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  1. This looks cool
  2. U29 Electroficer
  3. Newbie INT damage question
  4. First life artificer advice.
  5. Manyshot, new version?
  6. Has Conjure Bolts been changed?
  7. Any way to keep K9 from becoming a pointer?
  8. Iron defender intimidate = lol
  9. Rune arm's DC and Tenser
  10. need some help here. about pure arti RANGED DPS buildED
  11. Fix Artificer DPS
  12. Artificer Enhancement Pass Ideas
  13. Legendry Green Steel weapon for Arty!!!
  14. Could use some pointers for my new arty
  15. Looking for solo viable Artificer build
  16. Gnome Artificer help
  17. docent for artificer pet?
  18. Is Archanotechnician viable now?
  19. Reccommended Runearms?
  20. Trick for upgrading Rune Arms in Weapon Sets
  21. Artificer Build Request - Unspecific
  22. DDO Newb with Art build questions
  23. Arti newb asks "What do you wish you had known at level 3+"
  24. Need advice.
  25. Cannith Shock Trooper
  26. A lil doubt, please arti knowledge
  27. Reinforced Fist and the Iron Defender
  28. Rune Arms and Arcane Warrior
  29. Swf + thf
  30. Trap/Ranged pure build?
  31. rune arms for melee
  32. Lightning Storm, untested idea
  33. WF Arcanotechnician...seems really good so far
  34. Artificer Arcanomancer SLA bugged?
  35. Electric Critzilla
  36. 32 point artificer
  37. Is weapon attachment bugged for gnomes?
  38. Help wanted on Bladeforged arti build
  39. Knives eternal versus machinations of madness
  40. Pretty much maxed out Summon Buff Arti Dog
  41. Arti/Bard Swashbuckler build help please
  42. Elven Artificer
  43. arti for crafting
  44. Rune arms?
  45. Newb Iron Defender question
  46. Considering a TWF Arti
  47. "The Maverick Hunter" a guide to melee Artificer
  48. Ablative Armor__BUG ????
  49. Crossbow Arti Pastlife Build Questions
  50. Solo Artificer (Gnome or Half-Elf) with or without stealth (?)
  51. Suggestion for new Artificer Spells.
  52. SWF + Helm deity Arti / Fvs / Ftr synergy
  53. WF Arti: Pure or rogue slash
  54. Puppy collars
  55. Arcane Archificer
  56. The Last Artificer
  57. Artiforcer (Based on Electric Critzilla)
  58. Maxed repeater dmg
  59. Max Artificer Spellpower
  60. Stacking Dorf Axe Enhancements?
  61. Quick Question
  62. First Impressions From a Noob
  63. Endless Fusillade vs Double-shot
  64. Rune Arm Help!!!
  65. Make Endless Fusillade a stance
  66. Artificers and healing.
  67. Want to try something new...
  68. What's the point of Artificers?
  69. iron defender enchantment point leveling up is buged
  70. Casual player finds himself at level 18 and directionless.
  71. Lets play a Human Electric Critzilla Arti! Youtube video series!
  72. What to craft on rune arms?
  73. Runearm crafting
  74. 12 Artificer 6 Fighter 2 Monk Reaper Build
  75. Rune arm usage
  76. new 20 arti?
  77. melee rune arms
  78. "Vorpal Queen" Gnome 20 Artificer for U36
  79. Combat Brute Does Not Work with Endless Fusilade
  80. Some Quick Fusilade w/ Gxbow vs Repeater Comparisons
  81. arti/rouge build advice
  82. Does the iron defender pet benefit from MRR?
  83. *Pure Melee Artificer* - Build Concept.
  84. I though Rune Arm Shot Tracking/Targeting was Improved
  85. runearm and spell power
  86. any1 ever done/had luck with melee arti?
  87. Updated 32 point Artificer
  88. Rune Arm Caster (for Chronozious)
  89. Iron Defender's bark is gone
  90. Artificer Sneaking?
  91. Artificer Pass make them Reaper useable?
  92. What was I doing? 7 Art / 2 Fgt / 2 Pal
  93. Mid to late heroic repeater thoughts
  94. Artificer End Game Equipment
  95. Need help building an arti
  96. Levelled Arti Spell Scrolls
  97. Cannith crafting, rune arms, and mythic boost
  98. Filigree sets for a repeater
  99. Pure Caster still viable?
  100. Iconic Artificer?
  101. Iron Defender Enhancements
  102. Love the pet, hate the class.
  103. Tactical Mobility is non-functional
  104. Upcoming Arti Tree
  105. Would this be the ultimate endgame Bastard sword for a Melee artificer?
  106. Breakdown Of Problems With Artificer Tree From A Melee Arty Perspective
  107. New Renegade Mastermaker Tree Edited For Melee Artificer Viability
  108. can we finally get evasion for artificer
  109. Crazy Insane Request
  110. Looking for a build for a primarily ranged focused arti with secondary caster
  111. Boosting Rune Arm Damage
  112. Iron Defender Docents
  113. Iron Defender Constantly bugging
  114. 14Arti/6Rogue XBow Devestaion
  115. Pure Artificer Gear
  116. Sentient leveling weapon
  117. Lightning immune heroic mob quests, am I missing any?
  118. New to game
  119. Attack Boost and Vorpal
  120. Artificer missing spells?
  121. Repeater vs great crossbow
  122. Unorthodox Tank
  123. arti recon sla.
  124. Renegade Mastermaker Tanks
  125. Heph's Advanced Guide to Artificers - Attention all Intermediate Tinkers & Up!
  126. Warforged Bastard Sword + Rune Arm Battle Engineer Build
  127. Hows renegade doingin epics
  128. Viability of Fleshy Artificers
  129. The Melee Artificer
  130. New melee arti
  131. Renegade Vistani
  132. Runearms and the UI
  133. Renegade Mastermakers core 2 "Alchemical Shield" not working?
  134. Is a Pure arti Renegade master maker strong enough for reaper group tanking?
  135. Does the artificer's iron defender have a breath weapon?
  136. critique/help with my Arti
  137. Tank Build wanted: 15 Arti/4 Pally/ 1 Wizard Aasimar race
  138. Caster Arti? Never tried this before.....
  139. Going to Reincarnate for the first time....need advice/info.
  140. Interesting . . .
  141. Returning ancient needs help with pure arti build
  142. Rune Arm DC display - devs, please make it displayable
  143. Don't need to be artificer 18 to take Runic Efficiency. Is this WoI?
  144. Really need help finishing my build!! I have to choose oow!!
  145. Best weapon for capped Dwarf Melee Arti
  146. Melee Arti Buzz
  147. (Theorycrafting) Heroic AoE bburst damage (Electric Gibzilla)
  148. Automated Repairs question
  149. Which gearset for melee artificer?
  150. Renegade MM Kinetic Discharge causes Pause in Attack Animation
  151. Pulverizer and crossbows
  152. Pure Arti VS Rogue Mechanic Anyone have #'s?
  153. Converter and extend?
  154. TF Draconic reinvigoration and fusillade
  155. Help with arty dog
  156. Short artificers bug?
  157. Deep gnome wiz/arti? Thoughts???
  158. Improved Construct Essence and Oils
  159. Regeneration Construct
  160. Some Ranged-related Questions
  161. Best Past Lives for an arti?
  162. Brand new to ddo
  163. Sentient Weapon Loadout
  164. How to build an Arti tank?
  165. The Drow Maverick
  166. U41 Electroficer - Pure Artificer
  167. Rune Arm Question for Leveling
  168. Preferred Slaver’s gear (if any) for heroics
  169. Requesting melee arti build advice (SWF or THF)
  170. pure melee arti
  171. Crafting & Dragonmark of Making
  172. Inquisitive Artificer
  173. Two Artificer questions about mechanics