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Type: Humanoid (Varies)
Environment: Any
Attack: By weapon
Special Qualities: Hamstring
Organization: Solitary, pair, or gang (5-10)
From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard

16 Lharvion, 998:

Stormreach is a port city, far from the reach of most authorities in Khorvaire. Some come to Xen’drik to start their lives anew, leaving their past behind. Others seek to prey on the unwary, finding the archaeologists and explorers to be easy quarry. The city itself is policed, but outside the walls civilized rule is quickly replaced by lawlessness. Brigands, pirates, and similar social parasites feed on the hard work of others.

A human woman named Evi Joss gave us passage to Three-Barrel Cove, a small settlement on the island north of Stormreach. In the Cove, the only things that can buy you respect are silver pieces and strength. Lucky for us, we brought plenty of both.

A shipment of Siberys dragonshards had been stolen en route to Khorvaire, the vessel carrying them ambushed at sea and sent to the depths. The liberal application of coins loosened lips, and when that failed, an angry growl from Zarn convinced a surly buccaneer to accept our offer and give us the information we were looking for.

The pirates who attacked the ship have a hideout not far from the cove. I have a feeling that our informants haven’t told us everything about our opponents, so tomorrow at dawn we’ll be going in ready for anything.

Here near the ports of Xendrik, one of the most organized opponents that the civilized races can face are, well, themselves. Perhaps it is too strong a statement to call the loose confederation of thieves, brigands, and pirates that plague Stormreach organized or even civilized but they nonetheless present a threat not only to adventurers who come here, but also to the wellbeing of the city itself. More than once have I had to listen to the cries of sailors and boatmen under attack from this scourge, and thus I encourage some of my well-meaning companions to venture into the fight.

In combat, most pirates don't demonstrate a great skill with magic (though there are no doubt exceptions). They tend toward straightforward melee or ranged attacks, favoring weapons such as daggers, rapiers, and crossbows. What they lack for in military training or combat discipline they more than make up for in uncanny accuracy and their reliance on overwhelming numbers whenever possible. Some have developed a knack for hamstringing their foes, probably because most of their merchant targets tend to try and run rather than fight. 

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