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Flesh Render

Creature Type: Outsider (Evil)
Environment: Any
Attack: Claw, tail, spells, poison
Special Qualities: Damage reduction, fire and cold resistance, poison immunity, spell resistance
Organization: Solitary or gang (2-5)

From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard

5 Barrakas, 998:

Today we set out to deal with a hobgoblin tribe that has been harassing House Kundarak’s operations in the area. We were to broker a peace treaty if possible, in effect bribing the hobgoblins to help guard the Kundarak workers, or eliminate the threat they posed if talks went poorly.

As we approached the hobgoblin encampment, we were surprised when no sentries barred our way. There were no scouts with their wolf packs to announce our presence, and the normal busy hum of a humanoid outpost was conspicuously absent.

The air was still and tainted with the scent of blood - every living thing in the village was dead. Within the main hut, we found the body of their tribal shaman next to a crude summoning circle. The inhabitants of the village had died fighting, but their weapons and armor seemed to have been of little use to them. The reagents and runes used lead me to believe that the shaman foolishly summoned a demon from Shavarath to aid them in their battles, but had lacked the ability to control the creature.

Flesh Render. The name does it justice. I remember the first time I saw one, summoned forth from some nether pit of Fernia or Mabar. Actually, my memory of the encounter was brief; most of it centered around the long recovery period in a temple of the Silver Flame. But enough about that. Trust me when I say that I've conducted extensive interviews with those who've dealt with these foes and lived to talk about it. And I'm sure that Polocles, the most forthcoming of my subjects, continues to have a fulfilling life as a counselor to fellow maimed adventurers.

It seems the hobgoblin village no longer poses a threat to House Kundarak, but the flesh render they summoned still may.
The flesh render presents a threat that any single man, woman, or warforged would be hard-pressed to survive, much less conquer. Covered in short, bristling fur, this large humanoid can cover great distances with its double-jointed limbs, and large strides. Its horns are a dull reddish, and a strange ichor drips from the tip of its long tail. It constantly clacks its claws with dark malevolence. It is great in stature, towering over most of its prey. The creature's demonic origin offers it a host of protections against spells and magical attacks. If you try to flank it, be aware that it can slash enemies in front of it, and then quickly turn to lash victims to either side.

Worry chiefly about its claw attacks: they strike with deadly accuracy, and have a chance to infect the victim with a deadly poison. Even some of the toughest dwarves have fallen victim to it. The tail of the beast can also catch you off guard and inject you with the foul toxin as well! Then there's the fact that flesh renders have been known to cast spells as diverse as inflict spells and flame strike. Many different flesh renders, with titles, names, and authority over some underworld domain, have a variety of puissant arcana at their disposal.
Arcane spellcasters are advised to rely on electrical effects such as ball lightning and lightning bolt. Fighters who prefer to use a sword or mace will have no easier time dealing with the render, thanks to its magically tough skin...or hide, or whatever it is that contains its evil spirit. Even worse, should the combatants prove sufficiently skilled or strong to strike the demon, the creature's evil origin also renders it immune to most physical attacks, unless those attacks are blessed by the holy power. In other words, unless your blade or mace is capable of dealing holy damage to the target, the flesh render will ignore your blows. There are rumors that toughest of these flesh renders, their dukes and other royalty, can only be wounded by holy cold iron weapons. As with many extraplanar creatures, dismissal and banishment are other options, if you are successful at overcoming the creature's spell resistance and excellent saving throws. Some rare and powerful flesh renders are adept with the use of their claw attacks, and can deal a vorpal strike! Protect yourself with wards against death effects. You should proceed with caution any time you discover that an extra-planar portal has manifested. The flesh render is but one of the horrors that can pour out of it, and seldom is it the only type of evil to cross the threshold into your domain.

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