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Cannot reincarnate (free slots??)

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 12:17
---Quote (Originally by Angloki)--- Hello - I have used +0...

Mirror of Glimmering

Dev Posts - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 12:12
Do you have any screenshots to share? I went in on an admin character, made a cosmetic of the Madstone Rod, and then equipped it (both with the Madstone Rod equipped as a weapon along with a single-handed club to check) and the appearance did not change in size, texture, lighting, or color. It may be related to a specific race, class, or other factor that would be helpful to know in order to reproduce. You mentioned in your first post, OP, that you weren't interested in seeking a refund, but just for those reading: If you use a Mirror of Glamering on an item and the resulting item is not created as expected, please get in touch with Account Support if you would like to seek a refund.

Thank you Cannith for your contributions...

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 11:09
A huge thanks to the Cannith community who, for the past 2...

Avatar picture, ddo-forum profile

Dev Posts - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 11:07
---Quote (Originally by Rys)--- Here are the other rules: ---End Quote--- Yes, cool pic but too large. I've looked into the idea of allowing people to upload their own custom avatars, but unfortunately there are some things that prevent us from offering that. There are times when we've manually added avatars to folks' profiles (charity drives, events, particular honorifics for people who have contributed greatly to the game), but an automated "make your own avatar and upload it" process seems unlikely, at least for the near future.

Any news on the ranger pass?

Dev Posts - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 11:04
We'll probably see some changes to the Deepwood Stalker in the relatively near future, but not for Update 26.

Plenty of pikers prefer the Pit? Probably.

Dev Posts - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 11:03
---Quote (Originally by der_kluge)--- Image: ( ---End Quote--- That's a pretty amusing graph, and does seem to contain some truth. :)

Server wide trade channel for Ghallanda

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 09:52
I hate it when people spam raid channels with trades but...

ToEE's heroic XP is way too low

Dev Posts - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 09:22
---Quote (Originally by Angelic-council)--- Yeah, sure. Depends on a party really, if they can split up into two groups. But it would take a very long time. My suggestion is to boost the optional exp and adjust the exp gain. As of today, if you kill 200 monsters in ToEE, you get (30% base exp) 67% of the base exp (all the previous opt combined). I would say boost that 30% to 40% and give 98% (5200 exp) by the time you kill 200 of things. ---End Quote--- As of Update 26, TOEE1 will look like this: · (Optional) Defeat 10 enemies in the Temple - 2% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 25 total enemies in the Temple - 6% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 50 total enemies in the Temple - 15% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 100 total enemies in the Temple - 30% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 200 total enemies in the Temple - 50% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 400 total enemies in the Temple - 100% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 750 total enemies in the Temple - 200% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 1500 total enemies in the Temple - 300% of base XP · (Optional) Defeat 3000 total enemies in the Temple - 350% of base XP So by 200 kills, you'll have 103% of the base XP. As to the thread itself: We're aware of the thoughts on XP in TOEE. That's why we boosted XP for TOEE in the last patch, and are boosting it again in U26.

Neg Level stacking (on mobs)

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 08:30
I'm just wondering what does or does not stack when...

DDOGamer: Pookie Velah – Cuddly Desk Spy

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 08:16
What's cute, made of yarn, and constantly watching you? ...

Any news on the ranger pass?

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 07:37
---Quote (Originally by GroundhogDay)--- Ahoy everyone,...

Expose weakness and swashbuckler weapons.

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 07:21
I was a bit bored the other day so I tried to calculate the...

Avatar picture, ddo-forum profile

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 07:15
---Quote--- Images should be no larger than 150 pixels...

Eldrich Blast basics questions

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 07:11
For what I've been reading Eldrich Blast will be: • a lv 9...

Availability of certain Cosmetic Armor Kits

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 05:38
Not all of the old kits were converted into the new...

Nokowi Assassin Build U23

Recent Discussions - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 04:17
---Quote (Originally by Bolo_Grubb)--- Others have already...


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