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Gear & Crafting → Augments
Augments Upgrades any item that has a properly matching Augment Slot! There are a variety of bonuses and increases to pick from for your character, like ability scores, skills, hit points, luck, and more! There are even Ruby Augments that scale with your level. Augments can be pulled out of slots for later use with a Jeweler's Tool Kit.
Jeweler's Tool Kit

150-995 120-796
Gear & Crafting → Augments
Jeweler's Tool Kit Use this item to safely unslot an Augment from an item, returning it to your inventory. This process will consume these tools, but will not affect the item or the recovered Augment.
Cosmetic Armors

495-995 396-796
Cosmetics & Pets → Cosmetic Gear → Cosmetic Armor
Cosmetic Armors Equip these cosmetic items in your Cosmetic Armor inventory slot to change your armor's appearance! Has unlimited uses. Cosmetic appearance can be toggled on and off.
Cosmetic Hats, Helms, & Headwear

250-350 200-280
Cosmetics & Pets → Cosmetic Gear → Cosmetic Headwear
Cosmetic Headwear A variety of fun hats, helms, and more for your character! Multiple types available:
  • Hats and Helms available with a variety of appearences, usable as standard equipment. NOTE: Items in the "Hats & Helms" category equip to your standard head inventory slot.
  • Keep all the effects of your standard equipment while sporting a new look on your head with "Cosmetic Headwear". Equip Cosmetic Headwear in the Cosmetic Headwear inventory slot to change your appearence without needing to remove your normal equipment! Has unlimited uses. Goggles / glowing eyes appearance can be toggled on and off using the Inventory Panel's paper doll figure.
  • Note: Some cosmetics will not display with druid wolf and bear forms.

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