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Type: Undead
Environment: Usually temples and tombs
Attack: Slam, melee weapons, spells
Special Qualities: Despair, Mummy Rot
Organization: Solitary, pair, or gang (3-5)
From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard.

12 Sypheros, 998:

The astrologers see evil portents and dire omens -Mabar waxes, and the orreries show it within the constellation Falazure. "The Endless Night lies within Death and Decay", they say.

Where they see danger, I see opportunity.

I paid the little kobold a handsome fee for his work - its words matched a phrase from the rubbings I acquired so long ago in the Storm Giant's tomb. The pieced together hints and riddles make me believe that I know the location of another ancient tomb; another that holds the secrets and relics of old Xen'drik long thought lost.

A young drow fresh from the jungle asked to join us on our expedition, but I sent her on her way. Our journey was not one suited for the inexperienced, so I pointed her towards the Harbormaster.

15 Sypheros, 998:

After two days of travel through the jungle, my deductions proved to be true and we found the tomb. Kleija led us through a series of deadly traps and deep into the crypt. The mazelike twists brought us to a large chamber dominated by a grand sarcophagus inlaid with precious metals and gems. She took a few moments to look it over, and with a nod from Senna, cracked open the seal.

A visible cloud of despair poured from the coffin and the cold grip of fear grabbed at our hearts. A bandage-wrapped hand pushed the lid aside roughly as the Mummy stood. The warriors stood paralyzed in fear as I called upon my magic sending Scorching Ray after Scorching Ray into the creature. The Mummy roared angrily at the burning flame and charged, knocking me to the side with his enormous fist.

Where the Mummy's blow had connected with my body the flesh began festering almost immediately, shriveling away - the dreaded rotting curse of the Mummies. I crawled back away from the monster as Khovis completed his Flame Strike incantation. The combination of holy power and flame was too much for the Mummy, and it fell to the ground as dust.

It's amazing how quickly Mummy Rot progresses. I watched with a mix of fascination and revulsion as my arm began to wither away as I explained to Khovis the proper method of curing the disease. Due to his prompt attendance and ability to listen to instructions, I'm happy to say that I made a rapid recovery.

The tomb did not hold any answers for me, only more riddles and clues.

Always riddles and clues...

While Mummies are not extremely common in the areas close to Stormreach, the well traveled adventurer will undoubtedly encounter one of these terrifying creatures when traveling further afield. Often found in exotic desert temples, these powerful guardians will stop at nothing to destroy intruders.

While exploring the halls of a forgotten tomb, you may notice a pungent, not unpleasant, odor of spices and balms. Let me assure you that after one encounter with the source of this odor, you will forever associate that smell with death. Unlike other undead, the Mummy is preserved with these pungent materials as well as dark magic. Also preserved within the funereal wrappings is a single minded devotion to one thing: the destruction of all trespassers.

They pursue this goal with a lethal mix of physical strength, a powerful, almost paralyzing field of despair which precedes them into battle, and an awful ability to infect anyone they touch with a horrible malady, commonly referred to as Mummy Rot. If left untreated, a victim of Mummy Rot has only minutes to survive before being reduced to a pile of dust.

Less common but no less ferocious are Mummies of higher station. Mummy Lords, the twisted trustees of long forgotten rulers, are truly powerful and truly terrifying. While packing all of the same punch as their lesser brethren, these guardians often bring powerful spells to the fight.

So, what in the name of Eberron, is one to do in the face of such evil power? Listen well. If you do not bring at least one Cleric or high level Paladin, then you should consider their ways yourself and start praying. Barring bringing an entire chest full of restorative potions, the Cleric is your indispensable friend when facing Mummies. Mummy rot is like an unholy blend of disease and curse. In order to treat the affliction, you need skills and spells for dealing with both. This is where your Cleric or Paladin companion earns his keep. When Mummy Rot sets in, do not panic and splash around a lot of healing magic and potions. This can lead to disaster, for against Mummy Rot healing magic alone has been known to fall short. One must keep a calm mind and treat the affliction as a cursed disease. With your defense carefully maintained by your healers, take the fight to the Mummies with fire as your main weapon. While incredibly strong and determined, Mummies are quite vulnerable to fire and cannot withstand a sustained fiery onslaught.

The Mummy is a formidable foe. In order to achieve victory, one must plan ahead and be prepared for the worst. And please, bring a Cleric and Paladin along.

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