"Olladra's Haven" is a recently founded mature lite roleplaying guild on the Sarlona server. This is mostly an European guild, but we welcome anyone who play odd hours too.

Lite Roleplay:
Inspired from pencil and paprer, where we had a little roleplay now and then. We added a few traits to our characters, had a fitting character name and a short background for our character. This is required for anyone entering this guild. We do not enforce to actually roleplay, we just encourage it. Most of it is for flavor, the main focus of this guild is getting through the great DDO content and helping eachother.

Guild background(RP):
Olladra, the goddess of luck and feasts has always been smiling upon the bravest of adventurers.. But some adventurers have experienced traumatizing events, done bad deeds they want to repent or need a refuge from evil haunting them. The Lady of Luck planted an idea inside the head of a devoted follower; To start a safe haven for adventurers in need. The safe haven is beneath the Temple of the Sovereign Host.. And do not worry, despite being in a temple, Olladra grants the refugees in her haven the ability to gamble, drink and feast! In the Haven, you will recieve no questions about your past and you can keep it to yourself unless you want to share your burdens with others.

Olladra's Haven is a guild...
.. For those who want to pop a beer and be social through dungeons..
.. For those new to the game who don't want to get rushed through every quest..
.. For those who like to get all optionals done and relax in dungeons..
.. For those who like a bit of roleplay or at least immersion around them..
.. For those who look for a mature and close-knit group around their timezone..
.. For those laid-back players who understands real life first..
.. Or just those who want some good ol' fun with like-minded players!

Interested in joining?
VIP, Premium with a lot of content or soon-to-be VIP required.
Mic or being able to hear so is required.
You must be at least 18 years old of age.
The guild will be small, make sure the guild is open for recruitment before apply.
Understand that real life comes first.

Apply on this website after you've read the code: http://ohaven.guildportal.com/