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Type: Outsider (Demon)
Environment: Almost any, usually the plane of battle
Attack: Claws and bite
Special Qualities: Stealth, spell-like abilities
Organization: Solitary, pair, or pride (6-10)
From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard:

17 Zarantyr, 999:

I find myself beset by a moral dilemma.

Or, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I see a clear course of action, but I have yet to convince the others that their antiquated notions of right and wrong are clearly causing us more problems than is best for us. While the Ogre Magi lives, the force gate shall remain in place, preventing us from progressing further into the tower. The twist is that the Ogre Magi is safely protected from us by that same barrier. It would, however, be trivial to activate the runes upon this pillar, which should – if my study is accurate – summon a Jarilith on the other side of the barrier that will be at our command. (Or, at least, nominally, and temporarily, under my control.)

What better creature to hunt down and slay the Ogre Magi than one of the elite hunting cats of Shavarath? Khovis has issues with the act of summoning a barely controllable demon to Eberron. Senna objects to the idea of assassinating an enemy leader, but I fail to see the difference between us defeating him directly or through a summoned agent.

While it’s almost certain that the Jarilith will turn against us, the creature is guaranteed to achieve our objectives first – the tower is sealed, and it will be summoned on the other side of the barrier. To escape, it will be forced to either slay the Ogre Magi or remove the barrier some other way. After that, we can destroy the creature, banish it, or keep it around as a familiar; it truly does not matter to me.

Lions have always been among the most admired of the wild creatures of the world, and I agree that they are impressive. As strong and tough as lions are, their power cannot match the large cat-like creatures known as Jarilith.

The jarilith are lion-like evil outsiders who attack ferociously and use their powerful jaws and sharp claws to ruthlessly rend prey and enemies alike. These beasts usually dwell on Shavarath, the plane of endless battle, but often prowl Eberron as well. These terrible cat-like killers enjoy using the ambush.

The jarilith is a demon. They are more powerful than hellcats, but somewhat less intelligent. While capable of planning surprise attacks, the real strength of these beasts lies in their wicked attacks. The jarilith can strike powerful critical hits as well as the best trained fighter and never lets up until opponents are torn to shreds. In tandem with these attacks they use an innate spell-like ability which affects victims as the cleric spell doom. Being tanar’ri demons, they have spell resistance, are immune to electricity, and have resistance to acid, fire, and cold. Perhaps most dangerous of all, jariliths can attempt to summon another of their kind once per day, so you can never be sure of how many you will be facing. If you do nothing else, be sure to bring a cold iron weapon to help you penetrate their tough hides. Without cold iron, you may not survive your first encounter with them.

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