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Measuring the distance to target

Dev Posts - Wed, 04/30/2014 - 13:47
---Quote (Originally by AidanRyuko)--- yes there is, but not at the time you actually want to shoot stuff, this is a skill you need to teach yourself before hand. to measure distance you type /loc, this is a coordination system the game uses, there are a lot of numbers you see, but the most important ones for you are the OY and OZ numbers, they are meters. To make it easier to measure only move straight north/south or straight east/west. type /loc at your starting point and type it again at finish point, example below. But because they measure ingame in metric and describe pbs in inches it might be easier to just try it out on newbie monsters till you get the hang of it. in the picture I typed /loc next to the mailbox and next to the buffer guy, results can be seen bottom left, I just calculated the OX number to show how it works, but if you wan't exact numbers you have to account for OY and H differences as well because they influence true distance. Image: ---End Quote--- Great post! Very interesting.

I did ask

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I gotta agree with everyone else. putting them on the spot...

12mo + 3mo VIP Plan.

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---Quote (Originally by The_Human_Cypher)--- Yes, I...

Improved Feint (Bluff?)

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It's based on your Bluff skill, IIRC. Fortunately, it's on...

Rogue Assassin (KitB Question)

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I would say no because throwing daggers are a ranged...

WTB EE Goatskin Boots

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Nobody has these to sell ? /sadface


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