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Type: Large Giant
Environment: Any
Attack: Club
Special Qualities: Regeneration
Organization: Solitary, pair or gang (2-4)
From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard

5 Nymm, 998:

Kyrian’s investigations have been unsuccessful, but she suggested that we seek out an adept named Jelek who might be able to help us. Unfortunately, it seems that he was banished from Stormreach after eating a thief that broke into his shop one night, and currently is a day’s journey away, dwelling in a mountain cave.

The heat and humidity of Jelek’s cave was oppressive. Water dripped off of stalactites, the drops rhythmically echoing through the cavern as they hit the pools of collected water. Senna called out a greeting to alert the troll to our presence, and the large green form of our host dropped down from a ledge above on top of her, clearly upset with our presence.

Trolls are giants with long ungainly arms and legs, rubbery green skin, sharp claws, and amazing regenerative ability. They dislike fire and acid, but have little fear of other attacks.

Jelek lashed both claws at Senna, latching onto her and rending viciously, as Khovis and I tried to make the troll realize that we were not enemies. Zarn decided to settle the matter through barbarian diplomacy - an overhead swing of his greataxe. The blow connected, slicing through the troll’s body with ease, but the gash was already visibly healing.

I cast a Burning Hands at the troll, which distracted him for a moment as he backed away from the flames, and Kleija screamed that we were sent by Kyrian. Blinking a few times, the troll hissed at us and retreated back into his cave, motioning for us to follow. Khovis tended to Senna’s wounds, and the rest of us followed the monster into his lair.

The troll is a horrid carnivore, known for indiscriminately attacking anything which it may perceive as food. Standing at nine foot tall, with a hunched posture and mottled rubbery skin, the troll appears to be a clumsy beast. However, their reputation precedes them wherever they go, and residents of Xen'drik are well aware of the threat these creatures present.

The reason behind their renowned ruthlessness is that trolls, unlike even the most ancient wyrms, have no fear of death. They regenerate damage at a phenomenal rate, and so even if they cannot overpower their foes, they can likely outlast them. Luckily for adventurers, their vulnerability to fire and acid are well known and there are strong fire-based and acid-based spells in most Wizards' and Sorcerers' arsenals.

Among other places, trolls are commonly found on Sorrowdusk Island. There they have been responsible for division among the local ogre tribes, forcing the ogres out of the caves that they once called their own. 

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