Often, when experiencing an account issue, the fastest way to get it resolved is to call our phone line. However, we realize that for some players this can be difficult and costly, particularly when calling internationally. While 855-WBGAMES (924-2637) is a toll free line, phone providers outside the US may incur additional charges, as it is still considered an international call.

We wanted to take a moment to go over some alternate options that players can use to contact us rather than calling direct. Many players already use these methods to call us from outside the US and we want to make sure everyone is aware of them. Check out some of the options below if you are in need of a method to contact Account Support:

Google Voice: Google voice offers a variety of services, one of which is affordable international calling. For more information about international calls through Google Voice, check out this video and the Google Voice website.

Skype: Skye is primarily known for their user-to-user call and chat services. They also offer an option for calling US Landlines at affordable rates. You can get more information on all Skype services, including landline calls, here.

Vonage: The service Vonage offers is more similar to an actual phone company. While they do not offer one-time call options like Skype and Google, if you are regularly making international calls it is a service that may be worth looking into. Check out their website here.

If you know of another option that might also be helpful to other players, please add it to the thread. If we think it’s a secure option for other players, we might add it to the post!