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April 17th – 23rd

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April 17th – April 23rd
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Shared Bank Storage

795-1495 636-1196
Account → Shared Bank
Shared Bank: Bag Deposit Box Upgrades

Upgrades your Account-based Bag Deposit Box with 250 additional item slots of storage space. You can put anything into your Bag Deposit Box that goes into a bag or quiver, with the exception of Bound to Character items.

Shared Bank: Item Storage Share items among all characters in your account on the same server! Expand your Shared Bank up to 80 slots with an initial 20 base slots and six 10-slot upgrades from the DDO Store. Your shared bank is the only way to trade bound-to-account items (which cannot be mailed or auctioned).

VIPs gain access to the first 20 slots for free as long as VIP status is maintained.

Character Bank Upgrades

595 476
Character → Storage & Bags → Character Bank
Character Bank Upgrades Add an additional 20 slots of storage to your character's individual bank account with each Character Bank Upgrade (upgrades remain even if you undergo a True Reincarnation)! Two 20-slot upgrades are available.
Storage Bags

95-1195 76-956
Character → Storage & Bags
Storage Bags

Easily and efficiently store stacks of gems, collectibles or ingredients in one inventory slot!

• Small, Medium, Large & Huge Gem Bags

• Small, Medium, Large & Huge Collectibles Bags

• Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, Huge & Gargantuan Ingredients Bags

• Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Gargantuan, & Colossal Augment Bags

• Small & Large Cookie Jars

• Bound to character

• Auto-collect, automatically placing items you acquire into the appropriate bag!

Shared Bank: Platinum Vault

95-495 76-396
Account → Shared Bank
Shared Bank: Platinum Vault Platinum Sharing allows you to use the bank to share platinum between all of your characters on a given server, and five upgrades are available to increase your capacity to up to 2,500,000! Platinum Sharing is an account wide upgrade.

The base Shared Bank: Platinum Vault is FREE FOR VIP!


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