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[Solo build help] Newcomer

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 07:45
the EK tree is weak, unfortunately, so only the lower tier...

Necklace of Mystic Eidolons, Agro, Alert and Lag

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 07:42
imho it was always this way, all summons worked like agro...

Is there any way to shut down the standard support of controllers ?

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 06:16
As soon as I plug my controller in, the game gets crazy...

The Silver Circle is recruiting. Come join the antics! :P

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 05:26
Declaration – because I’m funny in that way. No.(1) ...

Porcupine - Bladeforged Warlock 18/ Paladin 2

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 01:54
Playing around with a Bladforged Warlock aura build that...

Favor question

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 01:29
It's simple addition - Each time you run a quest you get a...

My Heal-bot was useful for the 1st time since, like, forever, man....

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 00:45
Ran the Amrath quests, just for ***** and giggles (and...

Random! Number! Generator!

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 00:32
one of mines get his torc on the very first run of adq,...

Pugs and you as a leader of a party

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 00:18
Hate to break it to you m8, but that's reality of pugging...


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