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New in the DDO Store!

New to the DDO Store with Update 23:
The Mark of Death
Available September 29th in-game!

DDO's update brings new content, and with it, new items to find in the DDO Store!

Necropolis 4 - Now with Epic levels!


Account → Adventures → Adventure Packs → Epic Level
Necropolis, Part 4 Free to VIPs!
The Silver Flame and the Emerald Claw are seeking adventurers to face the evils within the Orchard of the Macabre! Can anyone quell the danger in the Black Mausoleum? Now includes an updated Epic wilderness area, Epic level convent, and a brand new Epic level raid! (Level ranges: 14-17 Heroic, 29-30 Epic)

Guest Pass Available!

The Mirror of Glamering


Cosmetics & Pets → Gear → Custom Cosmetics

Use this mirror to magically copy the appearence of a piece of armor, helmet, or goggles, creating a cosmetic version of that item! Single use: the Mirror of Glamering is destroyed when used, but the original armor, helmet, or goggles you were copying remain intact. Note: Not currently compatible with docents.

The resulting cosmetic item is Bound to Account. Equip the cosmetic items in your Cosmetic inventory slots to change your appeparence! Cosmetic appearence can be toggled on and off.

Harper Agent Enhancement Tree


Account → Enhancement Trees
Free to VIPs!
Customize any character with the Harper Agent enhancement tree! Wiley and versatile Harper Agents can enhance their melee, magic, or ranged capabilities. This purchase allows you to use the Harper Agent enhancement tree on characters on any server.
More Cosmetic Outfits


Cosmetics & Pets → Gear → Cosmetic Armor
New Cosmetic Outfits Available!
Crimson Noble Line & Dark Noble Line

Equip these cosmetic items in your Cosmetic Armor inventory slot to change your armor's appearence! Has unlimited uses. Cosmetic appearences can be toggled on and off.



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