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Type: Humanoid
Environment: Underground
Attack: Claw, spear, or throwing axe
Special Qualities: Stench
Organization: Clutch (2-5) or squad (6-10)
From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard.

15 Dravago, 998:

Never, ever, drink anything given to you by an ogre.

16 Dravago, 998:

The troglodytes had been a thorn in the side to the ogres for as long as the brutes could remember. Our meeting went well - if we drive the troglodytes from the gorge, the ogres are willing to leave us in peace.

Troglodytes are reptilian humanoids that stand a bit shorter than a human. They have thick, scaled, chameleon-like skin, a frilled head, short claws, and sharp teeth. Not particularly known for their intellect, troglodytes tend to favor the more martial callings, though many primitive divine casters are found amongst them.

Kleija ambushed the sentry at the cave entrance, striking it down before it had a chance to raise an alarm, and we pushed into the cavern. Zarn took the lead, being less affected by the lingering stench of the place, and we waded slowly through the knee-deep water looking for more of our opponents.

Luck was with us - we made it to the entryway to a chamber containing half a dozen troglodytes without being spotted. Zarn and Senna stood before me as I spoke the words of arcane power, and the troglodytes barely had time to turn towards us before my Fireball cleared the room. We no longer had the advantage of surprise, and enemies began pouring in from other chambers.

Khovis and Zarn were unaffected by the sickening musk of the troglodytes, but the rest of us swooned with nausea. Raging, the warforged barbarian’s greataxe cleaved through the rank creatures, drawing their attention with a fierce battle shout. Blinding light filled the room as Khovis brought the holy power of Onatar down in a Holy Smite, and between wretches I cast a Repair Moderate Damage spell on the juggernaut that was holding the reptilians at bay.

Another wave of troglodytes entered the fray, led by a heavily armored one that seemed obviously their leader. Armed with a scimitar and shield, their chieftain engaged Zarn, blocking the warforged’s attacks skillfully and countering with attacks of his own. The troglodyte was obviously more than a match for Zarn alone, but thankfully we function as a team. Kleija distracted the chieftain with a harassing sting with her daggers, giving Zarn the opening he needed to power through the troglodyte’s defenses.

Seeing their chieftain fall, the remaining troglodytes retreated, and our duty to the ogres was complete.

The troglodyte, at least until it is frightened or angry, isn't really all that different from the more accepted races of Eberron. This fact has led many open-minded individuals within the protected walls of Sharn and other cities of Khorvaire to call for a more tolerant attitude toward these misunderstood creatures. Sure, they lay eggs and like to torture - excuse me, discipline - their own young. And the greenish-yellow reptilian skin makes them stand out. On the other hand, they're about as strong, smart, and wise as the typical human, though of course exceptional examples exist. They're a bit tougher, and their skin is about as hard to cut into as chainmail. Troglodytes are mostly evil, to be sure, and they tend to enjoy consuming humanoid flesh. But that particular perversion has been found among more than one primitive human tribe, and so perhaps it shouldn't be held against these murderous lizard-kin.

It's that "frightened or angry" problem that prevents the troglodyte from being accepted among the other races of Eberron. While goblins, kobolds, and the occasional ogre have found it possible to integrate into a largely human-dominated society, the special gift of the troglodyte - stench - make their acceptance unlikely, if not outright impossible. But who are we to judge what may smell offensive? While the oily musk of the troglodyte has caused many would-be dungeon explorers to heave their iron rations, who are we to say that our expensive perfumes and colognes, even our own sweaty body odor, isn't offensive to some? With a bit of the same tolerance we humans have demonstrated for greedy dwarves, useless halflings, or unintelligible elves, we can find it within us to accept the unique olfactory nature of this people - and their desire to eat us.

Troglodyte leadership can be divided among martial and non-martial tribes. Among the more peaceful (though perhaps still not trustworthy) troglodyte tribes of Xen'drik, a clerical or shamanic leader is common. These leaders may follow the cult of some demon prince, the Dark Six, or in rare instances the Sovereign Host - thus demonstrating the troglodyte ability to change and accept new beliefs & something we humans could learn from. In any case, clerical leadership among the troglodytes typically leads the tribe to turn inward and focus on a self-centered quest for a close communion with their patron deity. Among the more martial tribes, it is common that a strong warleader has taken control and lead the tribe into murderous rampages against those that have encroached upon their territory. And who among us can't understand that? 

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