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Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Environment: Any
Attack: Greatclub
Special Qualities: Charge
Organization: Solitary, pair or gang (3-5)
From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard

2 Nymm, 998:

I have spent the last few days examining the statue we took from the fire giant with little luck. A colleague of mine, however, specializes in researching such artifacts, and I have left the item in her capable hands. Hopefully Kyrian will be able to discover the purpose of the statue as well as the activation mechanism. We’ve got another job to keep ourselves occupied in the interim; minotaurs have driven the workers from a Kundarak site, and the house would like us to secure the area.

Minotaurs are tall, powerfully built humanoids with the head of a bull. Their temper is the only thing that exceeds their strength, and they favor large greataxes in combat when not goring opponents upon their massive horns. They are known for their powerful charges and their curious ability to never get lost.

Zarn is eager for battle. He is looking forward to a chance to wield his new adamantine greataxe in combat, and I pity these poor beasts that chose a bad day to go raiding.

2 Nymm, 998, Evening:

A pair of minotaurs prowled the dig site searching for uncovered treasures when we arrived, as a third in heavy armor watched over them. I’m ashamed to say that it was my misstep that alerted them to our presence as I slipped on a section of loose rock. Fletching sprouted from the first minotaur’s neck as Kleija’s arrows found their mark, and Zarn leapt forth, whooping wildly.

The injured minotaur roared, scuffed the earth with a hoof, and charged, knocking Zarn aside like a child’s toy. The other charged at Senna, who set herself against the attack, raising her shield to block the blow. I’m amazed that the impact didn’t break her arm, but it was clear that the minotaur had taken the worse hit. It stumbled around dazed for a few moments, making it easy prey for Kleija’s arrows and Senna’s blade.

Zarn faced off against his opponent and swept the creature’s legs out from beneath him with a cruel swing. As the minotaur toppled to the ground the warforged buried his greataxe deep into the creature’s chest with a vicious power attack, quickly ending the battle.

The armored minotaur raised a pair of medium greataxes to the sky, howling in anger, and charged into the fray, bearing down on Kleija. The nimble halfling tumbled out of the way at the last moment. She continued dancing about the beast, nicking at it with her daggers and dodging its furious swings with ease. She was fighting the minotaur on her terms, and all the rage in the world could not save the poor thing from her.

Once the tormented slaves and beasts of burden of an ancient giant empire, today the minotaur of Xen'drik is a fearsome creature that stands a full foot or two over the typical inhabitant of Stormreach. These bullheaded shaggy humanoids aren't all completely devoted to evil - some of them have been seen peddling goods inside the city. In this they are no different than the common avaricious dwarf - though perhaps a bit more appealing to look at. Outside of the settled regions, minotaurs are almost completely devoted to violence and a militant defense of their territory. Venturing into such dangerous territory is exactly the sort of peril that brings an adventurer fame and fortune.

In the land of Xen'drik, minotaurs are even more dangerous than some heroes from distant Khorvaire may be used to. With their barbaric upbringing, many minotaurs demonstrate a frenzy not at all unlike those of the most enraged berserker. Some elite minotaur tribes cherish this culture and violence, and these berserkers can be commonly seen dual wielding a pair of greataxes. Beware.

In combat, minotaurs rely on powerful charges to lower the foes to the ground and offer crushing amounts of damage. Careful heroes can often catch a red gleam in the eye of the bovine beast, and a change in posture just before the creatures lowers its head and delivers a ringing blow. That, of course, is the time to get out of way, or if it's too late - and if one possesses heroic strength - to raise one's shield and hope for the best. 

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