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WizardWizards can learn a huge variety of spells and can fine tune their spell list to the task. They can assist the party, summon allies, or destroy opponents with the power of the elements.

Solo Ability: Challenging.

Important stats:
Intelligence is the most important stat for wizards. High intelligence makes a wizard's spells more difficult for enemies to resist and gives him or her more spell points.

Constitution is important for wizards who want to increase their hit points, and dexterity is important for increasing defense.

Notable abilities: Inscribe Spell.

Wizards are the only class that can learn all of the arcane spells. This eventually gives them many spell options when preparing to go on a quest.
Unlike the other classes, wizards get bonus metamagic feats. These feats give them more ways to manipulate the power and duration of their spells.

At taverns and rest shrines, wizards can switch to different spells. This allows them to choose the right spell for the situation. Sorcerers and favored souls cannot do this.

Basic Information

Hit Die: D4
Base Skill Points Each Level: 2
Caster Type: Arcane
Spell Casting: Intelligence determines how powerful a spell a Wizard can cast, how many spells they can cast, and how hard those spells are to resist.
Path(s): Necromancer, The Ingenious Sage, Elementalist, The Ingenious Sage, Necromancer, Elementalist, The Ingenious Sage, Necromancer, Elementalist
True Reincarnation Feat(s): Past Life: Wizard

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