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Lets take a poll

Recent Discussions - Wed, 02/18/2015 - 00:10
What would u rather pay for a wisdom based race aka Aasimar...

Fun with champions

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 23:16
Image: ...

Favorite 'State of the Game'?

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 20:52
Lately I've been looking back on all the good times I've...

Old Phoenix - Coming Back

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 20:12
Okay so I am coming back from a long time away. I am...

Legend of the Dragon Rose; an original short story to re-inspire roll-play

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 20:02
From within the Silver Circle Guild, [all rights reserved]...

Myth of Dungeon Scaling

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 20:01
If you read the forums, you have likely read the myth that...

For Appetizers....

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 19:51
My very best photos and captions! [ on the Silver Circle...


Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 19:49
So with all the info on the net about how much xp it takes...

Tree build (Avatar of Nature) share

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 18:48
AoN tree build (Found on youtube) This build is fun and...

Guidance of Shar: suggestions?

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 18:13
He's probably building for blindness procs while taking...

The 2015 DDO Players Council Member List

Dev Posts - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 18:11
Hello! The 2015 DDO Players Council is now underway, and the following participants are already giving us feedback on various topics that are in a particularly early state of development. If you want to learn more about the DDO Players Council, *click here! (* If you applied but did not make this year's list, we apologize, and encourage you to apply again in the future. The 2015 DDO Players Council will serve through the calendar year, and a new council will be selected for 2016. The names provided are forum names: Amber-Dawnn Amylee4000 Artagon askgar Axel15810 B0ltdrag0n Braegan captainspacepony CavernDragon Cetus Chai Cividel Claver Dodoroq Forul Munkenmo fuzzyduck81 Godofdrakes Guntharuthwistan Hazelnut Illarvan insanityisyourfriend ironforge_clan J2345678 Jevern katz katz kavayo Krelar Ladislaio legendsoflore Lerincho Lerl lrdSlvrhnd LuKaSu Manglord Maquist mr.kronk MuleAxe Natashaelle NeysaDD nineraj Nokowi Nuclear_Elvis Permabanned RedOrm Saaluta Sebastrd Seikojin Silas_O'Reilly Starla70 Taanus tbrazile Tesrali Please note that the DDO Players Council is a group of people selected because they are representative of a wide diversity of players and playstyles across the DDO player base. We appreciate everyone who wishes to provide feedback about the Players Council and its activities, but please note that personal attacks, name-calling, insults, or harassment against members of the council will not be tolerated. Additionally, if a member is not able to serve their full term, we may select players to replace them, and will make those announcements as necessary. Thanks!

The 2015 DDO Players Council Member List

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 18:11
Hello! The 2015 DDO Players Council is now underway, and...

The 2015 DDO Players Council Member List

Announcements - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 18:11
Hello! The 2015 DDO Players Council is now underway, and...

Looking for a good pdk pali build

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 16:05
I am looking to knock out a couple pdk and paladin past...

Producer's Letter

Dev Posts - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 15:47
---Quote (Originally by Marupal)--- That's a pretty good question. They didn't mess with wilderness areas for heroic Three Barrel Cove, Gianthold, or Orchard but the quests weren't really revamped either. Devs, anything you can say about this? ---End Quote--- We don't plan on changing the explorer area or revamping it for a new difficulty. It will still be there for lower level characters. Sev~

Question about Hail of Blows/Dance of Flowers

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 15:19
I cannot brain today. i has the dumb.

Logging off disappointed again

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 15:19
I assume heroic (since you said at level)? It was pretty...

Lock down guaranteed money maker for the dev team!!!!

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 14:45
Shears were exploited & that is why they are gone.

New difficulty idea

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 14:19
---Quote (Originally by Deslen)--- *suits up in full riot...

When to link your gear PSA.

Recent Discussions - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 14:13
when to link gear: when you enter the group. you need...


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