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DDO Store Sales: Jan 30th - Feb 5th

20% off Select Epic Destiny Items, Tomes of Fate, & More!
January 30th – February 5th

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Champion Hunter Week!
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Now - Feb 4th

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DDO Bonus Days!
Get +25% Epic XP This Weekend!
Jan 30th - Feb 1st
January 30th – February 5th
Small Jewel of Fortune
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Epic Destinies

995 796
Account → Epic Destinies
Epic Destinies Unlock vast new power, magic, and amazing abilities as you advance beyond level 20! Includes 10 different epic destiny paths to follow, allowing you to continue advancing and customizing your character, adding new and more powerful abilities and creating new synergies by blending different class archetypes. This purchase allows you to use Epic Destinies on any server.
Tomes of Fate

595-995 476-796
Character → Stat & XP Tomes
Tomes of Fate Increase your character's Fate Point total by +1 or +2, allowing you to unlock or upgrade Twist of Fate slots sooner than you would otherwise be able to! If you have a +1 inherent bonus to Fate Points, an Upgrade Tome of Fate can be used to raise your Fate Point bonus from +1 to +2.
Key of Destiny

995 796
Character → Epic Destiny Tools
Key of Destiny Unlock and claim any one epic destiny adjacent to yours! This key allows you to unlock and claim any one epic destiny that's adjacent to one you already have unlocked on the map of destinies (without the need to first earn the prerequisite levels in your current destiny). You can switch into the new destiny and begin advancing in it once you claim it at a Fatespinner NPC.
Fast Travel

20-795 16-636
Healing & Magic → Fast Travel
Fast Travel Items
Move faster through out the world of DDO! Multiple items in this category affect travel differently. Group with friends, move quicker through dungeons, and much more!


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