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Fan sites are an integral part of our community!

The companies or individuals administering the websites listed below are not affiliated with Standing Stone Games or its licensors. The statements and opinions expressed on these websites are solely those of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, nor are they endorsed by, Standing Stone Games or its licensors. Standing Stone Games and its licensors do not guarantee the accuracy of, and are in no way responsible for, any content on these websites.


BandVP is a family-friendly DDO-only YouTuber who is doing a video series on every class/iconic/race in the game. 


DDOWiki is a free resource for any player of Dungeons & Dragons Online. The site is intended to be a comprehensive source of information for everything about the game. Using wiki allows anyone who is a fan of DDO to contribute and help DDOwiki become a great resource for the game.


AdarDDO is a web site created by Tom.JonesJR to host an online Guild Airship Amenity builder and several spreadsheets.

Axel's DDO Channel on YouTube

Discussions, guides, gameplay and a personal vlog dedicated to DDO. Videos include spoken audio and are from the perspective of a veteran DDO player. The videos on the channel aim to be both entertaining and informative.

Canal Xawarma

A Spanish language YouTube channel featuring DDO!

Cavalier Cavalry

DougGlyndwyr's guild page archives Notes to Strike a Chord, playthrough videos, guides, observations, strategies, and other sundry DDO related things.

Damsels of DDO

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Every other week, we play via the DDO Stream and then discuss in a podcast the next day!


A weekly audio podcast about the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online! This podcast is made by players, for players of DDO. Each week DDOCast features news, interviews, and lots of fun as well!

DDO Central

This blog compiles current online DDO resources for players! Also available on popular social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

DDO Chat

DDOChat is on online website and chat room where you can hangout and discuss any DDO related content. Feel free to chat about the game, real life, lurk, or even idle to your hearts content. We would like to keep this a free and safe for work/home environment, stop on by, pick a name, and type !rules when you are in the chat room.

DDO Cocktail Hour

Cocktailhour with Lessah and Samius is an audio podcast about the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online! This podcast is made by players, for players of DDO. With a laid back, have a fun talk tell stories. Warning: teaching moments may be encountered.

DDO Gamer

DDO Gamer is your go-to source for the latest or funniest DDO information. Updated most weekdays.

DDO Gaming

DDO Gaming is a Facebook page and blog about DDO!


DDOguys are a group of old school gamers who have been playing DDO for years and have decided to start showing everyone else the hilarious incidents. We post up a lot of let's plays and try to keep rolling out fresh content on a weekly basis. We also have put out build discussions and tutorials. Every week our content grows so come check out our YouTube fansite or join us on one of our other media sites including facebook, twitter, and recently added twitch. We hope to hear from you!

DDO Players

DDO Players Covers all news related to DDO and DnD 5E. We strive to cover all aspect of DDO. Each week we produce a podcast DDO Player News. We are a proud member of The Players Alliance Network

DDO Raiders

Are you tired with switching your toons in DDO to just know they are ready to run a raid or not? It's time to use DDO Raiders! This is a free app for Android that includes various tools to help DDO players.

Erdrique's Blog

A blog about my adventures in Dungeons & Dragons Online. I like to talk about lore and try to make links between various aspects of the game and to talk about other game related topics such as quests and builds. 

Even Now

Even's DDO blog!

Gingerspyce's DDO Youtube Channel

A dedicated DDO channel with dozens of instructional videos about quests, etc. Its focus is demonstrating the capabilities of a druid caster/healer/quasi-tank build. All videos are narrated with playstyle tips and advice. Features a beginner's guide series for people interested in the build but are new to druids.

It's Just Pointless

A small site with Katz' characters, builds, builds made for others, some how-to's, and a blog!

MD Interactive

Creative quality content by MDI, featuring various games such as DDO & more! Status Updates, Let's Plays, Tips, Guides etc.

Measurement Guild

A website that tries to inspire players into trying new playstyles by giving an answer to questions like "How far does my Greataxe reach, and how about my dagger?", "What sources of Charisma are there, and how high can it go?" "What action boost should I pick, Damage or Attack speed?" 

Vinton's Place

A medium to keep in touch with fellow gamers and friends abroad, even while not actively logged into DDO. Includes game maps, strategies, discussion forums, character builds, and more.

Ravenguard Press

The Ravenguard Press until recently, has been exclusively associated with The Korranberg Chronicle, a widely read publication headquartered out of Zilargo. We are now an independent investigative reporting organization home based in Stormreach. We report on strange happenings in the city, corruption of the Coin Lords and Dragon Mark Houses, highlight Adventurer Guilds, and collect rumors for further investigation.

The Shady Rogues

The Shady Rogues are a group of friends who have known each other for what feels like forever. We like playing DDO and have decided to share our adventures with the world. We are currently attempting to play through the entire game. Come watch us fail spectacularly. Yark! Yark! 

The Stormreach Campaign

Deadlock has put together an incredible resource of XP tables, maps, Eberron history, and more!

The Cauldron of Night

The Cauldron of Night is a web site where all players in the Thelanis Server can join with the Witch to Roleplay. But the site is too a personal web where I put all the stories, and drawings, comics etc ... from my early years of roleplaying in Greyhawk with this character to the present, now with the seeting of Eberron; Tharsys fits well because of the background of the world of Eberron.


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