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Here are the new named items available in Update 36: Duel for the Underdark!

Update 34: Death or Glory Named Loot Information

Update 34 features a new, free quest called The Tower of Frost, which can be found in the Marketplace! This quest is base level 14 on Heroic difficulty, and base level 28 on Epic difficulty. Here are the named items that can be found within:

Bottled Winter

Players can transfer characters from one game world to another through the DDO game launcher. This guide explains the process, and has some important information for players wishing to send their characters from one game world to another. 
The Basics:
1. Once you log into the game launcher, you’ll see a Transfer button. Push it.

Update 32: Against the Slave Lords brings new named items to DDO in addition to three new upgradable items that can go in multiple slots! Read on to learn more about the items, see how they look, and figure out how they work!

Welcome to our guide to the updated Cannith Crafting system! This guide will get you started. There are many tips, tricks, and things to discover, but here's what you need to know:


Cannith Crafting Workstations can be found in Eberron in House Cannith and House Kundarak. If your guild airship has the Cannith Crafting Amenity, then you can craft on your airship! You can also disjunct crafting items using a Remote Item Deconstruction device in the DDO Store.



Here is a look at the named items available in Update 31: Gnomework. Click on any of the images to see them in their full resolution. 

Here is a look at the new named items that have arrived with the release of Update 29: The Codex War! Click on an image to see it in its full resolution.

Here is a guide to The Night Revels! This guide will give you an overview of what to expect during this haunted time, and also provide a list of available items to acquire. All of the images can be opened in their full size by clicking on them. 


Here is a look at the named loot available in the new quests introduced with Update 28: Devil's Gambit! Available in both Heroic and Epic difficulties. Click on any image to open it in a new tab in its full size.

In addition to an expansive item upgrade system, the Temple of Elemental Evil features a variety of named loot! Available in both Heroic and Epic difficulties, the loot can be found in chests throughout the dungeon. Here's what you can get!


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