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Turbine, this lag is rubbish.

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 17:46
Walking through the harbor, lagged. In quests, lagged. On...

Lag problems on Khyber continue

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 17:32
Just spent 44 Minutes in an EH Von3.. why? 30 MINUTES OF...

Game-Breaking Lag on Khyber.

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 17:29
This server is broken. Please fix it! It's been happening...

My thoughts on lag

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 17:21
I have never posted negative things about DDO. But the...

WTB Heroic Stones of XP

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 16:48
Looking for one (or more) heroic stones of experience. I...

TURBINE PLS: fix Raksasha's hands

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 15:32
---Quote (Originally by lysallana)--- I have descided that...

BF evasion P15/Ro3/M2 or adam body P15/Ro3/F2?

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 14:33
I'm going to TR my staff character, and I'm hesitating...

Druid Wolf Pet Enhancements

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 14:28
Hi all, I have tried to find this in other posts but......

Your Part Time Guild - Wayfinder

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 14:28
Your Part Time Guild is now Level 12, have purchased the...

Server is Full Error Message

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 13:56
Repeatedly today.

Unable to log on to Sarlona 1/4/15 1200 EST

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 12:29
---Quote (Originally by difasja)--- Getting a Server Full...

Skip the Ticket about Lag

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 12:28
Someone suggested I put what reply you get when you submit...

Sarlona - Server Full

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 11:33
In now. 4th times a charm. Would have been nice to get in...

Prove your worth elevator problem

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 10:20
This has happened to me as well, though I think it happened...

Fell to the ddo secret underworld...

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 10:09

Nicest thing...

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 10:05
---Quote (Originally by Lemdog)--- Friend gave me 2million...

Can Turbine roll back the recent changes to hierlings?

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 08:34
To be clear, I don't want them to try to fix them (again)....

Isn't 420 hp on a mob too much for level 5?

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 08:23
The red name bosses don't even have that much at that...


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