157. Drunk?
  158. Every Light Casts a Shadow
  159. Unarmed dex to damage --- Any such thing?
  160. Looking for a pure monk build
  161. The Enlightened One
  162. help with monk ! keep or reroll?
  163. for alu
  164. Looking for a 36-point pure light monk build, new to the class.
  165. Flash Bang problems
  166. Monkcher
  167. 16 Monk 2 Fighter 2 Druid
  168. Devs - Please throw unarmed monks a bone.
  169. concerning know the angles
  170. Monk Heroic Past Life and Improved Martial Arts
  171. Help with Monk Stick Build
  172. Past Life: Disciple of the Fist
  173. Rethinking Shintao: A fictional tree rework
  174. Question about Monkcher longbow build
  175. Returning Player Seeking Advice - Pure Shortsword build
  176. Vengeful Half Elf Monk
  177. Know the Angles and unarmed damage
  178. Turbine please give Monks Wisdom to hit/damage
  179. Iconic monk life
  180. Why is Henshin Mystic so weak compared to everything else?
  181. TWF not working on handwraps
  182. Please help me make my flavour build suck less!
  183. Monk Ninja Spy ED?
  184. Sun stance overhaul
  185. Wind Stance Bugged? Or is it me?
  186. Build Feedback: 34-Pt Monk TR
  187. State of Monks
  188. Exactly ??W.H.Y?? does Kukan-do use your CHA mod?
  189. Monk Past Lives
  190. Potential Quivering Pam DC
  191. Bladeforged Staff-fighter
  192. The Zen Archer 1.0 (DDO version)
  193. SWF + unarmed?
  194. Looking for PDK monk build
  195. TRing Need help with an unarmed monk and some questions
  196. 12/5/3 Monk/Cleric/Paladin-- TR new to melee need help! :)
  197. Need Monkcher w/ Trap Skills Build
  198. Need a Henshin Acrobat build
  199. Monk Build help. Multi-classing Staff
  200. Monk Build Help, Please?
  201. question on str
  202. Ideas for a new PrE for monks - Zen archer.
  203. my state of monks rant
  204. Proposal: How to fix Monk Stances
  205. Darkwave Surfer
  206. Highest PRR monk can get?
  207. First Life Monk
  208. Ninja Spy Pass Short Sword Crits
  209. Monk Enhancement Trees Pass
  210. advice on a shintao light hafling monk please
  211. Ki regen question
  212. Miss Chance Equation
  213. arrow question for my pure zen archer monk....
  214. Epic Scraps of Enlightenment.
  215. Ki healing?
  216. I need a PDK build for some no fuss past lives.
  217. 18 Monk 2 Paladin Help
  218. Zen Archer Enhancements order.............
  219. Ninja Spy And Bow Dmg
  220. Using Dex as Damage Modifier for Handwraps
  221. Unarmed gearing question
  222. M12/8 Monk/Fighter leveling
  223. What feats would you take?
  224. Adept of Forms question
  225. What to slot for accuracy?
  226. suggestions for my monk
  227. New, fun monk build: a Warmonk... or Monklock
  228. "This does not apply to hand-wraps" please respond.
  229. Need help on my pure monk hand wrap user.
  230. template request for monkcher
  231. Question about Tree form
  232. Pure Elf Monkcher
  233. Anyone coming back to monk post 28.1?
  234. Is a Monkcher with 6 levels of monk viable?
  235. Snipercannon
  236. Monk Imp Crit: Bludgeon.
  237. monk/unarmed bug emporium
  238. Share your post-28.1 Monkcher builds and experiences
  239. Silver Flame Clonkcher
  240. How to salvage a 9 monk 5 fighter with a lesser +5 Heart of Wood?
  241. Quivering Palm and new figher tactics feat
  242. Cascading Moon....
  243. Endgame gear
  244. Drow shortsword ninja spy monk build // looking for help/hints
  245. I haven't played a monk in a while.
  246. So I made my first monk in a while.
  247. Whirlwind attack on Monks
  248. All bout dat Henshin Mystic / Ideas to fix the tree
  249. Melee Monk Builds?
  250. Do the game developers not care about monks anymore?