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    Default ***DDO Links***

    Last Update- September 11, 2011

    In order to simplify things "At a glance", so to speak, I have Alphabetized the Listing of DDO Links Page Here

    I have found the information below helpful in understanding different aspects of the mechanics of the game and entertaining outside of it. I hope players of any caliber Novice to Advanced find some value in it. Thanks all for the information you've posted here over the years, it's been very helpful. I picked up most of the pics from the Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons web site. Some great pics in the gallery there. Click the gifs below for a larger view if you want.
    ***If I linked something someone prefers not to be linked, let me know. If someone wants something added let me know. I’d be more than happy to. Also just a reminder some of these direct you out of the forum website.***

    Starting Out

    Character Planning

    MrCow's Reincarnate Diaries

    GuntherBovine Diaries

    Build Indices

    Offensive Mechanics

    Deffensive Mechanics



    Epic Crafting


    Exploring & Collecting

    • Sanadil's Interactive Game guide - Created By Sanadil. With all the current information available in this application, covers a lot more than just crafting. Very nice companion guide for quick refference Raid/ quest or Explorer area help.Download* Updated version contains: Shroud Crafting/ Ring Crafting/ Ingredients/ Raid Timer/ Item Tracker/ Dragontouched Crafting/ Alchemical Crafting/ Compendium/ Loot Guide/ Raid Guide / Quest Guide/ Puzzle helper/ Maps and an FAQ section.

    Quest and Explorer Area Maps & Guides

    Puzzle Solving Help

    Loot and General Collectables

    General Tips

    Miscellaneous, Creative and Fun




    • Secrets of the Water Dragon- Created By Djeserit
    • Monk Guide (ROUGH DRAFT) - Created By Mobeius. The information gathered should be helpfull if you are just starting out with the Monk class. Also, recommend reading the posted comments in the guide, as they are very informative as well.




    Sorcerer Wizard



    This page belongs to you the player. Feel free to suggest add-ons or ways to make it better.

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    Default Posting Pics and other things people have had to explain to me.

    Posting Pictures can be done several ways
    • Using a Free Online server- Few listed below

      I use Photobucket. Once you have an account simply download the pic(s) you want to post. You then have 4 options to post.
    • E-mail & IM
    • Direct link < ----If you want to link your photo but don’t want it to show up in the Forum
    • HTML Code
    • IMG Code < ----This is the easiest if you want the Pic to show up in the Forums
      In Photobucket you click on the IMG option, it will automatically copy it for you. Then either right click on the Forum post and paste or hit ‘Ctrl V’
      It should look like this [ IMG][/IMG ]

    • Link a photo from your own web like Myspace or Facebook or paste an image or any photo that has a http address. Copy and paste the link in the Forum post and manually put the [img] at the front and [/img] at the end. The pic will show up in the Forum. The correct http address can also be found in the Properties section of the photo if you right click on it.

    • If you are in the game and want to take a picture, type 'Ctrl' 'P', a note will show up in your general chat window as to what the file name is. It may be different for others but my photos are stored in My Documents/ Dungeons & Dragons file.
    • If you want to take a picture in game without the UI Skin,'Alt' 'Z' is the default key. These can be changed in 'Options/ Keymapping' in game.
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    Default Using the /joinchannel help for new players

    Thanks Bluebadger for working with me on this.

    First a little about the Chat window. Your default settings are 'General','Combat','Party' &'Guild'. You have four other optional channels you can create/join, 'UserChat Channels 1-4'. Creating a new tab is explained below. If your chat window gets a bit too crowded simply use the 'Undock' Option also shown below,or 'right-click' and drag the tab away from your chat window. To Redock it, drag the tab into the center of the chat window you wish to place it in.

    The 'UserChat 1-4' Channels can be used in multiple ways by players. In order to join any channel you need to type /joinchannel 'Channel Name'& (optional only),'channel Password'. Several groups have channels set-up that require a password to join. On pretty much all of the servers, two helpful channels without passwords are /joinchannel help & /joinchannel theMarket.

    As a new player, after you join the 'Help' Channel, you should be able to type /1 in the chat window,(if this is the first channel you join) followed by introducing yourself as a new player and your questions, then {Enter}. Then whenever you want to talk, remember to type /1 first then your question for the Help channel. Another option if help is not on 'UserChat1' use
    /userchat help instead of /1.

    The 'Help' Channel can be used to answer a variety of questions you may have about the game; whether you are stuck on a certain quest, want more info about items or general play or learning to find groups. But keep in mind it is manned by players in game who are providing you with this help. Different servers may have a different amout of players on. When you join the channel you will see the number of members on. Since they are players they may be in quests, remember to please be patient.

    After setting these up, if you find yourself unsure of which 'Userchat 1-4' you need to talk in, type /listchannels. All channels that you have connected to will appear in the 'General' tab. If you ever need to leave a channel type /leavechannel 'name'

    To set-up the Help (or any) window, follow the instructions below.

    Step 1-----------------------------------------------------------------Step 2

    Right click on any of the tabs in your chat window. Left click on----------You should now have a Default1 tab. If you want Right click on
    Create Window.---------------------------------------------------------it, Left click Rename to 'Help' or whatever you want it to be.

    Step 3---------------------------------------------------------------------Step 4

    Next you can set-up your Incoming and Outgoing Text Types for
    just that channel. Make sure 'Userchat1' is the only option
    checked for both. ---------------------------------------------------------From this point type '/joinchannel help' in your chat window
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------and you will see that you've joined the Help chat. If you go
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------this route you will not need to type /1 before you type in the window.


    I recommend leaving the 'World Event' Incomming Text types checked. You should now have a better understanding of the several options with your chat window. If you want you can set-up each window for specific incoming and outgoing texts. For example if you have your party window open and you only want to see party chat in it and not everything else that is goin on. You also may want to undock windows, whatever is easier for you. Good luck and hope to see you in the game.
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    Default Portal Screen (AKA Loading Screen) Tips & Tricks

    Collected below is the complete list of all Tips on our portal screens Taken from the DDO Online Support. If someone else did this, sorry, I didn't see it and I wanted to link it.

    Tip #1: To multi-class your character, simply talk to the trainer of the new class you're interested in when you're ready to level up.
    Tip #2: You can adjust your graphics settings in the options panel (Control-O).
    Tip #3: Leaving and reentering an adventure will reduce the XP granted upon completion.
    Tip #4: When you reach a new level, you gain action points, which you can trade with a Trainer for Enhancements.
    Tip #5: Active skills (square icons) must be dragged into your shortcut bar to be used. Passive skills (octagonal icons) work automatically.
    Tip #6: Use the Diplomacy skill in battle to make monsters pay less attention to you.
    Tip #7: Temporary enchantments get removed as you enter an adventure.
    Tip #8: If you have a high Dexterity and a low Strength, you should consider the Weapon Finesse feat.
    Tip #9: Glitterdust reveals invisible creatures.
    Tip #10: Use the Intimidate skill to draw monsters to you and away from your fellow party members.
    Tip #11: You can use the Use Magic Device skill to employ scrolls and wands as well as to bypass certain weapon restrictions.
    Tip #12: Some spells require material components, which can be purchased from a vendor. Be sure to stock up before entering a dungeon.
    Tip #13: Wizards can learn new spells from scrolls if they have spell inscription components, which can be purchased from a vendor.
    Tip #14: The Sneak feat activates both the Move Silently and the Hide skills.
    Tip #15: A few exceptional spells, like Stoneskin, require special, expensive, material components.
    Tip #16: If you want to fight with a weapon in each hand, the Two Weapon Fighting feat and a light offhand weapon will reduce your attack penalties.
    Tip #17: Treasure chests are better stocked on higher difficulty adventures.
    Tip #18: Collectables (icons with gold trim) found on monsters and around dungeons can be traded to Collector NPCs for useful items. They cannot be sold to vendors.
    Tip #19: You can only disarm traps if you have a high enough Disable Device skill. Search to find the trap's control box and use Disable Device once it is selected.
    Tip #20: You can make the adventure display translucent or invisible by clicking on the 'eye' button in the top right corner.
    Tip #21: When an adventure is complete, you can hit the 'Finish' button to quickly teleport out of the dungeon.
    Tip #22: A Healer's Kit helps you to stabilize party members who are incapacitated but not yet dead.
    Tip #23: Some quest items, such as keys, are removed from your inventory when you exit an adventure. They can be found again when you return.
    Tip #24: Looting a chest too many times will temporarily reduce (or shut off) the amount of treasure you get.
    Tip #25: The leader can convert a party to a raid party by right clicking on the party display.
    Tip #26: Chalice-shaped Mapnotes show you where Quest NPCs and adventure entrances are.
    Tip #27: The sound of things breaking may attract monsters.
    Tip #28: The entire party shares all adventure objectives; keep an eye out for optional objectives -- they result in additional XP.
    Tip #29: Quests are advanced by completing adventures and talking with NPCs.
    Tip #30: Raid adventures allow raiding parties (up to 12 players) to enter. These are high level adventures, and are tough to complete!
    Tip #31: If you aren't low on hit points or spell points, save Rest shrines for later -- you never know when you will run into a trap or need to heal up before engaging the boss. -Shrines Reset after 15 Minutes on Normal. Depending on length of quest, sooner may be better than later.
    Tip #32: Rogues are the best at detecting and disabling traps. They also make the best scouts, and may save you time and hit points.
    Tip #33: Keep an eye out for searchable items like moss clumps, corpses, and rubble to find collectables.
    Tip #34: Many NPCs hang out in taverns -- talk to them all to collect the quests for that area.
    Tip #35: You must have Thieves' Tools to use the Disable Device and Open Lock skills. -You can also Hotbar your Tool's so you know when you are about to run out.
    Tip #36: It can be hard to find traps and other dangers -- invest in your Search skill or recruit someone who has a high Search skill.
    Tip #37: You can accompany your party members on most adventures, even if you don't have the quest, or haven't unlocked the difficulty level.
    Tip #38: Hold down the middle mouse button to rotate the camera to see your character from the front.
    Tip #39: Holding down the Left Mouse Button will put you into mouse-look mode. Releasing the button will bring you back to cursor-mode.
    Tip #40: Press the 'T' key to toggle mouse-look mode on and off.
    Tip #41: Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on your character.
    Tip #42: Use '/p <message>' to send a message to your party.
    Tip #43: Messages from your Party are displayed by default in your 'Party' tab in the chat window.
    Tip #44: You can resize your chat window by dragging the bottom right corner.
    Tip #45: Right click on a chat tab to add and remove message types, such as Say, Combat, or DMText.
    Tip #46: When you type '/say <message>' everyone in your general vicinity will be able to read your message.
    Tip #47: Use '/tell <name> <message>' to send a message to that particular person.
    Tip #48: You can display multiple chat windows by right clicking on a chat tab and selecting 'undock window.
    Tip #49: Holding down the 'Shift' key puts you in 'block' mode which gives you extra Damage Reduction and can prevent many special attacks such as a spider's poison.
    Tip #50: If you have the Two-Handed Fighting feat and are wielding a two-handed weapon, you can strike 'glancing blows' causing extra damage to monsters near your main target.
    Tip #51: Yellow damage text means the monster resistant to that type of attack and Purple damage text means the monster is especially vulnerable to that type of attack.
    Tip #52: Tired of losing hit points from falls? Increase your Tumble skill!
    Tip #53: When you execute a save, a blue hexagon displays above your head; when a monster executes a save, the damage text will appear in white to show it has been reduced.
    Tip #54: Shields work better if you're actively blocking with them, and are more effective than blocking with an offhand weapon.
    Tip #55: Your strength bonus for damage is higher when you use two-handed weapons.
    Tip #56: Hitting the 'Tab' key repeatedly will cycle you through the available combat targets.
    Tip #57: If you possess the Mobility feat, you gain an Armor Class bonus when tumbling.
    Tip #58: Your Tumble skill will decrease if you are wearing heavy armor. If the total modifier goes below zero, you won't be able to tumble.
    Tip #59: To Tumble: Hold down 'Shift' and hit a movement key ('W', 'A', 'S', 'D'). You must invest at least one skill point into your Tumble skill to do this.
    Tip #60: If you release from death, you will return to your bind point, which you can set by speaking with a brother or sister of the Silver Flame in a tavern.
    Tip #61: High level clerics can cast the Raise Dead spell, which will return you to life with a few hit points.

    Tip #62: When you die on an adventure you can use a Resurrection shrine (marked with a flame symbol) to come back to life.
    Tip #63: The higher your Armor Class, the more difficult it is for monsters to hit you. Armor, shields, magic items, high Dexterity and spells all increase Armor Class.
    Tip #64: When worn, an armor's Armor Check Penalty applies to the following skills: Balance, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Swim (the Armor Check Penalty is doubled for Swim).
    Tip #65: The Base Attack Bonus (BAB) increases as you gain levels. The rate of increase depends on your class.
    Tip #66: Bardic music is a welcome addition to a party, allowing the bard to inspire fellow party members or neutralize enemy monsters.
    Tip #67: Bards are not vulnerable to the arcane spell failure chance when wearing Light armor.
    Tip #68: Concentration is essential for a spell caster in combat. It allows the character to avoid being interrupted by taking damage while casting a spell.
    Tip #69: The critical hit multiplier is the number by which players multiply damage if they roll a critical hit.
    Tip #70: A Difficulty Check (DC) is made to determine if the player's action succeeded. Examples: Open Lock, Disable Device, Heal.
    Tip #71: '3d6' means three six-sided dice are being rolled. For example, when you see that a weapon does '2d4' damage, it means that two 4-sided dice are rolled for damage, for a damage range of 2-8.
    Tip #72: Negative effects on characters can be removed by a variety of curative spells, such as Remove Disease, Neutralize Poison, Remove Blindness, Lesser Restoration or Restoration. -Panacea, Heal, Greater Restoration, Restoration,Mass.
    Tip #73: Removing heavy armor may reduce skill penalties, but it won't reduce your overall encumbrance.
    Tip #74: The Evasion feat allows a player to avoid all the damage when making a successful Reflex save. -Provided you are not wearing Medium or Heavy Armor, Reflex Saves are usefull against certain Spells and Traps
    Tip #75: The Spell Focus feat makes the spells of a specific School more difficult to resist.
    Tip #76: Higher Fortitude saving throws increase your chances of resisting poison, disease and negative level effects.
    Tip #77: A Wizard is the only class that can learn every arcane spell in the game. Simply find a scroll of the spell and inscribe it into your spell book.
    Tip #78: Metamagic Feats enhance the functionality of your spells, but make your spells cost more Spell Points.
    Tip #79: The paladin's Aura of Good gives nearby players a bonus to their Armor Class against evil creatures. -Miscellaneous Type Bonus to AC
    Tip #80: Many feats have prerequisites such as a certain Base Attack Bonus, the ability to cast a certain level of spell, or other feats.
    Tip #81: Any player can use any weapon, but might incur substantial non-proficiency penalties.
    Tip #82: A Barbarian's Rage makes the player stronger, tougher, and more resistant to mind-affecting spells, but reduces the player's AC for the duration of the Rage.
    Tip #83: Higher Reflex saving throws increase your chances of resisting against Area of Effect spells such as Cone of Cold or Fireball.
    Tip #84: Some monsters have spell resistance, which acts like an Armor Class against spells. It forces the attacking caster to make a caster level check.
    Tip #85: Slimes, undead, and constructs are immune to critical hits and a Rogue's sneak attack.
    Tip #86: The higher your Saving Throws (Fortitude, Reflex, Will),the more likely you are to resist the effects of enemy spells.
    Tip #87: Each spell is aligned to a specific magic school based on its effects. For Example, Evocation: Fireball, Conjuration: Summon Monster.
    Tip #88: Rogues perform their Sneak Attack when they attack before the creature has detected the Rogue, or when the creature is attacking another target.
    Tip #89: The higher the ability modifier for your spell-casting attribute (e.g. Intelligence for Wizards) the more difficult it is for opponents to resist your spells.
    Tip #90: Clerics' cure spells are automatically memorized to represent their Spontaneous Casting ability.
    Tip #91: If your Spot skill is high enough, you will be able to detect the faint outlines of hidden creatures before they can sneak up on you.
    Tip #92: Tower shields provide a large bonus to Armor Class, but penalize your attack bonus-, and Dexterity Modifier to AC bonus. (The intrinsic value is 4.)
    Tip #93: Only rogues or clerics, using the spell find traps, can find traps with a Difficulty Check (DC) higher than 20.
    Tip #94: When Clerics turn undead, they can either stun the undead or destroy them outright. The higher the level of Cleric is versus the level of undead, the more likely the Cleric is to succeed.
    Tip #95: Higher Will saving throws increase your chances of resisting Enchantment spells such as Charm Person, Hold Person, or Sleep.
    Tip #96: If you are of an opposite alignment, you will suffer a temporary negative level if you use a Holy, Unholy, Axiomatic, or Anarchic weapon.
    Tip #97: Hold down the 'Ctrl' key while dragging a stack of items to split the stack.
    Tip #98: Press 'Z' to examine the statistics of a selected item, monster, or player.
    Tip #99: Heavy armor reduces your chance to sneak effectively.
    Tip #100: Press the 'I' key to access your inventory.
    Tip #101: To compare items side-by-side, select the little lock button on the upper left corner of the examine window; that window will now remain open even if you open a new examination window.
    Tip #102: Check your armor's Max Dex stat to see if you can get your full Dexterity AC bonus while wearing it.
    Tip #103: Pawn shops generally will buy your items for more money than regular shops. They also have items available for sale that players have sold to them -- the pawn shops are well worth a visit.
    Tip #104: If you aren't proficient with a weapon, armor, or shield, you will incur a penalty to your attack roll with that item. Check your class proficiencies by looking at your Feats in your Character Sheet to see what you're more proficient with.
    Tip #105: You can invite another player you see in world to join your party by selecting them and clicking the Invite button on the Focus Orb.
    Tip #106: Find other players to adventure with by using the Looking for Group (LFG) system in the Social Panel.
    Tip #107: To target yourself or someone in your party, use the Function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.). F1 selects you, F2 selects the first person in your party, F3 the second, and so on.
    Tip #108: Carry wooden or glass weapons to use against rust monsters -- they eat steel.
    Tip #109: Bludgeoning weapons shatter skeletons, but piercing weapons have little effect.
    Tip #110: Attack slimes with bludgeoning weapons; they can divide if you attack them with swords or arrows.
    Tip #111: Removing your armor and shield while swimming allows you to swim longer and faster - your breath meter expires much faster with them equipped.
    Tip #112: If your Breath meter runs out while swimming, you will start taking damage.
    Tip #113: Be careful of heights! Falling too great of a distance will cause serious injury or even death.
    Tip #114: Press the 'M' key to open or close your map.
    Tip #115: If you want to navigate to a person or place using your compass, open your map and click on the mapnote that corresponds to your desired destination. There will now be a white arrow on your compass pointing you in the correct direction.
    Tip #116: If you are having trouble finding your friends inside the city, make sure you are all in the same instance of the city ward. You can find the name of your current city instance and travel to different instances of the ward using the menu right above the compass.
    Tip #117: Each public space can have multiple instances (e.g. Market 1, Market 2, etc.) Look at the dropdown menu above the compass to see which copy you are in.
    Tip #118: Dungeon instances reset after 5 minutes once all players in your Party have left the dungeon.
    Tip #119: Press 'R' to toggle Auto-Run.
    Tip #120: Press the spacebar to jump -- the higher your Jump skill, the higher you will jump.
    Tip #121: When underwater, press the spacebar to ascend quickly.
    Tip #122: In Stormreach you can enter doors that are marked with a yellow swirl.
    Tip #123: Press the 'v' key to toggle the overhead names that appear above players and NPCs.
    Tip #124: Blindness and Curse spell effects will not wear off on their own. Use a potion, a scroll, or find a helpful cleric.
    Tip #125: While in a tavern you will slowly regenerate hit points and spell points. Eating and drinking while in a tavern will hasten this process.
    Tip #126: Healing spells and other curative effects have their benefits reduced by half when cast on warforged. Only Repair spells and effects heal Warforged without any reduction.
    Tip #127: Damage to ability scores (e.g. Strength, Constitution damage) will be healed over time while resting at a tavern.
    Tip #128: If one member of the party has a high Heal skill, all party members (except warforged) will gain more hit points while using a Rest shrine when that party member is nearby.
    Tip #129: When you need to recover from a tough fight while in a dungeon, you can use a Rest shrine (marked with a carved moon symbol) to heal your hit points and spell points.
    Tip #130: If one member of the party has a high Repair skill, all warforged party members will gain more hit points while using a rest shrine when that party member is nearby.
    Tip #131: Ability score damage can be recovered by resting in a tavern, casting a restoration spell (or scroll), or by drinking restoration potion.
    Tip #132: You can scroll through your shortcut bars by holding down the 'Ctrl' and turning the mouse wheel.
    Tip #133: Pressing the 'Esc' button accesses the Main Menu, where you can log out, quit to desktop, use options or look for help.
    Tip #134: You can examine and interact with objects using your Focus Orb; different objects will have different interactive buttons to use.
    Tip #135: You can play with a gamepad! Go to the Key Mapping tab in the Options panel to set it up.
    Tip #136: Look through the key-mapping options to learn the various keys and their functions.
    Tip #137: For faster access to skills, spells, and feats, drag them to your shortcut bar.
    Tip #138: You can lock all shortcut bars (to prevent accidentally dragging off icons) by pressing the 'Ctrl-=' key combo or through the option found in the Options Panel, under 'UI Settings.
    Tip #139: Mousing over a Mapnote will display its name in a tooltip.
    Tip #140: Wish you had more keys to bind things to? Try creating a custom Modifier key.
    Tip #141: If you'd rather attack with your Left Mouse button instead of your Right, click the 'Left Mouse Button Attacks' option in the mouse options panel.
    Tip #142: You can rotate any secondary shortcut bar from horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) by clicking the 'rotate' button found on left side of each bar.
    Tip #143: You can change shortcut bars by pressing the '=' key, or jump to one bar in particular by pressing 'Ctrl' plus the number of the shortcut bar.
    Tip #144: Mouse over any Ability score (e.g. strength, wisdom) in your character sheet to see where the total modifier was calculated from.
    Tip #145: Use the number keys (1, 2, 3, to 9, 0) to activate the corresponding feat, skill, spell, or weapon bound to that space on the shortcut bar.
    Tip #146: You can press ALT-ENTER to toggle between full screen and windowed mode.
    Tip #147: You can avoid the re-entry penalty in a dungeon by being resurrected inside either by a high level cleric with the correct spell or by using a resurrection shrine.
    Tip #148: Repeating the same adventure or optional objective too many times will decrease the XP given upon completion. -Until your character is capped.(Reached the Maximum XP.)
    Tip #149: Finishing an adventure on Elite gives a one-time bonus experience of +50%.
    Tip #150: While on an adventure, you can open the Experience Report UI by pressing the 'X' Key
    Tip #151: Monsters tend to attack whoever has dealt the most damage to them.
    Tip #152: Area of effect spells, such as burning hands, will not harm your party members.
    Tip #153: Magical armor bonuses from items (such as Bracers of Armor) do not stack with worn armor.
    Tip #154: Glancing blows will awaken hypnotized or sleeping monsters. Be careful where you swing that greataxe!
    Tip #155: Need additional bank space? Those commended by House Kundarak can gain access to additional storage.
    Tip #156: Anyone can block even if you don't have a shield equipped. Your AC and DR will still increase due to your defensive efforts!
    Tip #157: Ranged weapons (crossbows and bows) and arrows with the same magic enhancements do not stack. If you have a +1 bow and +1 arrows, you only get a +1 enhancement total. Different magic enhancements, however, will stack.
    Tip #158: There is no limit to the number of coins you can carry. Coins have no weight. -Maximum 4,300,000 Plat
    Tip #159: Consumables such as arrows, healing kits and potions are auto used according to their location in your inventory starting from the upper left space to the bottom right space in each bag tab and starting from the left bag tab to the right.
    Tip #160: If you have questions about your character class, stop by one of the class sections at the DDO forums at or ask another player.
    Tip #161: Going through arrows or bolts too fast? Those favored by House Deneith can purchase 'Sturdy' bolts and arrows, which are not expended as quickly.
    Tip #162: When dropped items from breakables are hard to find, you can use Backspace to select items near you and U to pick them up and use them.
    Tip #163: You can now play as a Drow! Once your adventures have earned you 400 total favor, speak to Nyx, the Drow Elder, outside Harbormaster Zim's house.
    Tip #164: The 'Lock' icon in the examine window allows you to keep an examine window open and compare multiple items.
    Tip #165: Extend Spell only affects spells that have a duration greater than instant and less than permanent. You can cast instant and permanent spells without an increased Spell Point cost.
    Tip #166: Need a buff before an adventure? Building favor with Houses Phiarlan and Jorasco will grant you access to extended beneficial spells, which will not be removed when you enter a dungeon.
    Tip #167: If the game cannot connect after an update, you may need to reset your firewall settings for DDO files.
    Tip #168: If a monster attacks you from behind it will get a +2 bonus to hit.
    Tip #169: You can disable guild names shown above players' heads by going into the Options Panel (ctrl+O) and changing the UI Settings.
    Tip #170: Be careful where you roam when fighting monsters! If there is a wall, pillar, or other obstruction between you and your cleric he or she can't heal you, even if you are close to him/her.
    Tip #171: A held monster will be automatically critically hit, regardless of your proficiency with a weapon.
    Tip #172: Any item can be placed in your hotbar, not just weapons.
    Tip #173: If another player is annoying you with unwanted /tell messages, you can type '/ignore add' and the character's first name in order to block further text.
    Tip #174: Successful intimidate checks result in an orange icon above the enemy's head. This will focus their assaults on the character they perceive as a threat for 6 seconds. -This may be a bug, but with higher level enemy's, occasionally this lasts 3 seconds.
    Tip #175: Running low on inventory space? The Coin Lords can reward those who have proven loyal with expanded inventory.
    Tip #176: The Paladin Lay On Hands ability has no penalty when used to repair Warforged.
    Tip #177: Some magic items are attuned to a specific race. Be sure to check for race restrictions on weapons, armor, or other equipment before you purchase them.
    Tip #178: If you're having trouble swimming underwater, turn mouse look on. It greatly improves your control.
    Tip #179: Most beneficial effects have a bonus type, such as enhancement, morale, or luck. Different types of bonuses stack, but usually the same types of bonus do not, with the exception of dodge bonuses, most circumstance bonuses, and racial bonuses. -Similar Dodge bonuses will not stack.
    Tip #180: Ray spell attacks can be dodged if you move your character out of the way quick enough. Watch for enemy spell casting animations for a warning of when to dodge.
    Tip #181: Using a resurrection shrine will set your current spell points to zero, a cleric's raise dead spell will not.
    Tip #182: The Lesser Restoration spell removes ability damage and similar spells, such as Ray of Enfeeblement and Touch of Idiocy.
    Tip #183: If you find a certain type of monster is making most of its saves against your spells, try using a spell that requires a different saving throw or one with no saving throw at all.
    Tip #184: Taking screen shots with Ctrl-P writes the picture file to a folder named 'Dungeons and Dragons Online', located in My Documents.
    Tip #185: It gets tiring holding your weapons and shields after finishing a quest. You can put them away with /sheathe to free up your hands, while still being ready for battle.
    Tip #186: Any player can use a shield with 0 armor check penalty without proficiency, and suffer no attack penalty.
    Tip #187: Using a shrine will remove most favorable spells currently on your character. -With exception to those spells purchased from House P & House J.
    Tip #188: Using a rest shrine will remove 1 negative level if you have suffered level drain.
    Tip #189: The Brothers and Sisters of the Silver Flame located in taverns can cast a variety of status ailment removing spells, such as remove curse, for a fee.
    Tip #190: Tumble, Open Lock, Disable Device, Use Magical Device, and Perform may only be used if you have put points into training them, even if you have ability modifiers and equipment that would normally boost your skill above zero.
    Tip #191: The Difficulty Class (DC) to resist your spells is 10 + the level of the spell + your bonus for the relevant stat (Int for a wizard, Cha for bards and sorcerers, Wisdom for divine casters). This can be increased with the Spell Focus feat of the correct school or the Heighten Spell metamagic feat.
    Tip #192: Magical spell scrolls can be manually stacked in your inventory, even though they do not automatically stack. Just drag a scroll on top of an identical scroll (or existing stack of identical scrolls) to stack them.
    Tip #193: Check your encumbrance before swimming. An encumbrance level of medium greatly decreases your ability to swim.
    Tip #194: The Trip Feat is more successful the stronger your character is.
    Tip #195: To turn on voice chat, go to Options -> Audio -> Enable Voice Chat. You can do this even if you do not have a microphone so you can hear what others are saying.
    Tip #196: Wands for any spell on the spell list for any of your character's classes can be used as long as your total character level is as least as high as the caster level on the wand. This applies even if your class level is below what is required to cast the spell yourself. For example, Rangers and Paladins can use cure light wounds wands at level 1.
    Tip #197: Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the +5 Shock Heavy Repeating Crossbow.
    Tip #198: You can alter bloom effects, level of detail and other graphical settings in the user preferences window.

    Tip #199:Using the /death command while you are at 1 or more hp will kill your character and immediately send your spirit to your bind point. If you are at less than 1 hit point, /death will kill your character but won't release you.

    Tip #200: When you die, any non-stacking items you have equipped take some damage.
    Tip #201: Dragonshard Fragments can be combined at a Stone of Change if you place a large enough number of them into the device.
    Tip #202: Eldritch Devices usually require a power source. On failed recipe attempts, the power source is usually consumed but the rest of your materials will generally remain intact.
    Tip #203: Death is a traumatizing experience. When you die, you will be affected by resurrection sickness that goes away over time. -This will stack each time you die until you either shrine or spend sufficient time in a tavern.
    Tip #204: Rest shrines reset five minutes after use on Solo difficulty, and fifteen minutes after use on Normal.
    Tip #205: Bound items never take permanent damage when repairing. You can bind an item you own using Khyber Dragonshard Fragments at the Stone of Change at the base of the Twelve's tower or next to the bank in the Marketplace.
    Tip #206: Devils are lawful evil and tend to dislike silver. Demons are chaotic evil and tend to dislike cold iron.

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    bump it
    If you want to know why...

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    Thumbs up Dodge bonus question --

    Nice post, very helpful!

    Has someone spelled out which dodge bonuses stack with which, and which do not? My understanding was that until recently (advent of DT armor?), most if not all dodge stacked. ty in advance ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreudoBaggins View Post
    Nice post, very helpful!

    Has someone spelled out which dodge bonuses stack with which, and which do not? My understanding was that until recently (advent of DT armor?), most if not all dodge stacked. ty in advance ...

    Pretty much all stack.
    • +1 Dodge Bonuses-
    • Shield / Armor Ritual Dodge typed bonus stacks. Only one Ritual upgrade can be perfomed per item. Multiple Rituals on one item will not stack.
    • Haste
    • Dodge Feat

      +2 Dodge Bonuses-
    • Chaosgarde Bracers
    • Defensive Stance (not 100%, I believe this is Dodge typed bonus)

      +3 Dodge Bonuses- Dont stack
    • Chattering Ring
    • Dragontouched Dodge bonus on armor.

      +4 Dodge Bonuses-
    • Icy Raiments
    • Feat Mobility (not 100%, I believe this is Dodge typed bonus when tumbling)
      (also have the Fighter Mobility Enh line +1-6)
    • Uncanny Dodge 20 sec.
    • Dwarven Giant evasion (not 100%, I believe this is Dodge typed bonus)
      (also have the Dwarven Enh. line +1-3 giant dodger)

      +5 Dodge Bonuses-
    • Combat Expertise (not 100%, I believe this is Dodge typed bonus)

      +6 Dodge Bonuses-
    • Improved Uncanny Dodge- 30 sec

      I believe Ranger Favored Enemy +1-3 is a Dodge type bonus as well, again, not 100%.

      I hope this answers the question, if not let me know.
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    This is a great site. Ty for putting it together.

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    Default Bump

    Incredible work.

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    If you would be interested into transforming your post #3 into a wiki page as well, let me know. It's a great informative post.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ollathir View Post
    Collected below is the complete list of all Tips on our portal screens Taken from the DDO Online Support. If someone else did this, sorry, I didn't see it and I wanted to link it.
    We have it here., #1 source for DDO information.

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    Default Alphabetized Listing of DDO Links Page
























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    Default Great site

    Very useful site. Great for user's like me whom need all these sites to keep going in game. Great Work friend

    May all your loot be Dragon kind.....

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for both the list, and for adding my adventure area table. I know how hard it is to do this well, and appreciate your efforts, and your success!
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    May all your loot be Dragon kind.....

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    Been putting this in newbie threads. I love this resource.

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    sweet. thx for putting my video page on your list rep!

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    Smile Thanks for all the positive feedback all.

    If anyone has seen somethin that they'd like me to add,modify, etc., to this or the Helpful links page in newbie area, pm me.

    This game has an incredible amount of resourceful players willing to share their knowledge. Don't want any of it to slip between the cracks.
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    Wow, thats a great list of links and tips!

    Good job Ollathir
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