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Warforged Titan

Type: Construct
Environment: Unknown
Attack: Giant maul, Giant axe, or other attacks possible
Special Qualities: Ground shake, Energy weapon
Organization: Usually solitary

From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard:

30 Sypheros, 998:

Warforged are properly classified as Living Constructs – they possess free will and sentience, while combining aspects of both constructs and living creatures. In Khorvaire, they were perfected in 965 YK by House Cannith to fight in the Last War, and were based on earlier models that lacked true living construct qualities. These earlier models were often quite large, and included the massive titans.

Rumor has it that adventurers have found an ancient creation forge here in Xen’drik, protected by warforged guardians thousands of years old. A priceless find if the rumor is true, but a terribly dangerous weapon should it fall into the wrong hands.

I cannot help but admit my skepticism at the idea of warforged hidden away and surviving for tens of thousands of years. I will believe these stories only once I see this forge with my own eyes, or witness a party dragging back the salvage.

Stories have come and gone over the years of massive mechanized menaces, gigantic warforged creations capable of leveling a house in a matter of seconds. Until recently I believed there were none of these metal monstrosities near Stormreach. That belief has sadly been proven wrong as reports of adventuring parties obliterated by a titan flow into the city now on a fairly regular basis. There is a Warforged Titan near Stormreach after all. Luckily, the reports seem to confirm that the behemoth is confined to a specific facility of some kind and so is unable to make a direct assault on Stormreach proper, at least for now.

Not completely construct but not true living Warforged, a Warforged Titan is a truly incredible war machine. We know that these giant advanced constructs were used to devastating effect during the Last War. Their combination of incredible strength, powerful attacks, and construct immunities makes them almost unstoppable in battle. But that is when you try to fight them on their terms.

While massive and possessed of extreme power, these titans have a weakness. They have little intelligence and do not have a mind for strategy. If you battle them with the proper tactics, using the environment at hand strategically, they can be made vulnerable and can in fact be defeated. Now, you may think that this is easily said by me, someone who has never actually seen this new titan, and you would be right. However, after analyzing the information given to me by those who have had first hand experience with this beast, I’ve come to the conclusion that this titan can eventually be made low.

Some ragged survivors have given me good information on this particular armored giant. Apparently, this titan has been partially reconstructed by what must be highly intelligent beings and has a new and devastating ranged energy weapon of some kind. I am told that this weapon is the titan’s greatest strength and is to be avoided at all costs.

Whenever possible, take advantage of the low intelligence behind all of that armor. Lead the titan into an area where the ground is unstable or where heavy objects like boulders can be dropped down. If you are able to get the titan down, seize the moment. Closing to melee range with the titan is hazardous but has the advantage of limiting the energy weapon because at close range the titan will prefer to swing at you. Only those with heavy armor and the ability to absorb massive amounts of damage will be able to survive the titan’s melee onslaught, however, and then for only a short time.

A paladin who barely survived his battle with the titan told of some sort of energy device in the titan’s area that his companion managed to commandeer for a short time. After powering up this device with a nearby fuel source, this heroic person brought the device to bear on the titan, and to great effect, but died during his second attempt.

As in many tough battles, unified action by the party with each member focusing on what he or she does best is the key to success. Avoiding the titan’s attacks while using the environment to your advantage is the way to victory, that and a lot of defense.

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