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  1. Broker UI - Please expand
  2. Bigger size hot bars, inventory other option boxes
  3. Terrible loud notification beep
  4. More and more bugs
  5. lfm issues from the weekend (screenshot included)
  6. My camera is focus at my feet
  7. Lost focus orb
  8. The new light monk's 'Healing Shield' sound is... painful! Please change it!
  9. chat windows and customization issues
  10. Some are able to hear me some not
  11. Please save the state of Social Panel check boxes
  12. Turbine, you design pros...
  13. The music for update 16 is all wrong!
  14. Broken LFM - new bug since update
  15. Don't know if it is a bug or if I am just lucky
  16. Bag Search Bar Too Big
  17. Loud notification effect for completing optional/objective
  18. Thanks!
  19. Set experience bar to show Heroic Exp?
  20. Audio Walk though
  21. Squelch not working on single character
  22. For the Eleventy Billionth Time: A Little volume slider popup for each party member.
  23. Self-Target UI option
  24. Hotbar Tooltips.
  25. Window z-ordering
  26. Can't hear or use mic.
  27. Item Effects
  28. Custom UI still work?
  29. I forget
  30. Hotbar and left hand Item
  31. Chat Error Message?
  32. Improved hotbars
  33. Are there any ways to change the Size of the Hotbars
  34. Stupid question (is this in a FAQ somewhere?) - list of inscribed spells ?
  35. G5 Mouse
  36. Middle Mouse Button Camera Bug
  37. DDO cuts out all other sound.
  38. EAX and Creative Alchemy
  39. Keybind/mouse UI problems
  40. Extracting Sounds
  41. UI Suggestion: More information about the quest in the tooltip
  42. AS indicator
  43. Proper Display of Weapon Damage in Inventory Screen
  44. New Quest Objective Sounds - Two stunted dwarven thumbs up
  45. Damage fullscreen effects
  46. Muffled sound while playing DDO
  47. UI skin recommendations
  48. *sob* please for the love of...
  49. about the music
  50. Keymapping issue
  51. chatwindow
  52. Are there optimal settings to use for voice chat?
  53. a very specific hotkey combo won't work while running forward
  54. right mouse button settings defaulting after every restart
  55. Doublestrike UI
  56. Whoever makes the music in this game...
  57. sound does not mute on minimized
  58. Keymapping Issue
  59. Odd Sound Problem
  60. Choose Your Play Style (Current Music from Character Creation)
  61. Mic jack screwy - Workarounds?
  62. My Settings go back to default after every log off
  63. Annoying hum.
  64. user chat channels
  65. Using the UI file system
  66. Problems with individual toons keymapping
  67. A+ for 3BC music
  68. Much better voice in 3BC, except...
  69. Parrot Pet
  70. Audio Glitch, happening near water
  71. Rotating small map
  72. Just to be clear....
  73. Guild Message of the Day & Line Feeds
  74. Strange sounds
  75. How do I
  76. 5.1 audio issue with HDMI connection
  77. Custom UI on a Mac?
  78. Chat Box Background
  79. Social Panel Updating Issues
  80. Ambient sounds fade out during combat
  81. mouselook sensitivity
  82. Key Mapping Keeps Resetting
  83. Voice chat coming out of speakers
  84. How to let DDO keep focus for the microphone when Alt-Tab or changing window focus?
  85. no sound
  86. User Preferences
  87. Game keeps changing my hotbar location
  88. Effects Frme Please
  89. I'm back - But can't get back?!
  90. Does anyone else find music of Eveningstar erotic?
  91. DDO kills VLC Media Player, how do I prevent this?
  92. minimap transparency
  93. Galacei's Action Bar layout
  94. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate and now game sounds stop working
  95. HP bar removal - migration
  96. Disappearing Bars - All of them
  97. auto-pickup?
  98. Custom UI ?
  99. Sound Playback option = none
  100. Any way to hide/reduce Ship buff Icons?
  101. Any way to listen to the game music offline?
  102. is there any new UI skins around?
  103. Anyone have the most recent art assets?
  104. Ddo api
  105. Sounds issue
  106. Anonymous
  107. Opaque party names
  108. Social panel issues
  109. Gnome Warlock Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  110. Individual Audio Sliders
  111. Combat sounds
  112. Can this text in the shortcut bar be turned off?
  113. I need music.. ._.
  114. Specific windows 10 problems solved for keybinds logitech mouse
  115. How to stop desktop lighitng when game starts ?
  116. Is there a button combination for anonymous?
  117. Complete and up to date soundtrack?
  118. Floating Names Toggle Clears HP Bars and Doesn't Restore Names
  119. Keymapping.
  120. Chat window Transparencies and custom colours.
  121. where to put SKIN for UI in PC and in MAC?
  122. Zelotes F15 Gaming Mouse extra buttons
  123. "New" examine button
  124. Problem with music in new area
  125. Attack key mapping problem
  126. switching destiny drops Paladin abilities
  127. New Headset Blues
  128. Let's Make Horn of Thunder a Horn!
  129. Deafening wind in Wheloon
  130. UI no longer has an External Store choice?
  131. Sentient Weapon Vocalizations
  132. One damage number
  133. Item Comparison Not Showing in 1280x720 Resolution
  134. Microphone problems
  135. ddo store
  136. UI Scaling/modifications
  137. Anyone have the Arctis 7 headset?
  138. Looking to bind single hotkey to multiple bars
  139. Need help to make a On/Off macro
  140. Sage's Spectacles not working with /gogglesup on
  141. Is there ever going to be an update to add proper UI scaling?
  142. Debuffs in normal buff bar
  143. UI size ratio to screen
  144. Item Comparison
  145. UI help stuck on say command
  146. I need a new version of the SkinDefinition File
  147. NPC dialog box position - Reset to default?
  148. Need advice on DM wall of text on screen
  149. NPCs muffled when I dont face them
  150. No sound from DDO - have tried all regular fixes
  151. Great job on the extended character sheet!
  152. Game freezes but only when full screen
  153. Magma Fiendling Companion Makes Frequent Abnormally Loud Noises
  154. Music and Sound Effects for a Tabletop Game
  155. 64bit client Sound Playback not working
  156. No Audio
  157. Hands free mic option not working
  158. Turn off effects option not working?
  159. Super Cyan new 2020 UI
  160. Dear Devs, is there a definition list for the UI skin files?
  161. Rogue's BlackBird - Modern Update
  162. Enabling UI Themes within Linux
  163. Desktop.ini files in Skin packages. Why?
  164. Saga Progress?
  165. Double Posts Problems
  166. GothicBites - DDO's First Magical UI
  167. Scorched - UI skin
  168. Camera viewing angle