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DDO Store Sales: May 29th -June 4th

20% off Astral Shards
Guild Renown Elixirs, & More!
May 29th - June 4th

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May 29th - June 4th
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Astral Shards

195-5,395 156-4,316
Account → Astral Shards
Astral Shards Astral Shards are a form of currency that can be used instead of platinum for many items and services in game. For example, they can be used to purchase daily dice rolls, spirit cakes, various character respecs, equipment repairs, and certain vendor items like gold seal hirelings.
Guild Renown Elixirs

75-9,850 60-7,880
XP & Boosts → Guild XP
Guild Renown Elixirs Consuming this elixir grants your character a bonus on all earned guild renown for several hours when you are logged in and in a quest. (The effect timer pauses while you are in public areas.) A variety of boost amounts and time lengths available to fit your play style!
Guild Charter

150 75
Guild & Hirelings → Guild & Airships → Beacons & Charters
Guild Charter Found your own guild with a Guild Charter! The Guild Charter grants the purchasing character the ability to found one guild. Once a Guild leader, you can invite people to your guild and promote them into officer or successor roles at your discretion. Grants access to the Guild Chat channel, allowing private chats with guild mates.
Guild Airship Beacon

10-40 5-20
Guild & Hirelings → Guild & Airships → Beacons & Charters
Guild Airship Beacon

Summon a portal to instantly take you to your airship! This beacon creates a portal at your location that will take you to your guild's airship. The portal can also be used by guildmates. Non guildmates must be invited through the portal. The portal disappears after 3 minutes. This object cannot be used in raids.

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