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Creature Type: Monstrous humanoid
Environment: Coastal areas, marine aquatic
Attack: Claws, spears, javelins, tridents
Special Abilities: Frenzy, Spells
Organization: Solitary, pair, team, band, or tribe

Sailors often breathe easy when the skies are clear and the seas are calm. Weather is a constant concern when out on the open ocean and far from safe harbor. In this part of world, however, there is something else that seafarers need to be prepared for. Many tragic tales have been told about a crew finishing up the day’s work, maybe even relaxing a bit in calm weather, enjoying their evening rations. With no warning the sea begins to boil with fins, scales, and sharpened spears. Webbed hands and feet quickly claw their way up the sides of the ship and overrun the decks. The surprised crew attempts to fight but is soon overwhelmed. Many are pushed overboard to the fangs and spears in the roiling, chaotic water which soon turns red with blood.

Sadly, these terrible surprise attacks are not limited to the open ocean. Coastal communities all along the Thunder Sea know well of the threat of the sea devils, as many call them. A storm finally blows over; folks settle down and head off to bed only to be awoken by a band of marauding sahuagin, intent on a spree of killing and pillaging before they melt back into the dark waves with their ill-gotten treasure. The only sanctuary from the clutches of hostile sahuagin is deep inland, for they can only stay out of salt water for a few hours.

Sahuagin are a fearsome race of aquatic hunters in Xen’drik. These monstrous humanoids have features of both fish and aquatic reptiles, making them particularly dangerous to seafaring travelers. They are more than simple-minded sea life, however. Typically lawful evil in nature, sahuagin societies are very strict, and each member knows their place in the hierarchy. Generally speaking, sahuagin prefer weapon combat over spell casting. Casters do have a place in sahuagin society, however, and divine casters are almost always female.

Should you cross the path of a sahuagin at sea or on the shores, it is important to note that they have no major weaknesses (though in turn, no major strengths either). It is best not to be caught alone by them, for they can go into a battle frenzy that, like a barbarian’s rage, boosts their attack power and fortitude by virtue of increased strength and constitution. They have a greater attack reach than most creatures of the same size due to their skill with spears and javelins. Adventurers who dare to venture near the shores, or sail the waters of the Thunder Sea, should be ever watchful of the waves – for mingling with the surf could be the fins and scales of an approaching sahuagin!

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