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DDO Store Sales: July 18th – July 24th

20% off Adventure Packs
& Quest XP
July 18th - 24th

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Summer Sails Specials
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Bonus Days!
+20% Heroic & Epic
Quest XP!
July 18th – 20th
U22 Patch 2
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July 16th - 24th
Bell of Opening x1
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Adventure Packs

250-1495 200-1196
Account → Adventures → Adventure Packs
Adventure Packs

Discover new dangers, glorious loot, and even more power and prestige by journeying through hand-crafted DDO Adventure Packs. Battle through hundreds of hours of exciting killer dungeons and glorious landscapes bursting with ferocious monsters, fiendish traps, and enough treasure to fill up an airship.

·Adventure Packs are free for VIPss as part of the VIP membership. (NOTE: Expansion Packs sold seperately)

· All other players can use earned and purchase Turbine Points to acquire DDO Adventure Packs & Expansion Packs in the DDO Store at any level.

Packs Included With Sale:

Quest XP Elixirs

60-5250 48-4200
XP & Boosts → Quest XP
Quest XP Elixirs Level up faster with a +10-50% bonus on all earned experience! The boost lasts for the next 3-6 hours that you are in a quest or adventure area and the timer pauses while in public zones or when logged out. Single, 5, 10 & 25-Stacks available! Stacks with in-game XP boost!

Specials for: July 18th – July 24th
Greater SP Potions

195-1195 127-777
Healing & Magic → Spell Points
Greater Spell Point Potions This elixir instantly restores from 205-300 spell points each use. Available in stacks of 10, 25, 50, and 100.
Omnispell Dusts & Stones

50-500 13-125
Gear & Crafting → Spell Components
Omnispell Dust & Omnispell Stones

Save inventory space and time with Omnispell components! These items can replace class/level specific spell components, and save you a trip to the reagent vendors if you run out of components mid-dungeon!

Omnispell Dust

This magical dust can be used in place of the material component of any magic spell that requires standard spell components. This dust will not satisfy the component requirement for spells that require a special rare component (like Stoneskin or Death Pact). Omnispell Stones should be used for those. Tradable and sellable to vendors. Available in stacks of 50, 500, and 2500!

Omnispell Stones

This rare, intrinsically magical stone can be used in place of the material component of any magic spell that requires a special, non-standard spell component (like Stoneskin or Death Pact). This stone cannot be used for spells that require standard components (Omnispell Dust should be used for those instead). Tradable and sellable to vendors. Available in stacks of 50, 250, and 1000!

Bladeforged Iconic

1295 648
Account → Races & Classes
Bladeforged Iconic Start at level 15 with an imposing Bladeforged paladin! Bladeforged have access to special racial abilities and are immune to many dangers that plague the other races. This purchase allows you to create new Bladeforged characters on any server. As Iconic Hero characters, Bladeforged also have the ability to use the Hall of Heroes Passport feature when entering game.
Gold Seal Scrolls of Heal

175 88
Healing & Magic → Healing Items
Gold Seal Scrolls of Heal A scroll that allows you to Heal a target for a total of 150 HP (These scrolls cast at Caster Level 15, granting 40 HP more than a standard Scroll of Heal which are Caster Level 11) and removes many harmful effects. Most warforged characters will be healed for less (up to 50% less depending on their enhancements, etc.). Contains 10 single-use scrolls.


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