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DDO Store Sales: May 1st - May 7th

25% off Character Slots, SP Potions, & More!
May 1st – May 7th

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May 1st – May 7th

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May 1st – 7th
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Character Slots

625 469
Account → Character Slots
Character Slots Need another Character Slot to start a new class? Now is the time! Permanently unlock an additional character slot for your account on each server!
Questing Tools

15-420 11-315
Gear & Crafting → Questing Tools
Questing Tools Be prepared for any encounter with a variety of questing tools. Find secret passageways, unlock doors & chests, and even repair equipment on the fly! Or quickly get back in your favorite raids by bypassing the special 3 day timer. Visit the Questing Tools category for these items and more!
Healing Items

5-995 4-746
Healing & Magic → Healing Items
Healing Items DDO Store Heal Potions have been replaced with the potent Gold Seal Elixirs of Healing! These new and improved healing elixirs are 3 to 5 times more powerful than the old healing potions and have no minimum level requirement to use!

Gold Seal Elixirs of Healing come in six strengths and are available in stacks of 10:

• Lesser: Heals 10 HP plus 10-20 more HP over 10 seconds each potion

• Moderate: Heals 20 HP plus 20-40 more HP over 10 seconds each potion

• Improved: Heals 30 HP plus 30-60 more HP over 10 seconds each potion

• Greater: Heals 50 HP plus 50-100 more HP over 10 seconds each potion

• Superior: Heals 80 HP plus 80-20 more HP over 10 seconds each potion

• Sovereign: Heals 130 HP plus 10-20 more HP over 10 seconds each potion

Other Healing Items include Elixir of Angel's Tears, Heal Rods, & Scroll of Heal

SP Potions

95-1795 71-1346
Healing & Magic → Spell Points
SP Potions Cast powerful magic often with a steady supply of spell points. Spell Points are necessary for spellcasting, and do not regenerate naturally while questing. Use Spell Point Potions to restore Spell Points and continue the battle! 10, 25, 50 & 100-stacks available.


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