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Stone Giant

Type: Giant
Environment: Usually Mountainous
Attack: Great clubs, great swords, rock throwing
Special Qualities: Spells
Organization: Solitary, gang, band or tribe.
“There’s something about a Giant.”

Journal of Lady Lundiel, High Cleric of The Sovereign Host:

On my way to see the council today regarding the letter I received from the orcs, I met the most curious little halfling. While inquiring about the benefits of my faith, he tried to rob me of my coin purse but my guards Jurn and Oscar apprehended him instead.

Actually, there may have been two nearly identical halflings, but I cannot be sure of it. If there were people involved in the robbery the second must have escaped into the crowd before we knew what happened. We brought the thief we caught along with us to the council to seek judgment.

Once we arrived in the council’s chamber, I was surprised to learn that fellow cleric Sir Talentia had also received a letter from the Orcs, but his letter included details of a stone giant which would possibly work in alliance with the orcs.

My little prisoner Kade proved more useful to us than we could have known. It seems he is somewhat of an expert on stone giants. He said that he was fascinated by creatures larger than he (which must be most everyone else) so he has spent a good deal of time studying them. He told us that stone giants are normally gentle creatures who rarely leave their home unless provoked. They are generally shy, but like to play rock throwing games and express themselves with artistic creation and drawing. He went on to say that the orcs must have planted the seed of conspiracy in these giants against us, for they would not normally attack unless they felt threatened or angered. If the Stone Giants really are a part of the Orcs army we are certain to face a mighty foe. Stone Giants can heave boulders larger than the biggest houses and destroy anything in their path with enormous clubs made from the largest oak trees. Kade believed that the orcs hoped to use the giants to penetrate the city walls.

For his service the council agreed to keep Kade out of shackles, but sentenced him to be my servant until I felt that his crime had been repented. He was none too happy about that, but I’m happy to have a little extra help around here.

I just hope that we can defend our beautiful city against the orcs and their allies.

Stone giants are difficult to generalize about. When in battle, a stone giant can hurl great boulders with devastating effect. When back in the friendly confines of their mountain abodes and feeling playful, they throw rocks directly at each other for fun, and a wonderful time is had by all. They have an interesting culture, and almost all stone giants have a great fondness for stone and stonework, and use the material in art and architecture, as well as in combat.

Stone giants do not have any real weak points. Luckily they also lack any powerful resistances. Like all giants, they have great strength, but each stone giant pursues his own path, whether that be the life of a humble artisan or a vicious evil warrior. One time, while on a journey, my party and I were helped by an extremely friendly stone giant. Alas, this is not the place for me to regale you with the details of that humorous episode. I will say, however, that only because of him did we succeed in our mission.

Now I don’t have to tell you all stone giants are not this helpful. Many live in extremely insular communities that shun all outsiders. Some war-like stone giants constantly raid weaker settlements around them. Some are powerful clerics who wield dark magic. I feel certain that many of these evil stone giants hold sway in Xen’drik, trying to claim a share of the fallen giant empire for their own. These stone giants would much rather launch lethal rocks than engage with you as a helpful travel guide. I wish you good luck against these tough, stony foes.

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