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Undead Rat

Type: Undead
Environment: Swamps, grasslands, deserts, sewers, wastelands, and elsewhere
Attack: Bite, claw
Special Qualities: Disease, frenzy
Organization: Solitary, pair, pack (3-14), swarm (15+)

From the Adventure journal of Alexander, the halfling.

As we crept into the dungeon, Lundiel warned me that my expertise would be required to deal with the many creatures of nature found within. If only that were true. As it turned out, none of us were prepared to handle the unnatural forces we encountered.

Spiraling into those evil depths, we turned from the stairs to face enormous rats, larger even than the largest dog. They immediately swarmed us, viciously pushing forward, overpowering us with mindless intensity. Chattering in a low and distorted tone, the creatures surged forward, craving living flesh.

As if the horrible stench were not enough, the very appearance of these beasts was nauseating. It was clear that we were facing true abominations in those rank depths. The rats were truly hideous - skin and fur in extreme decay, with many missing eyes, likely eaten in hungry attacks by their fellows.

These weren't normal rats – they were undead!

Most of us adventurers have had at least a few experiences with rats before. A few find their way into your camp at night and rattle the pans. Or you pry off a grate in the sewer and a few dozen of the filthy rodents run out in all directions. Well, as you know by now, things are often a little different in Xen’drik.

The rats can get pretty big in a typical city, but they usually stay out of view and mind their own business, cleaning up refuse in the dumps or the sewers - or chasing the odd cat. Unfortunately, adventurers not too far from Stormreach recently sighted something altogether different, something they have taken to calling an undead giant rat. As this name implies, these rodents seem to be undead and have been described as larger than large dogs and twice as heavy.

In my experience, even most dire rats don’t get to that size. These creatures could hardly fit through some of our sewer entrances! Looking a bit like rat wights or zombies, they attack quickly and viciously with claws and bite and often infect their victims with vile diseases.

These are rats to respect – but not to fear. Keep your cool, and you should be fine.

Most of the time.

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