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December Deals and Events!

In the DDO Store!

Improved Epic Otto's Irresistible Boxes

Available for a limited time now through January 3rd and includes

  • 1 Stone of Improved Epic Experience (4 million XP)
  • 2 Great Elixirs of Discovery
  • 5 Superior Experience Elixirs
  • 5 Major Slayer Count Boosts
  • 5 Siberys Spirit Cakes
  • 1 Complete Reincarnation Timer Reset
  • 1300 Commendations of Valor
  • Your choice of either an Orange Gelatinous Cube Creature Companion or 65 Astral Shards

Don't miss double bonus points in the DDO Store now through January 3rd!

Get Deep Discounts Every Week this Month!

December 21st through the 27th get:

  • 75% off Veteran Status Level 7
  • 50% off Visitani Knife Fighter Enhancement and Epic Destinies
  • 35% off Bigby's Hands

December 28th through January 3rd get:

  • 75% off Menace of the Underdark™ and Shadowfell Conspiracy™ in the DDO Market!
  • 50% off Superior Guild Renown Elixir x 25, Phoenix Robe, Shadowfell Regalia, Top Hat
  • 35% off Sentience Toolkits

Improve Your Character! Get 25% off December 21st through the 27th:

  • Select Stat Tomes & Skill Tomes
  • Tomes of Learning
  • Harper Agent Enhancement Tree

    Adventure & Advance! Get 30% off December 28st through January 3rd:

  • Select Adventure Packs
  • Quest XP Elixirs

      Festivult is in full swing. Gather coins and exchange them with the Festivult Jester for seasonal prizes now through January 6th!

      10% Heroic and Epic XP boost, now through January 3rd!

      Happy Festivult, and be sure to visit this page again for new specials & events, announced every week this month!



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