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Frost Giant

Creature Type: Giant
Environment: Usually cold mountains, caverns, or arctic areas
Attack: Axes or similar weapons, Bows, Spells
Special Qualities: Immunity to cold
Organization: Solitary, gang, or band 

Delving deep into the icy caverns, I was frozen not by the cold, but by terror at the sight of the Frost Giants. I threw myself down into the trampled snow, hiding behind the slick pillars of stalagmites. Beyond these foes, I knew the captives of my village could be found, and I and my companion were their only chance at escape. Well hidden in the shadowy caves, I was about to press onwards when a roar of laughter reverberated off the cavern walls. Inching closer to peer at the giants, I beheld a most unusual spectacle.

One giant called out loudly, and stabbed a blade right into his thigh! After a moment, he laughed boisterously, and passed the blade to his neighbor, who did likewise. They would carry on in this way, laughing, as if they were undaunted by the wounds they were inflicting on themselves. As this strange activity continued, I caught better sight of the weapon they wielded. I recognized the blade! It belonged to my brother, who'd fallen defending us against the Frost Giant's raid. His cherished weapon had long protected my family, as it was magically imbued with the power to sap the strength of enemies. I watched in horror as these massive icy terrors passed my brother's enfeebling blade back and forth amongst themselves! My heart and courage sank as I realized that being stabbed with my brother's blade was not a threat to them... it was a game.

Frost giants are enormous muscular humanoids with pale skin, eyes, and hair. Weighing upwards of 2800 pounds, they are found predominately in harsh icy regions. They clad themselves in a mixture of animal skins, pelts, and chainmail, and often decorate their metal helms in horns or feathers. These giants are usually quite evil, and often make their living by raiding and pillaging innocent camps and villages. Some reports indicate they may even hunt down and kill white dragons!

If confronted by Frost Giants, it's important to note that they are immune to cold. Some tribes of Giants have also been known to be incredibly tough, and shrug off the effects of various types of ability drain, making them formidable foes. Among such hearty tribes, it is a favorite gambling game for the Giants to test each other’s endurance against the effects of stat-damaging weapons. In combat, it is best to use fire to fight against them, as they are vulnerable to it. Giant-bane weapons will also serve you well. If you're particularly stealthy, you can try sneaking up on them. Dwarves also stand a much better chance in battle against Frost Giants, with their natural dwarven armor class bonus against giant-kind.

Whether openly wandering snow-covered mountains, or taking shelter from the bitter cold in an icy cave, you should always be wary of ambush by raiding Frost Giants, out to plunder and take captive any in their path.

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