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20% off Character Slots, SP Potions, Healing Items, & Questing Tools!
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DDO Bonus Days brings you +15% Guild Renown, now through June 2nd!

Players who are experiencing an issue patching their client to Update 18 Patch 1 or logging in after the update should click here for important information.

Click here for the Release Notes! Known Issues are available here.

The Spinner of Shadows is temporarily unavailable while we work on a fix to an issue that could cause quest objectives to not complete. Update 18 Patch 1 includes a temporary workaround that will allow players to access Beyond the Rift without needing to complete The Spinner of Shadows. 

Interrupting, or getting interrupted, while attempting to use interactive objects in dungeons (e.g. pulling a lever, lighting a rune, or any activity that triggers the “using” bar) that are tied to quest objectives can cause the quest objective to break, preventing quest completion. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

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Tomes that increase a character’s skill ranks, A completely revamped cosmetic system with permanent gear, & much more! Click here!

Click here for the Release Notes for Update 18!


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