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The Night Revels Guide

Here is a guide to The Night Revels! This guide will give you an overview of what to expect during this haunted time, and also provide a list of available items to acquire. All of the images can be opened in their full size by clicking on them. 

How to Play:

When the Plane of Mabar makes its presence known in Delera's Graveyard (located in House Jorasco in Eberron), the spooky times begin! Characters can enter one of several instances of Delera's Graveyard, each with a different level range: Shared, Levels 1-5, Levels 4-9, Levels 8-13, Levels 12-17, Levels 16-20, Levels 20-25, and Levels 26-30!

When defeating monsters in the Graveyard, characters can receive Darkest Chocolate, which is used as a base ingredient for many recipes, or a Night Revels Key, which is used to enter one of seven special event-themed dungeons. Getting Dark Chocolate and Night Revels Keys can be even easier with friends: when in a party, there is a chance to get one of these special items whenever a monster is defeated, whether by you or someone else! 

You can also use a Draught of Midnight to get a chance to acquire Night Revels ingredients any time you defeat an undead creature, whether in the Graveyard or not. Additionally, Night-Black Coffee can keep you in the Graveyard longer as it restores Hit Points and Spell Points while in a public area. The Draught of Midnight is available through The Night Revels Vendor, in addition to the DDO Store, and the Night-Black Coffee is available in the DDO Store.

Use a Night Revels Key to enter any one of seven event-themed dungeons! The entrances are located in Delera's Graveyard, and are set up like Challenges, offering parties or individuals the opportunity to enter them at any level from 7 to 35. Completing these dungeons on a character under the level of the challenge rating provides an ingredient bonus, while completing the dungeons on a character above the level of the challenge rating provides an ingredient penalty. 

  • Haverdashed - Provides Black Apples
  • The Kobold's Newest Ringleader - Provides Shadowy Caramel
  • The Snitch and the Lich - Provides Pinches of Sinister Cinnamon
  • Under New Ravagement - Provides Spooky Almonds
  • Hayweird Foundry - Can provide any Night Revels crafting ingredient
  • Getting Ahead in Lordsmarch Plaza - Can provide any Night Revels crafting ingredients
  • Resurrection Chamber - Can provide Black Apples

The quests also provide Darkest Chocolate when completed.

The Night Revels Vendor is located in House Jorasco, near the entrance to Delera's Graveyard, and is the place to turn in all of those event ingredients for candy, consumables, and items! 

Night Revels Candy

Various candies are available in The Night Revels event that provide stacking bonuses for five minutes! However, due to the ephemeral nature of the holiday, these candies have an expiration date, and will automatically be removed from your inventory sometime around the end of the year. 

Almond Shadow-Spice Candy

Almond-Coated Shadow Apple

Caramel Bite

Cinnamon Cloud

Night Revels Consumables

Bottled Fear

Crystal Summons




Draught of Midnight

The Draught of Midnight is also available for purchase in the DDO Store.

Irian's Light

Gloomy Potions

Potion of the Party Pooper

Pumpkin Head

Oil of Incandescence

Sun Flasks

Skull Head

Night Revels Items

Cloak of Night




Death's Smile

Delighter's Docent

Diamonds of Intelligence or Wisdom

Docent of Shadow




Doomspherelet Creature Companion


Festival Solar

Hat of the Night Hag

Hood of Unrest

Jack O Lantern

Long Broom of Mystery

Mabarian Head Spider

Reaper's Helm + Reaper's Plate Cosmetic Helm/Armor


Reveler's Regalia

Robe of Shadow





Short Broom of Mystery

Silence of the Tasty Hams


NOTE: Recipes are also available to upgrade these wands to a higher caster level, up to Caster Level 11.


Wraps of Endless Light





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